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Transcript of:
The New Being
by Loretta, 2011 (1:18:15)
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Good evening everyone. Mother's Agenda is a great epic. Perhaps the greatest living personal record of bravery and work for humanity that there is or ever will be. The central storyline is Mother's work of transformation, but like any classic epic tale, there are many stories that branch off the central storyline, that take their way, that come around, that come back; we're going to follow just the central line today.

The year 1969 brought the manifestation of a new being

We're picking up our line at the beginning of 1969. Mother is ninety-one years old. The new year of 1969 dawns. And it brings the manifestation of what Mother calls “a personality”, or a being. Mother was truly surprised by the manifestation of this being – she didn't expect it at all – because it was a consciousness most material. No form; material, but no physical form, but manifesting in Mother.

This consciousness – which Mother sometimes calls “he” – this consciousness teaches Mother many very important things and helps her along the way. And answers many questions that Mother has had and that she has voiced throughout the Agenda.

As we follow the history of its action from now on, we're going to see that it shows itself as a very solid base upon which so many things can happen. And a very solid open receptacle into which so many things can come for the actions that it needs to take. Because of this, everything shifts very quickly. Because it takes over a lot of Mother's work. Mother is able to make many changes inside of herself much more quickly than she had been doing before.

And we will note, as we go through Mother's changing work, that Mother doesn't speak only of herself. She also tells us who else receives this consciousness. She tells us how she uses it in other people. And she tells us how it affects others.

“Its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy”

So here we are again, we're in the Mother's room. It's January 4th, 1969. We can hear in Mother's voice as she begins to talk a very real satisfaction, a contentment, with what has happened. Mother is straining a bit more now to speak, she's a bit breathless, and in the beginning we hear more of her effort to speak and then as she speaks more and more, we hear her tremendous interest in this wonderful new thing that is manifesting.

So Mother starts:

“On the 1st, something really strange took place .... And I wasn't the only one to feel it, a few people felt it too. It began just after midnight, but I felt it at 2, and others at 4 in the morning. It was ... I told you a few words about it last time, but the surprising thing is that it didn't correspond to anything I expected (I didn't expect anything), or to any of the things I had felt. It was something very material, I mean it was very external - very outward - and luminous, with a golden light. It was very strong, powerful. But its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy, and a sort of blossoming in the joy and the light. And it was like a "happy new year," like a wish. I must say it took me by surprise.”[1]

So we're back in Mother's room; we'll be able to hear the crows outside, in the Service tree...

“Le premier, il s'était vraiment passé quelque chose d'étrange... Et je n'étais pas la seule à le sentir, plusieurs personnes l'ont senti. C'était juste après minuit, mais je l'ai senti à deux heures, et d'autres personnes l'ont senti à quatre heures du matin. C'était... Je t'en ai dit deux mots la dernière fois, mais ce qui était étonnant, c'est que cela ne correspondait absolument à rien de ce que j'attendais (je n'attendais rien), ni aux autres choses que j'avais senties. C'était quelque chose de très matériel, je veux dire que c'était très extérieur — très extérieur — et c'était lumineux, d'une lumière dorée. C'était très fort, puissant; mais alors, son caractère, c'était une bienveillance souriante, une joie paisible, et une espèce d'épanouissement dans la joie et la lumière. Et c'était comme une «bonne année», comme un souhait. Moi, ça m'avait prise par surprise.”
“It lasted – I felt it for at least three hours. Afterwards, I stopped concerning myself with it, I don't know what happened. But I told you a few words about it, and I spoke to two or three others: they had all felt it. Which means it was VERY material. They had all felt a sort of joy like that, but an amiable, powerful joy, and ... oh, so sweet, very smiling, VERY BENEVOLENT ... something ... I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is, but it's a kind of benevolence; so it was something very close to the human. And so concrete! So concrete. As if it had a taste, so concrete was it. Afterwards, I didn't concern myself with it anymore, except that I told two or three people about it: they had all felt it. Now, I don't know whether it has mingled or ... It hasn't gone, it doesn't give the feeling of something that comes only to go away.”
“Ça a duré — pendant au moins trois heures, je l'ai senti. Après, je ne m'en suis plus occupée, je ne sais pas ce qui est arrivé. Mais je t'en ai dit deux mots et j'en ai parlé à deux ou trois personnes: elles l'avaient toutes senti. C'est-à-dire que c'était très matériel. Ils avaient tous senti, comme cela, une sorte de joie, mais une joie aimable, puissante et... oh! très-très douce, très souriante, très bienveillante... quelque chose... Je ne sais pas ce que c'est. Je ne sais pas ce que c'est, mais c'est une espèce de bienveillance; par conséquent, c'était quelque chose de très proche de l'humain. Et c'était si concret! si concret. Comme si cela avait un goût, tellement c'était concret. Après, je ne m'en suis plus occupée, excepté que j'en ai parlé à deux ou trois personnes: toutes avaient senti. Maintenant, je ne sais pas si ça s'est mélangé ou si... Ce n'est pas parti, on n'a pas l'impression de quelque chose qui vient pour s'en aller.”
“It was far more external than the things I usually feel, far more external .... Hardly mental at all, I mean there was no sense of a "promise" or ... No. It would rather be like ... My own impression was that of an immense personality, immense (meaning that for it, the earth was small, like this [Mother holds a small object in the hollow of her hands], like a ball), an immense personality, so very benevolent, and coming to ... (Mother seems to gently raise the little ball in the hollow of her hands). It was the impression of a personal god (yet it was ... I don't know) who comes to help. So very strong! And so sweet at the same time, so understanding.
         And it was very external: the body felt it everywhere, everywhere (Mother touches her face, her hands), all over like this.
         What has become of it? I don't know.”
“C'était beaucoup plus extérieur que les choses que je sens d'habitude, beaucoup plus extérieur... Très peu mental, c'est-à-dire qu'il n'y avait pas le sentiment d'une «promesse» ou... Non. Ce serait plutôt... Mon impression à moi, c'était l'impression d'une immense personnalité, immense (c'est-à-dire que, pour elle, la terre était petite, la terre était comme cela: Mère tient un petit objet au creux de ses mains, comme une boule), immense personnalité, très-très bienveillante, qui vient pour... (Mère semble soulever gentiment cette petite boule au creux de ses mains). C'était l'impression d'un dieu personnel (et c'était pourtant... je ne sais pas), qui vient pour aider. Et si-si fort! et en même temps si doux, si compréhensif.
         Et c'était très extérieur: le corps le sentait partout-partout-partout (Mère touche son visage, ses mains), partout comme cela.
         Qu'est-ce que c'est devenu? Je ne sais pas.”
“It was the start of the year. As if someone on the scale of a god (someone, that is) had come to say 'Happy new year,' with all the power to make it a happy year. It was like that.
         But what was it? … So concrete … I don't know.
         Is it ... is it the personality (because it didn't have any form, I didn't see any form, there was only what it brought along (Mother feels the atmosphere with her fingers), sensation and feeling, these two things - sensation and feeling), I wondered if it wasn't the supramental personality ... which will, then, manifest later in material forms?
         Since then, the body - this body - has been feeling (it has been permeated by that everywhere, a lot), it has been feeling much more joyful and less concentrated, living more in a happy, smiling expansion. For instance, it speaks more easily. There's a note ... a constant note of benevolence. A smile, you know, a benevolent smile, and all that with a GREAT FORCE .... I don't know.”
“C'était le commencement de l'année. Comme si quelqu'un à la dimension d'un dieu (c'est-à-dire quelqu'un) venait dire «bonne année», avec tout le pouvoir d'en faire une bonne année. C'était comme cela.
         Mais qu'est-ce que c'était?... Si concret... Je ne sais pas.
         Est-ce... Est-ce la personnalité (parce que cela n'avait pas de formes, je ne voyais pas de formes, il y avait seulement ce que ça apportait (Mère palpe l'atmosphère) la sensation, le sentiment: ces deux-là, sensation et sentiment), je me suis demandé si ce n'était pas la personnalité supramentale?... Qui, alors, se manifestera plus tard en des formes matérielles.
         Le corps — ce corps-là — se sent depuis ce moment-là (ça l'a pénétré partout, beaucoup), il se sent beaucoup plus joyeux et moins concentré, plus vivant dans une expansion heureuse, souriante. Par exemple, il parle plus facilement. Il y a une note... une note constante de bienveillance. Un sourire, n'est-ce pas, un sourire bienveillant, et tout cela avec une grande force... Je ne sais pas.”

It came to permeate and express itself in the bodies that are ready

And then she asks to Satprem, “Haven't you felt anything?”

And Satprem says, “That day, I had a sense of contentment.”

And Mother says in a very satisfied way, “Ah, that's it! Yes, that's right.”

“Is it the supramental personality? ... Which will incarnate in all those who will have a supramental body ...?
         It was luminous, smiling, and so benevolent because of its POWER: I mean that generally, benevolence in the human being is something slightly weak, in the sense that it doesn't like battle, it doesn't like struggle - but this wasn't like that at all! A benevolence that imposes itself (Mother brings her two fists down on the armrests of her chair).
         It interested me because it was entirely new. And so concrete! Concrete like this (Mother touches the arms of her chair), like what the physical consciousness usually regards as 'others,' as concrete as that. Which means it didn't come through some inner being, through the psychic being: it came DIRECTLY onto the body.”
“Tu n'as rien senti?”
“J'ai eu une impression de contentement ce jour-là.”
“Ah! c'est cela. Oui, c'est cela.
         Est-ce la personnalité supramentale?... qui s'incarnera dans tous ceux qui auront un corps supramental...
         C'était lumineux, souriant, et si bienveillant par puissance; c'est-à-dire que la bienveillance, généralement dans l'être humain, est quelque chose d'un peu faible, en ce sens que ça n'aime pas le combat, ça n'aime pas la lutte; mais ce n'est pas du tout cela! Une bienveillance qui s'impose (Mère abat ses deux poings sur les bras de son fauteuil).
         Ça m'a intéressée parce que c'était tout à fait nouveau. Et si concret! Concret comme cela (Mère touche les bras de son fauteuil), comme ce que, d'habitude, la conscience physique considère comme «les autres», concret comme cela. C'est-à-dire que ce n'est pas passé par un être intérieur, par l'être psychique: c'est venu directement sur le corps.”
“What is it? ... Yes, it may be that .... The body's feeling since that took place has been a sort of certitude; a certitude as if now it no longer were in an anxiety or uncertainty to know. 'What will it be? What will this Supramental PHYSICALLY be like?' the body used to wonder. 'What will it be like physically?' Now, it no longer thinks about it, it's happy.

And Mother laughs. “Very well.”

And then Satprem asks, “Is it something that's going to permeate the bodies that are ready?”

Mother says:

“Yes ... I think so, yes. I feel it's the formation that's going to permeate and express itself - permeate and express itself - in the bodies ... which will be the bodies of the Supramental.
         Or maybe ... maybe the superman? I don't know. The intermediary between the two. Maybe the superman: it was very human, but a human of divine proportions, you understand.
         A human without weaknesses and shadows: it was all luminous – all light and smile and ... sweetness at the same time.
         Yes, maybe the superman.”
“Qu'est-ce que c'est?... Oui, c'est peut-être ça... Le sentiment du corps est une espèce de certitude depuis que c'est arrivé; une certitude comme si, maintenant, il n'était plus dans l'anxiété ou l'incertitude de savoir. «Qu'est-ce que ce sera? Qu'est-ce que ce sera, ce Supramental, physiquement? Qu'est-ce que ce sera physiquement?», le corps se le demandait. Maintenant, il n'y pense plus, il est content. ...Bon.”
“C'est quelque chose qui va imprégner les corps qui sont prêts?”
“Oui... Je crois, oui. J'ai l'impression que c'est la formation qui va pénétrer et qui va s'exprimer — pénétrer et s'exprimer — dans les corps... ce qui sera les corps du supramental.
         Ou peut-être... peut-être le surhomme, je ne sais pas? L'intermédiaire entre les deux. Peut-être le surhomme: c'était très humain, mais un humain à proportions divines, n'est-ce pas.
         Un humain sans faiblesses et sans ombres: c'était tout lumière — tout lumière et souriant et... douceur en même temps.
         Oui, peut-être le surhomme.”

“it spread out and went to find all those who could receive it”

Now we're going to go directly to January the 8th, four days later, because Mother is sure that it is this Superman consciousness – which is great news for us, because it means that it's coming (or has come actually, we will see) much sooner. We will also see that it's working very hard.

So on January 8th, Mother starts:

“And this descent of the superman consciousness … Did I tell you I had afterwards identified it?”

And Satprem says, “When you spoke last time, you had identified it.”

And Mother says, “Yes, but I spoke of 'supramental consciousness.'”

And Satprem says, “Later, you said, 'Maybe the superman?'”


“Yes, that's it. It's the descent of the superman consciousness. I had the assurance of it afterwards.
         It was on the 1st of January after midnight. I woke up at 2 in the morning, surrounded by a consciousness, but so concrete, and NEW, in the sense that I had never experienced that. It lasted, quite concrete and present, for two or three hours, and then it spread out and went to find all those who could receive it. And at the same time I knew it was the consciousness of the superman, that is, the intermediary between man and the supramental being.”[2]
“Et cette descente de la conscience du surhomme... Est-ce que je t'ai dit que je l'avais identifiée après?”
“Quand tu parlais, la dernière fois, tu l'avais identifiée.”
“Oui, mais j'avais dit «la conscience supramentale».”
“Après, tu as dit «peut-être le surhomme?»”
“Oui, c'est cela. C'est la descente de la conscience du surhomme. J'en ai eu l'assurance après. C'était le premier janvier après minuit. Je me suis réveillée à deux heures du matin entourée d'une conscience, mais tellement concrète, et nouvelle, en ce sens que je n'avais jamais éprouvé cela. Et ça a duré, tout à fait concret, présent, pendant deux ou trois heures, et après, ça s'est répandu et c'est allé trouver tous les gens qui pouvaient la recevoir. Et j'ai su en même temps que c'était la conscience du surhomme, c'est-à-dire l'intermédiaire entre l'homme et l'être supramental.”
“It has given the body a sort of assurance, a sort of trust. That experience has made it steady, as it were, and if it keeps the true attitude, all the support is there to help it.
         A certain number of people (I asked afterwards) had the experience, they felt it (not as clearly), felt the presence of a new consciousness – lots of people. They told me (I asked them if they had felt something), they told me, 'Oh, yes!' But each with ... (Mother twists her fingers slightly) naturally his own special approach.”
“Ça a donné au corps une sorte d'assurance, de confiance. Cette expérience-là, c'est comme si ça l'avait stabilisé, et s'il garde la vraie attitude, tout le support est là pour l'aider.
         Il y a un certain nombre de gens (j'ai demandé après) qui ont eu l'expérience, qui ont senti ça (pas d'une façon aussi claire), mais la présence d'une conscience nouvelle — beaucoup de gens. Ils me l'ont dit (je leur ai demandé s'ils avaient senti), ils m'ont dit: oh! oui. Mais chacun avec... (Mère fait une légère torsion des doigts) naturellement son approche spéciale.”

A power of protection

Many years before, when Mother spoke of the new world coming, she spoke of it in French and she said it so strongly – she said, “un monde nouveau qui est né, né, né,”[3] – so powerfully. “A new world is born, born, born.” And then she speaks of it like a new little baby: so tender, and weak at first, so small – but then it will grow. And Mother always spoke of our world – this, our world – as being very difficult. That we need a protection from it. She always asked the sadhaks to call on her for protection, to call on Sri Aurobindo for protection. And she spoke always of keeping one's protection. And now she speaks of this being that comes with all this power to protect itself.

So we're going to January 18th, 1969. And then, she says:

“It's like a projection of power. And now it has become habitual.
         There is in it a consciousness (something VERY precious) that gives lessons to the body, teaches it what it has to do, that is, the attitude it should have, the reaction it should have .... I had already told you a few times how difficult it is to find the procedure of the transformation when there's no one to give you indications; and it's the response, as it were: 'he' comes and tells the body, 'Have this attitude, do this, do that in that way.' So then the body is happy, it's quite reassured, it can't make a mistake anymore.
         Very interesting.
         It has come like a 'mentor' - and PRACTICAL, wholly practical: 'This is to be rejected; this is to be accepted; this is to be generalized; this for all inner movements.' And it even becomes very material, in the sense that with certain vibrations, it says, 'This is to be encouraged'; with others, 'This is to be channeled'; with yet others, 'This is to be got rid of ....' Small indications of that sort.”[4]
“C'est comme une projection de pouvoir. Et c'est devenu habituel maintenant.
         Il y a là-dedans une conscience (une chose très précieuse) qui donne des leçons au corps, lui apprend ce qu'il doit faire, c'est-à-dire l'attitude qu'il doit avoir, la réaction qu'il doit avoir... Je t'avais dit plusieurs fois déjà que c'est très difficile de trouver le procédé de la transformation quand on n'a personne pour vous donner desindications; et c'est comme si c'était la réponse: il vient dire au corps: «Prends cette attitude, fais ceci, fais cela comme cela.» Et alors le corps est content, il est tout à fait rassuré, il ne peut plus se tromper. C'est très intéressant.
         C'est venu comme un «mentor» — pratique, tout à fait pratique: «Ça, il faut le repousser; ça, il faut l'accepter; ça, il faut le généraliser; ça...», tous les mouvements intérieurs. Et même, ça, devient très matériel, dans le sens que, pour certaines vibrations, il dit: «Ça, c'est à encourager»; certaines vibrations: «Ça, c'est à canaliser»; certaines: «Ça, c'est à supprimer...» Des petites indications comme cela.”
“Years ago, in one of the old Talks, when I spoke there, at the Playground, I said, 'The superman will probably be first a being of power, so as to be able to defend himself.' That's it, it's that experience. It has come back as an experience. And it's because it has come back as an experience that I remembered having said it.” [5]

And then Satprem says, “Yes, you said, 'Power's what will come first.'”

And Mother says, “Yes, Power first.”

Satprem says, “Because those beings will need to be protected.”

And Mother says:

“Yes, that's right. Well, I've had the first experience for this body: it came like a rampart, it was awesome! An awesome power! Quite out of proportion with the apparent action.
         Very interesting.
         And that's also why (now that I see this experience), I see that the result is far more precise and concrete, because the mind and the vital aren't there. Because it [this new consciousness] is taking their place. And with this whole tranquil assurance of knowledge that comes at the same time. It's interesting.”
“Dans l'un des anciens Entretiens, il y a des années, j'avais dit (quand je parlais là-bas au Terrain de Jeu), j'avais dit: «Sans doute, le surhomme sera d'abord un être de puissance pour qu'il puisse se défendre. C'est cela, c'est cette expérience-là. C'est revenu comme expérience. Et c'est parce que c'est revenu comme expérience que je me suis souvenue de l'avoir dit.”
“Oui, tu as dit: «C'est d'abord le Pouvoir qui viendra.»”
“Oui, d'abord le Pouvoir.”
“Parce que ces êtres-là auront besoin d'être protégés.”
“Oui, c'est cela. Eh bien, j'ai d'abord eu l'expérience pour ce corps: c'est venu comme un rempart, et c'était formidable! C'était un pouvoir formidable! Tout à fait disproportionné avec l'action apparente.
         C'est très intéressant.
         Et c'est pour cela aussi (maintenant que je vois cette expérience), je vois que le résultat est beaucoup plus précis, concret, parce que le mental et le vital ne sont pas là. Parce que ça prend leur place. Et avec toute cette tranquille assurance de savoir qui vient en même temps. C'est intéressant.”

A precision and a certainty

And she asks Satprem, “Do you have something to say?”

And Satprem says, “I was wondering how, individually, this consciousness will act, for instance outside you?”

And Mother says:

“In the same way. Only, those who haven't made it a habit to observe themselves objectively will notice it less, that's all. It will go through cotton wool, as it were, as it always does. But otherwise it's in the same way.”

And then Satprem says, “I mean, this consciousness will not act on the mind so much as on the bodies?”

And Mother says, “I do hope it will make people THINK correctly ...”

And Satprem says, “It's a guide, basically.”

And Mother says:

“A guide, yes.
         It's a consciousness, you understand.
         For me, THE Consciousness limits itself to special activities, in special cases, but it's always THE Consciousness; just as it's almost completely limited in the human consciousness, so too in certain states of being, certain activities, it limits itself to a certain way of being so as to accomplish His action. And that's something I had asked for a lot: 'May I be guided every minute,' because it saves a huge amount of time, of course, instead of having to study, to observe, to ... one knows. Well, now I realize it has happened like that.
         There is a very pronounced change in those who were touched on the 1st of January: there is especially ... as I said, a precision and a certainty that have entered their way of thinking.”
“Tu as quelque chose à dire?”
“Je me demandais comment, individuellement, cette conscience agira, en dehors de toi par exemple?”
“De la même manière. Seulement ceux qui ne sont pas habitués à s'observer d'une façon objective, s'en apercevront moins, voilà tout. Ça passera comme à travers du coton, comme ça passe toujours. Mais autrement, c'est de la même façon.”
“Je veux dire: ce n'est pas tellement sur le mental que cette conscience agira, que sur les corps?”
“J'ai bon espoir que ça fera PENSER correctement.”
“Au fond, c'est un guide.”
“Oui, c'est un guide.
         C'est une conscience, n'est-ce pas.
         Pour moi, la Conscience se limite à des activités spéciales, pour les cas spéciaux, mais c'est toujours la Conscience; de même qu'elle est limitée à presque rien dans la conscience humaine, de même, dans certains états d'être, dans certaines activités, elle se limite à une certaine manière d'être pour accomplir Son action; et ça, je l'avais beaucoup demandé: «Si je pouvais être guidée à chaque minute», parce que ça gagne un temps énorme, n'est-ce pas, au Heu d'avoir à étudier, à observer, à...: on sait. Eh bien, maintenant, je m'aperçois que c'est arrivé comme cela.
         Il y a un changement très marqué dans ceux qui ont été touchés le premier janvier: c'est surtout... justement une précision et une certitude qui sont entrées dans leur manière de penser.”

Mother calls this a transformation. On February 15th (that's only a month and a half later), Mother says that she understood what having the divine consciousness meant – to have it in a body. She has complete presence of the Divine, absolute freedom, complete certainty everywhere in her body, and she feels it in other people's bodies; she says that she could see that this consciousness could express itself clearly in people. Not something vague. In this man, in this woman, here and there. And it has nothing to do with our processes. It is everywhere that she experiences it.

She says never ever has this body, in ninety-one years of being on the earth, felt such happiness, or such freedom, or such power. And she says that the special character of this consciousness is no half-way measures. No approximations. It doesn't accept the ideal, 'oh yes, we'll do this a little bit at a time,' – it's not like that. 'Oh yes, we'll do it now; you can do it, or you can't.' It's like a grace, she says. It's as if we don't waste time; we must go forward. 'You do the work, or else.'

Mother's body consciousness entering other bodies

She says then, a month later, that she always used to say – the body used to say – that it was difficult without somebody capable of helping it. And this consciousness has fulfilled that function. It has come like a mentor. The body consciousness has become individualized, and at the same time independent. It can now enter other bodies and feel quite at ease. Mother says she makes the experiment: with this consciousness, she can enter into three or four other bodies. That means her body consciousness – that body consciousness that we in our sadhana are trying so hard to achieve; that body consciousness that Mother worked for so hard in her own cells – now she can work with it, because this consciousness has come.

She says that there were three or four people that she did this with, and out of the four of them, there was one in whom the body felt at ease. Which means among the sadhaks in the Ashram, there was someone there who was really ready, and capable of receiving this new consciousness. She said the habits weren't the same (it means that person's habits were not the same as hers), but nothing contradictory.

She says this completely changes the body's attitude with regard to solutions. There's no more attachment; no more sense of extinction; and you'll see that she's going somewhere as we go along – she's really moving towards something.

And she says here (in other words): in any physical substance sufficiently developed to receive it, this consciousness can manifest. She says it's a very active – this consciousness is very active. And Satprem says “Yes, I get a sense of solidity.” And Mother says, “Yes that's right. Something very solid. Because, it has come to materialize. It hasn't come to - ” and Mother makes a gesture, kind of up in the clouds. She says, “It's looking for instruments. I have great hope in little children.”

All this time, throughout the Agenda, we find Mother wondering about the intermediate being: how our human bodies can turn into this, this body. How can they metamorphose and change into this body. What to do, if they cannot change. What to do with the results of her yoga practice, when she has all these conscious cells in her body. What if the body dies – what happens to them? Is it a waste? Has her sadhana gone for nothing? How can life last at will? How can we choose not to die, even if the body falls apart? And now, this consciousness comes and gives Mother the answer, in a very practical way.

How to create a new body

On March 19th of 1969, after two-and-a-half months of having manifested in the earth consciousness, this consciousness teaches Mother how to do it. And she says here:

“There had always been a question mark .... We can conceive that in the supermind, procreation will be unnecessary, because life on earth will last at will, so it won't be necessary to have oneself replaced because one is going away. But what about the intermediary? There often was the question of the intermediary: 'How is it going to take place, how?' […] But then, the other day, mon petit, for several hours, there was a whole lived scene (lived in imagination, of course) ... but it's only a partial solution to the problem. It's incomplete. This question had been asked: 'All this work of transformation of the cells, of consciousness in the cells, with the ordinary way [of dying], won't it be wasted since the body is going to disintegrate? ...' Then there came in a very precise, almost concrete manner: there is a way, which is, before dying, to prepare within oneself a body with all the transformed, illumined, conscious cells, to collect them together and form a body with the maximum number of conscious cells; then, when the work is over, the full consciousness enters it and the other body can dissolve, it no longer matters.
         But it was ... it was really amusing! And the objections of age, possibility, capacity, no longer existed .... If this intermediary method is considered useful (I mean, practical), the possibility is there; this Consciousness was showing the body that the possibility is there. For – oh, for hours and hours – it insisted, it didn't want to go! It insisted until the body had completely understood. And there is no need of a material intervention: it can be done [...] it was replaced by an intervention in the subtle physical, which was sufficient. All that in every detail, with every explanation and everything .... Then, when it was thoroughly done, it was over, the chapter was closed. But it was really unexpected, I had never thought of such a thing! And the way it was presented! It was so concrete and so simple – so simple, so concrete – and all objections were resolved.
         So the body said, 'Very well, we shall see.' (Mother laughs) We'll see.
         It's to avoid wastage, you understand, so the cells that are fully conscious remain together in a group instead of being scattered, and do not risk being dissolved too (which can happen). […]
Our whole way of feeling and reacting to things doesn't exist in this Consciousness, that's what's new with it! There's always a harmonious rhythm (same gesture), and with anything! […]
So, we'll see.”[6]


And three days later, Mother gets something that she must write down – and this is for Auroville. She must write it down, and it's for us. March 22nd:

“Two days ago, this Consciousness told me something; I said, 'Very well,' but it went on saying the same thing again and again and again, until I'd written it down! So here it is (Mother holds out a note). And it explained to me why there was 'we.'

We will strive to make Auroville the cradle of the superman.

Ah ... it's important news! So then, I said, 'Why we'?' It answered, 'It's because the attempt will be to get those who will live in Auroville to collaborate.'
         Then, once I'd written it, it left me in peace, but until I did, it came back again and again.”[7]

About five months later, Mother sees Sri Aurobindo's supramental body. She spends a number of hours with Sri Aurobindo, and if we will remember, Sri Aurobindo had told Mother, “I will not come back in a regular body. The only body that I will come back, is a body made in the supramental way.” And Mother says the body has a very special luminosity and a very special kind of color. And she says it's like the Auroville flower. And Mother has mentioned this before: when she sees the psychic being, and the psychic being tells her that it's going to manifest into the supramental being, it's this color. When she has the experience of the Supramental Ship, and she talks about the color of the bodies of the beings, it's this color. She says that it's a mixture of pink and gold. The pink of the psychic, and the gold of the supramental.

We note here something most interesting: Sri Aurobindo tells Mother that “the superman's body would be the supramental being”. It shows us the progression of this particular manifestation. Mother says, “it's a supramental personality”; then she says “no, it's the Superman personality,”; but actually, she saw that it was both. She somehow felt that it was both.

So I'm going to read. She said she spent a good part of the night – almost the whole night, until the morning – with Sri Aurobindo. And he showed her – and he was what he was showing her – that he was preparing himself for the new creation. He showed her how many things would be happening, and he showed her his body.

She says:

“I remember that when I woke up, he was lying down on a bed, I was kneeling beside the bed, looking at him, and while he was that new body, he at the same time explained to me how the superman's body would be (the supramental being). And it was so living, [I've kept the memory.] [...] It had a color ... it wasn't casting rays of light, not that, but ... and not luminescent like an object, but with a special luminosity which had that light ... a little like Auroville's flower (but it wasn't like that, it looked perfectly natural). He was showing me his body; he was lying down, and showing me his body, saying, 'Here is how it is.' The form was almost the same, with some ... I still have the memory there (gesture in the atmosphere), but I don't know how to explain .... Lately, I had been wondering, 'It's odd, we don't at all know how it [the new body] will be.' And I was saying to myself, 'There's no one to tell me.' Because this Consciousness that came, it acts through the consciousness, but not so much through the vision. So then, I had that last night. For a long, long time I was with Sri Aurobindo, a long time, for hours. [...] But I kept the memory of the last thing: I saw myself, I was in two places at the same time (and maybe I too wasn't quite as I am, but that didn't interest me: I was looking at him, who was lying down and explaining to me), and it was ... it was the same thing as a luminescent body, but it wasn't luminescent...”[8]

The progression in Mother

And then Mother goes on to speak of some other experiences – we don't have all the time now, but she says “I think all those experiences are part of the consciousness of the supermind, the superman (what name will he give himself? We don't know).” And then Mother continues to describe more experience and says, “Well, a being who lives constantly in that state [...] Maybe that's how the superman will be? … He will have a power to change life.”

Then Mother goes on. She has many more experiences beyond the superman – qualities of the supramental being, lightness, invulnerability, moving about at will, in and out of other bodies at will, luminosity at will – all part of the supramental. She has a new kind of perception, something that combines all the sense organs. And on July 1st, 1970, Mother spoke of seeing the psychic being. There was a disciple kneeling in front of her, and she saw the psychic being, and the psychic being said to her, “well, you're wondering what the supramental being will be. Here it is. This is it.” And Mother knows that it's our psychic being that will go forward in the evolution to become the supramental being.

By August 5th, 1970, one-and-a-half years later, Mother says that a large part of her activity has been left to this new consciousness. She feels herself almost moving about inside everyone, which she never felt before. She feels she's working on people from within – not exerting pressure from outside. And Satprem says yes, that's how he feels: Mother is within. Mother feels sometimes she has no limits to her body. And then Mother says, every activity of her body is called into question. Everything is now difficult to do the normal things that you do every day: eating, talking. She says that she has to keep a sort of conscious concentration, to keep up a way of being that isn't natural to her anymore. It's clearly a new way of being.

At the end of 1970, the beginning of 1971, Mother has left almost all of her work to this new consciousness, and she's totally concentrated within, doing her own work of transformation. Things seem to be breaking down in her body. And she's in a lot of pain. It's a lot of work to keep the body going. But at the same time, she feels as if her body is receiving another consciousness. She says, “Things have a different way of functioning.” And yet, at the same time, Mother is feeling her consciousness everywhere, in everyone, and in the whole earth.

Then moving a little beyond this – Satprem has not seen Mother for several weeks – Mother is anxious to tell him what her progress is. And she says:

“What was remarkable (I want to tell you this right away) is that the consciousness established there (gesture above her head) has grown stronger and stronger and clearer and clearer. And it's CONSTANT. I worked – I went on working – not only for India but for the world, and in touch […], actively.
         As for the transformation, I don't know.... [...] the 'replacement of the consciousness' (the transfer) went on methodically, methodically, absolutely methodically and continuously […] But I think it will take months before I can understand it. In any case, the general consciousness 
(gesture above her head), what could be called the universal consciousness (or at least terrestrial), hasn't budged for one minute – not one single minute. It has stayed there all the time.
         It's a new functioning.”[9]

“I am only in the middle of it.”

And then Satprem asks, “Is it your perception of people and circumstances that has changed? Your way of perceiving things?”

And Mother says:

“Yes, completely -- completely. It's very strange....
         Basically, all that time was used to develop the consciousness of the physical being. It really seems as if this physical being 
(Mother touches her body) had been prepared for another consciousness […].
         I am only in the middle of it.”

And then Mother gives some details of the physical breakdown, and we don't have time for that, but then she says:

“[It's quite tough], it's as if something quite tough was in the process of changing! So it lacks suppleness, ease. But the change is there - the change is definite. I have changed VERY MUCH, even in character, in comprehension, in the vision of things - very, very much. There's been a whole rearrangement.
         […] It's really interesting. I think something has been achieved from a general standpoint (Mother makes a grinding gesture); it wasn't just the difficulty of one body or one person: I think something was achieved in terms of preparing Matter to receive in the right way, correctly – it's as if it had been received incorrectly before, and it has learned to receive in the true way.”

And then Mother says (December 1st, 1971):

“I am becoming a new person […]
         You see, I am witnessing nature's transformation. When I have nothing to do and I sit very quiet, it's very clear. I see [...] the nature being transformed, or rather the new nature, what we can call the supramental way of seeing things (it's getting clearer and clearer [...]). Then there's the physical deterioration that comes with age […] But the aging is PURELY physical, I mean, I sit here all day long and have trouble moving about, things like that, but from the standpoint of perception, consciousness, there's no diminution. On the contrary, it's getting clearer and clearer.
         the way of perceiving time and space is becoming very different. It's completely changing. The notion of time and space, objectivity and subjectivity -- whether things are concrete or not – all that seems to have been ... devices for preparing the consciousness for a new way of being.”[10]

On December 25th, Mother says there's a tremendous, tremendous progression. And then she says:

“ I told you, sometimes I feel that the great number of years makes the work somewhat more difficult, but taken on the whole, it is a GREAT help – I understood that were I young, I could never have done what I am doing. And when I am in the true consciousness, the moment I am in the true consciousness, the number of years is nothing! – The body feels so young, so full of ... something else than young (for it, young is immature and ignorant, it's not that), it's ... you're in communion with 'something' ... which changes according to the need.
         Our language (or our consciousness) is ... inadequate. Later I'll be able to say.”[11]

Mother's new body

Then moving a little beyond this, on the 24th of March, Mother tells Sujata:

“For the first time, early this morning, I saw myself: my body. I don't know whether it's the supramental body or ... (what shall I say?) a transitional body, but I had a completely new body, in the sense that it was sexless: it was neither woman nor man.
         It was very white. But that could be because I have white skin, I don't know.
         It was very slender 
(gesture). Really lovely, a truly harmonious form.
         That's the first time.
         I hadn't the least idea, the faintest notion what it would look like, nothing, and I saw - I WAS like that, I had become like that.”[12]

Then Satprem comes and asks her more about it. And Mother says:

“Yes, I WAS like that. It was me; I didn't look at myself in a mirror, I saw myself like this (Mother bends her head to look at her body), I was ... I just was like that.
         That's the first time. It was around four in the morning, I think. And perfectly natural – I mean, I didn't look in a mirror, it felt perfectly natural. I only remember what I saw 
(gesture from the chest to the waist). I was covered only with veils, so I only saw.... What was very different was the torso, from the chest to the waist: it was neither male nor female.
         But it was lovely, my form was extremely svelte and slim – slim but not thin. And the skin was very white, just like my skin. A lovely form. And no sex – you couldn't tell: neither male nor female. The sex had disappeared.
         The same here 
(Mother points to her chest), all that was flat. I don't know how to explain it. There was an outline reminiscent of what is now, but with no forms [...] Practically no abdomen to speak of. And no stomach. All that was slim.”[13]

And then Satprem asks, “But this form is in the subtle physical, isn't it?”

Mother says:

“It must be already like that in the subtle physical. […] You see, I didn't look to see how it worked, for it was completely natural to me, so I can't describe it in detail. Simply, it was neither a woman's body nor a man's – that much is certain. And the outline was fairly similar to that of a very young person. There was a faint suggestion of a human form (Mother draws a form in the air): with a shoulder and a waist. Just a hint of it.”

The last thing I'm going to read from the Agenda, on November 8th, 1972: for a few brief seconds, Mother has the full supramental consciousness. And Mother says:

“For a moment – just a few seconds – I had the supramental consciousness. It was so marvelous, mon petit! ... I understood that if we were to taste that now, we would no longer want to exist differently. We are in the process of ... (gesture of kneading dough) of changing laboriously. And the change, the process of change seems.... Yet you can grasp it in a kind of indifference (I don't know how to express it). But it doesn't last long. As a rule it's ... laborious. But that consciousness is so marvelous, you know! It's most interesting because there's a sort of EXTREME activity within complete peace. But it lasted only a few seconds.”[14]

And Mother sits in her usual posture of silence with her hands turned upwards. And she says to Satprem, “And you?” And he asks, “Is it a total consciousness?” And Mother says:

“It's fabulous! Like a harmonization of all opposites. Yes, a total, fantastic activity together with ... perfect peace. But these are mere words.”

And Satprem asks, “Is this consciousness material?” And Mother says, “The [consciousness] is a material one – but not done in the same way, of course.” He asks, “What makes contact with 'that'? What exactly makes you go across, or to be there?” Mother says:

“I don't know because I am constantly - my WHOLE consciousness, including that of the body, is always turned to the ... (gesture of offering) to what it feels as the Divine. And without 'trying,' you follow?”

And Satprem says, “Yes. Yes.” And then Mother goes back into her consciousness.

So we're going to end our own journey through Mother's epic – a slightly quick journey – and we're going to end with a tribute to Mother. For everything that she's done. We're going to end with a tribute written by Sri Aurobindo. It's in Savitri, in the Book of the Divine Mother. And it's very appropriately titled, “The Adoration of the Divine Mother”:

At the head she stands of birth and toil and fate,
In their slow round the cycles turn to her call;
Alone her hands can change Time’s dragon base.
Hers is the mystery the Night conceals;
The spirit’s alchemist energy is hers;
She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.
The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
A power of silence in the depths of God;
She is the Force, the inevitable Word,
The magnet of our difficult ascent,
The Sun from which we kindle all our suns,
The Light that leans from the unrealised Vasts,
The joy that beckons from the impossible,
The Might of all that never yet came down.
All Nature dumbly calls to her alone
To heal with her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals on the dim soul of man
And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.”[15]

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