The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth

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The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth is a series of eight essays written by Sri Aurobindo, most recently published as Part Five of Essays in Philosophy and Yoga.

1 “Message” Paper icon.png 4 pages
2 “Perfection of the Body” Paper icon.png 15 pages
3 “The Divine Body” Paper icon.png 22 pages
4 “Supermind and the Life Divine” Paper icon.png 10 pages
5 “Supermind and Humanity” Paper icon.png 10 pages
6 “Supermind in the Evolution” Paper icon.png 7 pages
7 “Mind of Light” Paper icon.png 3 pages
8 “Supermind and Mind of Light” Paper icon.png 5 pages

(Nirodbaran:) “These eight essays, Sri Aurobindo’s last prose writings, first appeared in the quarterly Bulletin of Physical Education (at present called Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education) in 1949 and 1950. Unable to write as a result of his failing eyesight, Sri Aurobindo dictated them to a secretary. The series was left unfinished on his passing in December 1950. It was published as a book in 1952 under the title The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth. (This title was provided or at least approved by the Mother.) The book has been reprinted several times. In 1953 and subsequently it was brought out in the United States under the title The Mind of Light.”[1]

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