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(Shyam Sundar:) “Please tell me how I can get rid of the past which is so heavy and sticky.

(Mother:) To get rid of the past is something so difficult that it seems almost impossible.
         But if you give yourself entirely and without reserve to the future, if this self-giving is constantly renewed, the past will fall off by itself and will no longer encumber you.”[1]

(Mother:) “If we want to counteract, annul or outgrow our past, we cannot do it by mere repentance or similar things, we must forget that the untransformed past has ever been and enter into an enlightened state of consciousness which breaks loose from all moorings. To be reborn means to enter, first of all, into our psychic consciousness where we are one with the Divine and eternally free from the reactions of Karma. Without becoming aware of the psychic, it is not possible to do so; but once we are securely conscious of the true soul in us all bondage ceases. Then instantly life begins afresh, then the past no longer cleaves to us.”[2]

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