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“Dr. Manilal: The Puranas can't be believed! Plenty of unreasonable stories!

Sri Aurobindo: Why not? What about the Upanishads? There are also such stories.

Then the Puranas are true?

Except for the stories which are meant only to illustrate truths.”[1]

“The Vishnu Purana is the only Purana I have carefully read through. I wonder how it has escaped general notice that it is also magnificent poetry.
         There are also some very humorous passages. In one a disciple asks his Guru whether the king is on the elephant or the elephant on the king.

Purani: The king must be a Ramamurti if the elephant were to be on him.

The Guru jumps upon the shoulders of the disciple and asks, “Am I on you or you on me?” (Laughter)

Satyendra: The description of Jadabharata is also fine. Was there such a person as Jadabharata?

I don't know. But he sounds very real in the Purana.”[2]

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