The Coming of the New Force part 2 (Radio program)

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Transcript of:
The Coming of the New Force (part 2 of 2)
by Loretta, 2017 (1:35:59)
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We all came for this

Welcome again to all the people who were here last night, and to all the people who that have come tonight. It's really a wonderful thing to be together like this.

So yesterday, we spoke mostly about the lives of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and the great love that they have for us, and the great love that they have for the world, and the love that they have for each other. And today we're going to focus more on the new force. We're going to speak of outer things, and inner things, and mystic and wonderful things. And things that will bring their presence more.

And that's what we want. That's what we all came here for – is Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and that presence that nobody can describe. And that's what they came here for: to give us all that they are and all that they have, and all that they've done, and all that they're doing.

So today, we're going to go even deeper and higher into the full truth of who they are, and the mystic truth of their spiritual relationship with each other.

And like yesterday, we will hear and understand better with our inner being. So I ask you again: open the curtain that veils your inner being from the everyday, outgoing person that you usually are; and allow your inner being to be here. To hear and receive these wonderful spiritual truths.

The ancient spiritual teachings of India tell us who Mother is. They tell us who Sri Aurobindo is. And they tell us about the relationship that they have with each other. So we'll start with that. And then we'll go into what Mother and Sri Aurobindo say about it.


So the ancient Indian spiritual teachings call the supreme Divine consciousness a 'male' consciousness: the Purusha. This is the infinite, eternal, omnipotent consciousness, which is not in the creation. And he put his own creative force – unmanifested creative force – out of himself. He manifested it to be the energy and the power that creates the whole universe, and that is the whole universe, and that supports the whole universe. This is the power that evolves us in our universe; it evolves the whole creation from the most subtle aspect all the way into its most gross physical aspect.

Our physical body is part of the most gross physical substance of the creation. And our individual soul is part of the most subtle of the creation.

The ancient seers called this creating and manifesting force a 'female' consciousness. And they named it the Prakriti. Purusha and Prakriti are actually only one consciousness. But they each have their different job to do. And mystically, and wonderfully, our whole creation is their endless love relationship with each other.

Prakriti is all of the manifestation in our universe: all its energy, all its continuous change and growth, all the subtle planes, all the physical plane. But everything she does is only for the purpose of bringing the full consciousness of the Purusha into herself, and all that she is and does.

Man is the most evolved creature here. And as time goes on, man evolves into a more and more conscious being. Now, what is a more conscious being? What is a more conscious human being?

It's someone who has, more and more, the supreme consciousness of the Purusha and Prakriti combined in them. Something that's living in them, that they realize that they are, that moves them.

This is what we all are. We're an evolving manifestation of the Supreme. And this universe is created for the Supreme's continuous realization of its own truth, here, in us.

Sri Aurobindo wrote about this a lot. He said that the realization of Purusha-Prakriti is the “secret knowledge” - the secret knowledge which is the key to understanding the truth of everything.

In his own yoga practice, he worked very hard to realize this combined consciousness. And for awhile, he kept a record of his yoga. And during that time, he always wrote about his progress: how far he had gotten to get to this consciousness; how much he had; how much was still to be. It was very important in the way he thought about things.

And we know that Sri Aurobindo wrote about himself in Savitri, as Savitri's father, Aswapati, the great yogi king. And this great yogi king first does his own yoga, for his own realization. And then that's not enough, so he goes on to do the yoga for the world. But the last step, the great realization that he has before he steps out (or actually we could say 'steps in', because he goes within) – before he starts this journey, he realizes Purusha-Prakriti. That is the final key. That is the secret knowledge.

Yesterday, we spoke about how Sri Aurobindo and Mother call the new consciousness the 'supramental consciousness'. And we spoke about how it contains everything – absolutely everything, in a consciousness where all dualities are in harmony together. Our world is made of dualities – everything is a duality. A really good example of a duality is the way a computer works. It's a binary system: the switch is either on, or the switch is off. And that very simple '1-2', 'on-off', 'light-dark', 'male-female' – that very simple thing is what runs all computers; and actually it's what runs all of everything.

We also spoke of how our mind is made to only see pieces of everything. It cannot see the whole – it cuts everything into small, manageable bits. And then it works with those bits. And it has this function where every bit that it works with, it thinks is the whole thing (!) – is everything. And then five minutes later, it's working with another bit, and it thinks that is the whole thing also. This is the way our mind works.

We don't have any function in our mind that allows us to see and experience everything as one whole (as the supramental consciousness). So we know that in order to have the consciousness, we have to be a being that has more than a mind. And just knowing about Prakriti, just knowing about Purusha and their relationship – just knowing about it helps us to understand how the supramental manifests. It helps us to receive it. Because it is Prakriti who brings it out of the unmanifested Purusha consciousness. She manifests it in everyone, and everywhere. Automatically, if you're ready to receive it, she has to manifest it. That's who she is and that's what she does.

Purusha is also traditionally called the 'supreme Master'. And Prakriti is also called the 'Divine Mother'. Sri Aurobindo has the consciousness of the supreme Master. Mother has the consciousness of the Divine Mother.

The essence of our creation is love

The essence of our creation is love. And in Savitri, Sri Aurobindo wrote a lot about the relationship between the supreme Master and the Divine Mother as an eternal, all-powerful attraction and fulfillment of great love. He made it an endless romance.

Yesterday we spoke about Mother and Sri Aurobindo's love. We had Mother's experiences of the great gusts of love advancing the creation. And we saw that all during the years she kept taking the earth into her arms, and cradling the whole earth in her arms like a small child.

We know about love. Love is something we experience. And we know about romance – whether we're in a romance or not, at the moment. And Sri Aurobindo's writings bring us this experience of love and romance. The experience of the real, powerful relationship between the two greatest beings that there are: the Unmanifest and the Manifestation.

Most of us by now have learned that we have the full cosmic consciousness inside us; but we haven't realized it. We know that that's something that we have to do. But still, we know love. And we know romance. So with this we can actually relate better to the things that Sri Aurobindo says about the mystic origin and the mystic function of our whole creation.

When he speaks of why the Divine Mother does what she does, he says:

Her eternal Lover is her action’s cause [1]

He says that by the Divine Mother's action of manifesting the Supreme, she gives a form in time to his timeless thoughts. And in Savitri, Sri Aurobindo says about the Supreme Master:

He was here before the elements could emerge,
Before there was light of mind or life could breathe. [2]
He is the Maker and the world he made,
He is the vision and he is the Seer;
He is himself the actor and the act,
He is himself the knower and the known,
He is himself the dreamer and the dream. [3]

In the ancient traditional writings, they say – they usually say – everything here is the Divine Mother's play with the Supreme. But Sri Aurobindo shows us that it's the greatest Love, the greatest attraction, the greatest work in the whole creation – this Love. And in Savitri he says the supreme Master knows only the Divine Mother. He has forgotten himself to make her great. He abandons all to her.[4]

He takes birth in her world, waits on her will
As one too great for him he worships her;
He adores her as his regent of desire,
He yields to her as the mover of his will
A glance can make his whole day wonderful,
A word from her lips with happiness wings the hours. [5]

Her heart's business is to attract her companion and keep him close to her breast. Everything she does is to bring him more and more into her, until they are in complete one consciousness together. And she is us. And this is what we are going towards. This is what we will have. We will be this great Love – this great, great Love.

She woos him with her gifts, with her acts, with her creations. She woos him so he will never leave her. And she will never leave him.

In beauty she treasures the sunlight of his smile. [6]

She turns to him for everything. She yields to his will; everything she does is to make a new way of meeting her Lord – everywhere, all the time, night and day. And then we have these wonderful words that Sri Aurobindo has put in Savitri:

The Two who are one are the secret of all power,
The Two who are one are the might and right in things.
This is the knot that ties together the stars:
This whole wide world is only he and she. [7]

And this is Sri Aurobindo. And this is Mother.

They took birth to do the work, of bringing the new supramental consciousness into the manifest creation. This is to bring evolution into its next stage of existence. Just as man became a beginning mental man, at the very beginning of mental development. And then he has gone on to evolve into the mental being that we are today. In the same way, Mother and Sri Aurobindo bring the very first touch of the new supramental consciousness into man. And now man will evolve into the new supramental being.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother embodied

This new consciousness – and the transformation of mental man into someone that has it – is such a major evolutionary step, that we see that the immortal, omnipotent, omnipresent Supreme has manifested here in these two bodies (!) in order to get the work done. They often said that their consciousness was the same. And Mother said that they were both here every time there was even the possibility of a ray of new consciousness manifesting on earth.

The people who lived around them saw that every day, they manifested all the qualities of eternal love and care – they manifested this for each other. Everything that Sri Aurobindo writes about. And they also did this for the ashramites.

There's a really cute little story from one of the Ashramites. In the early days, when people came here and they were starting to work on the Yoga – something that nobody knew very much about at all – they were starting with the process of 'aspiration, rejection and surrender'. (Which are three aspects of doing Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. Where you aspire for the better consciousness; you reject the things out of the way that are in the way of your getting it; and you surrender to the supreme consciousness to get the work done in you.) So they were all trying. And 'surrender' – as I know everyone here who's done it knows – isn't automatic. It doesn't happen the first time; it never comes easy. And you perfect it, as you go along the way. Surrender is something that we learn – it's deep, and it's subtle, and it's hard work. And this very early ashramite is complaining that nobody in the Ashram is surrendering. He says, “I don't see anybody here surrendering, except two people. I see Mother surrendering to Sri Aurobindo, and Sri Aurobindo surrendering to Mother”!

And Mother did everything for him. She took care of all Sri Aurobindo's needs. And when she spoke about him, when she said his name, there was a special, soft tone in her voice. You can hear it in the tapes of the Entretiens. And you can hear it in the tapes of Mother's Agenda. She had this special way of saying his name.

Whatever was done in the Ashram had to be done so that he would not be disturbed in any way. They started building the new Golconde guesthouse in the '40s. And at one point, shiploads of steel came up to the harbor in Pondicherry, and all this steel had to be unloaded off the ship and carried through the streets right past the Ashram – right past Sri Aurobindo's window – and brought to the Golconde construction site. And Mother said there shouldn't be any noise. Carrying all this clanking steel – and it was tons (!) of rebar, tons of steel – there shouldn't be any noise... and there was no noise. The ashramites carried these tons of steel from the harbour, through the streets, past Sri Aurobindo's window, without a single sound.

Mother created the Ashram Press to print Sri Aurobindo's books. (And what a gift to us – the Ashram Press.) She created SABDA – S, A, B, D, A – Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency. And that's an absolutely wonderful word, because in Sanskrit, sabda means 'the eternal word'. And so they're publishing the eternal word: Sri Aurobindo, the eternal – his eternal word.

And Sri Aurobindo cared for Mother in exactly the same way. As she was working around the Ashram, he kept her in his consciousness; he kept her in his protection all the time, day and night, day and night.

Generally, he was very gentle – he spoke reasonably, he spoke softly, he had a great sense of humor. But when it came to Mother, he could be quite fierce. I mean, he was really strong about making sure that she was ok. And she said that when he was here, she didn't have to worry about anything. Something would go wrong, something would happen – all she would say is “Lord, Lord,” and he'd fix it.

Mother once said:

“Without him, I exist not;
without me, he is unmanifest.” [8]

And Sri Aurobindo told everyone that she was the Divine Mother.

But then, we could ask: 'why would they have to take birth? Why would they have to come into a limited physical body, to bring this great consciousness here?' It's consciousness, they were great conscious beings; couldn't they just stay in their consciousness – all over, wherever it is and everywhere that it is – and bring it?

Well, no. They couldn't. The answer to the question is that they had to be living in Matter. Their consciousness had to be in physical bodies, in matter, so that physical matter could receive the consciousness that they brought into it – the consciousness that came into matter for the very first time.

And this means that they had to accept the limited, difficult, painful experience of the natural ignorance and darkness which is our physical body. At one point in her work, Mother said she was not allowed to escape into her own higher consciousness (or into any other higher consciousness) in order to escape the physical pain and suffering. She had to work it out in the physical. She had to work it out in her physical body. And she always said, again and again when she went through sufferings, that finally the best thing worked was just to surrender to the Divine. Just to feel herself in his arms. And that did the trick.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother are the Avatar of the new consciousness

Now this brings us to the idea of the Avatar. It's a word that's used a lot; and according to Indian teachings, an avatar is the very first creature on earth who manifests a new evolutionary step. In Indian tradition, there are ten avatars. The one before the new supramental being is the coming of the mind. So the last avatar was mental man. An example of a much earlier avatar is in the form of a kind of crocodile – who was the first creature to come out of water and to crawl up onto dry land.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother are the Avatar of the new consciousness. They're in two beings with one consciousness, who were the first to be beings who could receive and manifest this new force.

Now man has evolved enough – we have evolved enough – to be able to cooperate consciously with our own evolution. And this evolutionary step will happen more quickly in man if he consciously participates. It will eventually happen with everyone; but it will take longer if we don't cooperate.

And now that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have come, now that they've worked here to bring this new consciousness, it's time for the souls to take birth on earth who have evolved to the place where they can do this – where they want to do this. And they will evolve much faster when they do. And the creation will evolve much faster when they do.

In one of her classes to the children in the Ashram school, Mother explained that our planet was formed to become the symbol of the universe and the point of concentration for the work of transformation – for the work of divine transmutation. This kind of progress can only be made in the physical body. It is evolutionary progress. And we are evolutionary beings.

When we leave our body – when we no longer have a body – this work ends for us. And it only begins again when we take birth again, in another physical body. Mother said that even the great cosmic Individualities – the beings that have been called the gods, down through the ages – even these cosmic gods, if they want to be converted, or to unite with their own Origin (which is our origin), they have to take a physical body. They're not evolutionary beings like we are. They're typal beings – they have been created for a certain work. And if they want to evolve and change, like we do, they have to be in a body.

The new consciousness manifested on February 29, 1956

So we know a little bit about the coming of the supramental consciousness, because Mother wrote about the first time that it manifested here. It came on February 29th, 1956. That's a leap year: happens every four years, February 29th.

Mother wrote down her experience, but she didn't tell anyone about it, but she didn't tell anyone about it for some time. And she only released (publicly released) this first writing four years later – on the first anniversary of the coming of the new Force. The next leap year – February 29th, 1960.

Mother expected the new force to come in 1956, and she told the ashramites they should expect it. Sri Aurobindo had left his body on December 5th of 1950. He said he had to do it because that was the best way that he could bring the new force better. He couldn't be in a physical body and get done everything that he could if he didn't have to be hampered by all this physical... whatever it is.

But he and Mother were always still together. She often spoke about meeting him at night in the subtle physical worlds. And later on, when Auroville came into being, she spoke about being with him and looking at different parts of Auroville together. Not mystic things, but everyday things – looking at the houses, at the cooking, at the sports, and other daily activities. (Maybe she was looking at us! Certainly possible.)

During January of '56, Sri Aurobindo told Mother two or three times that the new consciousness was coming. But he did not tell her the day. And Mother herself, in the consciousness she had in her limited physical body here, said that she did not expect it on February 29th. Later on, she said:

“It was absolutely unexpected on that day. But all my greatest experiences have come like that. I'm in my usual consciousness, and they come all of a sudden, as if to show their reality in the fullest contrast and vividness. One obtains the best value of a realisation when it is first experienced like this. If one is informed beforehand, the mind begins to play a part.”

But somewhere, somewhere in her full consciousness, Mother must have known. Because we have something that she said fourteen months before it came. On the New Year's Eve of December 31st, 1954, Mother said:

“[I]t is foreseen that next year will be a difficult year and there will be many inner struggles and even outer ones perhaps. [...] These difficulties may perhaps last not only twelve months, that is, one full year, but perhaps fourteen months”[9]

“Will it be a difficult year for the Ashram or also for India and the whole world?”

“Generally. The world, India, the Ashram and individuals. Everyone according to his mode, naturally not in the same way for all. Some things will seem easier than others. But generally speaking it is — if you like I can tell you — it is the last hope of the adverse forces to triumph against the present Realisation.”[10]

Mother knew this; and if we count exactly fourteen months from December 31st, 1954, we come to February 29th, 1956. That's the day that the new Force came upon earth.

So it wasn't just a warning. In its own way, it was a prophesy. And it was a prophesy that came true. We can speculate that Sri Aurobindo knew the exact date but he didn't want Mother to know ahead of time; because in January he did tell her, more than once. But it looks like as far back as 1914, he was told that it would come in 1956-1957. We have a really fascinating entry in Sri Aurobindo's diary, the Record of Yoga. And this is something which shows us even more the interest – the cosmic interest – and the cosmic importance of their work.

Sri Aurobindo did automatic writing as a part of his yoga practice. And some of these writings are published in the Record of Yoga. These writings are called 'automatic' because it was not his will or his energy that moved the pen on the paper. Other beings, from other planes, used his hand to write.

We know that he asked a lot of questions, because the writings are in the form of successive answers, one after the other. He didn't write down the questions, but his hand was writing down the answers as they came. And this particular writing is dated c. 1914. And this being told Sri Aurobindo when the new force was going to arrive. This particular being – this cosmically conscious being, who knew so much – would not say who he was (!). He had Sri Aurobindo write:

“As to who I am, how will that help you.”[11]

Then there are some writings that seem to be related to something else (they don't really speak on the subject), and then it looks like Sri Aurobindo has asked him 'when will the supramental force come on earth'. And this is what he wrote:

“I do not think it will take long — Forty three years for the work is my calculation, but Rama must manifest soon if it is to be done so quickly. For the changing of the world — For it to be completed.”[12]

('The changing of the world'! The changing of the world.)

“In 1956 – 7. Complete!!”[13]

Sri Aurobindo first wrote “forty two years” – then it changed. He changed it to “forty three years”. And we have the years “1956 – 7”; there are forty-two years from 1914 to 1956, and forty-three years to 1957.

Record of Yoga
Automatic Writings, c. 1914 (Second Set)

Record of Yoga - Automatic Writings, c. 1914 (Second Set).jpg
PDF (6 pages)

Mother was giving one of her classes to the Ashram school students, when the supramental force first manifested on earth. It came during the meditation after the class. And then she went back to her room – and this is what she wrote:


29 February 1956

During the common meditation on Wednesday

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that “the time has come”, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow. [14]

She gave this message – this powerful message – only much later, in 1960. But she gave her first public message about the new force for the April 24th, 1956 darshan. All the ashramites were coming before her to receive her force, and to receive the result of the work she had been doing since the last darshan. And this is the printed message that everybody got:

24 April 1956

The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality.

It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it. [15]

Receiving the new force

And then she started giving out a few more messages. On [November] 24th, she wrote:

24 November 1956

Without care for time, without fear for space, surging out purified from the flames of the ordeal, we shall fly without stop towards the realisation of our goal, the supramental victory. [16]

And also in April she wrote:

To all those who aspire

Open yourself to the new Force. Let it do in you its work of Transformation. [17]

She told the school students that there has always been an inner light available to seekers, and now, with the arrival of the new force, the supramental is the inner light that's available for all of us. She compared the two lights, saying that the light which used to be available is like an old oil lamp, and that the new light is like an electric light bulb which gives us ten times more light.

Before 1956, Mother explained to the students how man was prepared until there was someone with a consciousness sufficiently developed to be able to receive the first coming of the mind into a human body. And then she told how that went on evolving until man would be ready for the next step. She said there would come a time when the human consciousness is in the required state for a supramental consciousness to be able to enter the human body – just as the first mental consciousness incarnated in a human form which had become sufficiently human to become a man.

But after the moment when this occurs, it may take very long – just as the mind took milleniums to manifest fully in man. But she said it won't take as long this time, because with our mind, we can consciously cooperate. And so relatively speaking, it will go a lot faster.

The Supramental Ship

After February of 1956, Mother starts to speak about her own experiences in receiving the new force. On February 3rd, 1958, around 3:00 in the afternoon, Mother's consciousness went to the place where she was preparing people to be the new supramental beings. In her consciousness, she was on a huge ship – a ship as big as a city. It was nearing the shore of the supramental world, so that she could send the beings who were ready down off the gangplank, ashore into the supramental world. And Mother spoke of recognizing certain people when she was there – people both from in the Ashram and outside the Ashram. (But she didn't give any names, because – she said – she didn't see all of them, and she didn't want people to feel bad, in case they were there and she left out their name.)

This experience showed Mother that the first manifestation of the new force was the most material aspect of the supramental, coming into the most material aspect of our physical. She said it was building a bridge between our world and the supramental world.

And since February 29th of '56 – when it first came – Mother had been saying that a new world is being born. And here, she learned that the new world that she had been experiencing, that she had been seeing, was this bridge which was being constructed between the most material supramental and the most material physical manifested world.

The Superman consciousness

On January 1st of 1969, a new being, with a new consciousness, manifests in Mother. And it also manifests elsewhere. She said it was a very material consciousness; it was not in a material form – not in a body – and it came directly into her body. She said it was a very “immense personality”. And she said the word 'immense' twice: immense, immense personality, “with a GREAT FORCE”[18]. And it is the being which prepares the intermediary man between humanity and supramental beings.

She said it is the consciousness which would manifest in the being who would evolve between man and the supramental being. And she called this intermediate person a 'Superman'.

People didn't experience the supramental consciousness when it first came into the Ashram, but they did experience this consciousness. Some people in the Ashram did feel it.

As time goes on, this being teaches Mother, helps Mother – and it guides her. And she said that she had been praying for guidance; this being is the answer.

Mother notes that there is a pronounced change in those in the Ashram who were touched when this new force first manifested.

And this being is particularly important for Auroville. Its work in Auroville is particularly important, as part of the supramental manifestation. Auroville has a part to play in the supramental manifestation. And this very clearly sets it out – very clearly sets it out.

The Mother's cities

But Auroville is not the first city which Mother helped to create. There must have been many, as time has gone on. As the progress of time has gone on. But we clearly and very definitely know about one that was in ancient Egypt. There's an entry in Volume 6 of Mother's Agenda where she speaks of having been the ancient Egyptian queen Tiy, the mother of the pharaoh Amenhotep IV. And history records that Amenhotep IV was very, very strongly influenced by his mother – by Mother, who was his mother, queen Tiy.

In ancient Egypt they worshipped many gods. The sun god was called Aton. When Amenhotep IV became the pharaoh, he changed his name to Akhenaton. 'Akhenaton' means 'one who serves Aton'. He tried to change Egyptian worship – he tried to change it from the worship of many gods into the worship of one god, the sun god. And Sri Aurobindo says that the sun universally, everywhere, stands for the supramental Truth.

Letters on Yoga – III
Sun, Moon, Star, Fire

Letters on Yoga III - Sun, Moon, Star, Fire.jpg
PDF (6 pages

Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) took birth again at the very end of the 1950s or early 1960s – because in this entry in the Agenda, Mother recognizes him. And she says who he is.[19]

So, influenced by Mother – by Queen Tiy – Akehnaton moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to Amarna, and he built a new city there. 'Amarna' means 'city of the horizon'.

When Auroville was first beginning – when Auroville was first started and Mother was establishing her city here – Mother first planned to build it near Ousteri Lake. And the name she was going to give it was 'New Horizons'.

In 1369 B.C., Akhenaton founded his 'city of the horizon' with these words:

“Here is the place that belongs to no person, no god.
Nobody owns it. It is everybody's place.
The earth will find its joy in it.
Hearts will be happy in it.”

And in 1968 – three-thousand, three-hundred, thirty-seven years later – Mother founded Auroville with these words (her 'city of the dawn'):

“Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.
Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future.”[20]

And Mother also called Auroville, “the city the earth needs”. And Akehnaton said, “The earth will find its joy in it”. (It kind of means the same thing if you get right down to it.)

In the 'city of the horizon', Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti built a temple to the Light. (Sound familiar?) A temple to the light. All Egyptian temples were filled with statues of gods and goddesses, and covered with paintings of gods and goddesses; and the temples were built for people to come in and do rituals, and to worship the gods and goddesses in the temples. When we were building Auroville, from the beginning, Mother told Auroville that the Matrimandir – the temple to the Divine Mother at the center of Auroville – should not have any images or photographs, was not to be used for worship or ritual. And Akhenaton's new temple was empty inside: no paintings, no gods, no statues – nothing of traditional worship.

And Mother explained that Akhenaton's revelation aimed at revealing to the humanity of that time the unity of the divine with its manifestation. What is the unity of the divine with its manifestation? That's the Purusha and the Prakriti. That's the love affair between the divine Master and the Divine Mother. And Mother says that his revelation aimed at getting the people in ancient Egypt to have this consciousness – more than 3,000 years ago.

She said that his attempt was premature. She said that men were not ready for it. But she also said that it had to be expressed, more than 3,000 years ago, for the purpose of keeping it alive on the mental plane.

Auroville Library:
Akhetaton & Auroville:
Towards the Sun / Vers le soleil

by Claire
  Akhetaton & Auroville icon.jpg.jpg

This is a job that we have to do

Now Mother spoke about what the new being – the one who manifested on January 1st, 1969 – what he wanted to do in Auroville. On March 22nd of '69, when Auroville was almost one year and one month old, Mother said:

“Two days ago (not yesterday, the day before), this Consciousness told me something; I said, “Very well,” but it went on saying the same thing again and again and again, until I'd written it down! So here it is (Mother holds out a note). And it explained to me why there was “we”.
“We will strive to make Auroville the cradle of the superman.”
Ah ... it's important news! (Mother smiles) So then, I said, “Why 'we'?” It answered, “It's because the attempt will be to get those who will live in Auroville to collaborate.”
Then, once I'd written it, it left me in peace, but until I did, it came back again and again ....”[21]

So this is it, folks! This is a job that we have to do. And just like all these jobs, we have no idea what it is (!). We can't know. Like we said yesterday – how on earth are we going to change ourselves into a totally new being with a totally new consciousness? We have nothing to relate it to; we know nothing. The only thing we can do is surrender to the force that Mother and Sri Aurobindo says will do the work in us.

So what's the work? It's the surrender. Mother surrendering to Sri Aurobindo, and Sri Aurobindo surrendering to Mother. And that's who we are and that's what we do. And that's the job that we're here for.

Kazhuveli Siddhar

Now, we have two predictions. Two predictions about the coming of the new force. We have Mother's warning about the fourteen months of the last resistance of the adverse forces, which ended on the 29th of February of '56 (with the coming of the new force). We have Sri Aurobindo's automatic writing, so many years before, predicting it in '56 and '57. And we know about this city. The ancient 'city of the horizons'. And this is a kind of prediction, in its own way – a kind of Auroville there, there in the background.

And we also have an ancient Tamil prediction, about the coming of Auroville, here – here in the land of Tamil Nadu.

Irumbai Temple, a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, was established (not the building itself, not the stones and whatever it's made of, but the seat of Lord Shiva) centuries and centuries ago; it's a very ancient place of worship. It has a stone Shiva lingam in the sanctum sanctorum, in the very depth of the temple. So we have the Irumbai Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which stands close to Auroville's border. And the land of Auroville was once part of the Irumbai region.

Irumbai Temple.jpg

There's this wonderful ancient Tamil legend about how Irumbai Temple and the land which is now Auroville land had something very much related – something very much to do with each other.

Long, long ago, when Irumbai was green, and fertile with gardens and crops, and beautiful waterways, a terrible heat wave came. A terrible heat wave came upon the land. The monsoon rains failed; water became scarce. A severe drought fell upon the land. The people sought the help of their king, Kurumba Raja. He, the great king, he sent a team of ministers to learn the cause of the drought.

The king's ministers found that the cause of the heat wave was the powerful energy that radiated from a saint who was sitting under a peepul tree, near the Irumbai Shiva temple, and doing rigorous tapasya. His name was Kazhuveli Siddhar. Kazhuveli Siddhar sat there for so long that the ants had built their ant-hill up around his body.

The ministers tried to bring the saint out of his state of samadhi, but they failed. Others tried, others took their chance, one after the other. But nothing could bring this Rishi back to worldly life.

Finally, a beautiful young temple dancer named Valli took up the challenge to awaken the Siddhar. She had observed that from time to time, he would reach his hand out of the ant-hill to catch a peepul leaf from the peepul tree, and he would chew on it to energize himself. So Valli prepared salted appalams (wafers, crackers) in the shape of peepul leaves. The Siddhar started eating the salted appalams – the salted crackers – and slowly, his senses were awakened.

When he stopped his tapasya, the heat wave stopped. It rained again, and Irumbai became green and fertile. The people were happy; the ministers joyously celebrated the great event. And Valli continued to serve the great Siddhar.

There was a thanksgiving festival in the temple. And Valli performed a wonderful dance, in front of a cheering crowd of people. Kazhuveli Siddhar saw Lord Shiva in Valli's dance. As she was dancing, one of Valli's anklets fell off her foot, and Valli started to lose her rhythm and she was losing her balance. The great Siddhar only saw that something had gone wrong with his Lord's cosmic dance – and he rushed to pick up the anklet, and he tied it on the ankle of Valli as she was dancing.

All the people began to laugh at the great Siddhar. They ridiculed him for having such a relationship with a temple dancer. Kazhuveli Siddhar became furious. He called upon Lord Shiva to appear, to declare his innocence and Valli's devotion. The stone Shiva lingam in the temple broke into pieces, and fell all over the land, scorching the green and growing things. The earth became dry again.

Lord Shiva appeared before everyone. And he declared the greatness of the Siddhar, and the great devotion of Valli, in her dutiful offering of dance with a pure heart. The court and the people realized their own smallness, and they all fell at the feet of the Lord. They prayed to Kazhuveli Siddhar to pardon them – please, to withdraw the curse he had set upon them, and to save the land from being dried up.

Kazhuveli Siddhar said to them, “The curse is given, once for all. It cannot be reversed. But one day, people from far-off lands will come here; and they will make this place green again.”

So... here you are!

And this is a prediction about Auroville, that we can all see coming true.

In 1968, when Auroville was very first beginning – when there was nothing here, nothing on the land (except a small banyan tree in the center, right in the center) – the land was completely dry. Completely dry. I saw it in 1972; and wherever I looked, there was nothing but wide red earth, and huge, vast, blue sky. There are plenty of photographs of it, and you can see them.

Auroville early landscape.jpg

And there are photographs of the Aurovilians planting tiny little trees – little trees no bigger than this (gesture), no bigger than my little finger. Little tiny, tiny trees. They cared for these trees very carefully. And they had to build a fence around each tree, to protect it from the wandering goats – the villagers' goats – because the goats would just eat the trees.

And they had to water those trees. They came out in these huge, old, wooden bullock carts with wooden wheels – creaking wooden wheels. (And I might say a this point that the very first person to ever put car tires on a bullock cart was an Aurovilian. It was Bob Lawlor. Literally, the first man to be in Auroville – Bob and Deborah Lawlor. And Mother named the place that they lived in, 'Forecomers'. But you couldn't travel a bullock cart with rubber tires on it over the dirt and the land – and besides, they didn't have many of them – they had the old ones with creaking wooden wheels.)

And they put these big barrels on these wooden carts, full of water, and they'd go out with a plastic cup (the kind that you take a bath with, when you take a bath out of a bucket) and they'd take a cup of water, and they'd pour it through the fence in every single one of these little baby trees.

And that's the care that the people from foreign lands came to bring, to make the land of Auroville green again.

And now we're in all these trees. We see these trees – and some of them are huge trees.

Mother's supramental body

So on March the 24th of 1972, Mother looked down at herself – just down at her body – and with her open eyes, she saw that she had another body. She had a completely new body. She said she wasn't in trance: she just looked down.

And since she wasn't looking in a mirror, she didn't know what her face was, she didn't know what her head looked like. She said she just saw her torso.

And she said that she had a lovely, lovely form: extremely svelte, and slim. The skin was very white; there were no traces of reproduction. There were no traces of digestion. She said that the shoulders were broad, and clearly lungs and respiration played a big part in this body's functions.

And she said that she didn't know if it was a transitional body – the body of the 'superman', this intermediary being – or a supramental body.

On November 8th of 1972, Mother has the supramental consciousness. She tells a disciple:

“For a moment – just a few seconds – I had the supramental consciousness. It was so marvelous, mon petit! ... I understood that if we were to taste that now, we would no longer want to exist differently. We are in the process of ... (gesture of kneading dough) of changing laboriously. And the change, the process of change seems.... Yet you can grasp it in a kind of indifference (I don’t know how to express it). But it doesn’t last long. As a rule it’s ... laborious. But that consciousness is so marvelous, you know! It’s most interesting because there’s a sort of EXTREME activity within complete peace. But it lasted only a few seconds.”

hands turned upwards)

And you?

Is it a total consciousness?

It’s fabulous! Like a harmonization of all opposites. Yes, a total, fantastic activity together with ... perfect peace. But these are mere words.


Is this consciousness material?

The action is a material one – but not done in the same way, of course.


What helps make the contact with “that”? ... What exactly makes you go across there or be there?

I don’t know because I am constantly – my WHOLE consciousness, including that of the body, is always turned to the ... (gesture of offering) to what it feels as the Divine. And without 'trying', you follow?
Yes. Yes.

(Mother plunges in)[22]

Questions and comments

So we're going to stop for now. But I would really love it if anybody has a question. Doesn't have to be questions on either of the lectures – anything that you've read, anything that you've experienced, anything you want to know... yes, Tom.

Superman body and supramental body

...slightly describing a supramental, intermediary being. And I wonder if you could say something about that.

Yes... in fact I can. Actually – maybe I'm not sure. Because she didn't say 'supramental intermediary' being. She did say that Sri Aurobindo showed her (at one time, when she went to see him) he showed her his body. It was all changed. And he said that this Superman consciousness – the consciousness of the new being – which was in the body, would carry the body into becoming a supramental body. She said that. So that's not quite the same thing – but we have these wonderful things [in what she has said]. Like 'supramental body' (!).

At one point, Mother is in her room – I think in 1963, I'm not sure of the date at the moment – but she sees somebody's psychic being. She sees... the psychic being, as we know, is our individual soul. We all have an individual soul; and Mother and Sri Aurobindo call our soul the 'psychic being' to distinguish it from the soul – the great soul, the Atman.

So there's an American disciple named Rijuta. And she's sitting before Mother – she was one of Mother's secretaries – and suddenly Mother sees Rijuta's psychic being. It says to her, “You wanted to know what the supramental being would be – here it is! This is it.” And she doesn't describe it in detail, but she does say that it has the supramental color, which is the color of the Auroville flower. It's a kind of a coral – a very soft, luminous kind of a coral – sort of a combination of orange and gold.

And she says it has hair but it's not quite the same. And she doesn't describe any of the functions. And when she looks down at her body and sees her body, it seems like the form and the type of functionary body that she thinks the supramental being is going to have – and the skin is white. And in the case when she saw Rijuta's body, it was the color of Auroville.

And the supramental world is all this color. That's one thing that she talks about. When she has her experience of what we're all calling the Supramental Ship, she says that she's taking these people down, ashore, and these people's bodies are turning this color. And the reason she knows that they're not fully ready – that they're not fully prepared – is they have patches of a kind of earth-color. So the substance of their body is not quite metamorphosed into the supramental substance, which has this color.

You know, when you start putting it all together, it's really one story. But we've got this crazy mind function which divides it all up – and we don't, somehow, get the through-line. But there's got to be a through-line of the whole reality.

The Force in Auroville

Do you think the children of Auroville are privileged because of being born here, and around all these people who are working on themselves and trying to reach that consciousness? Are they privileged to... doing it, compared to our generation?

Well, let me clarify that, just a little bit, with you. By 'privileged' you mean they get something special?

If it's easier for them. Because they were raised here, in this cradle of the...

You mean the kids that were born here?


I would think they would have to be. That's... I can't make that judgment; but from everything that I've said, the answer is 'yes', in that sense.

And one thing that I can say, out of my own experience: people who come here, they do change physically. I'm not quite sure exactly how to describe it. But there's something about them – you can see it. And people may come here and they may have particular resistances and things, where their personality is not changing, and they're acting in the same way (like they're the same person that they were when they first came) – but they've got something else, and it's something that people who come here and stay here for a long time get.

And I don't think I can define it – but it is a thing. It is a change in their substance – I don't know, a transparency, or a light, or an energy, or all of these, maybe. Or all of these, maybe.

But not only that. Auroville has always been a holy land; and the Ashram too. The land that the Ashram is on was an ashram of great Agastya Rishi, who is one of the most famous South Indian saints, and an incredible consciousness. And he had his ashram right there, where now is the Ashram. And we have the Irumbai Temple. And there are many stories about different saints of realization that came here; and there are special double meanings to the names of the villages all around Auroville, that all have to do with realization of consciousness.

And Mother and Sri Aurobindo started putting force here for everything to manifest. There's no question about that. Because you can feel it. Like I said yesterday, from the first time I came to Auroville – and I'm sure from the very beginning – you could feel the force rising out of the earth. You could feel it in the air around you. You could feel it – and you can still feel it today.

The only reason you think you can't feel it is because it's the outer being, involved in the outer consciousness and the outer life. But if you can get really quiet, and have your inner senses there, you can feel that force.

So that's here. It's running through all of us; it's expressing itself in us. It's always here.

And I'll tell you, the Matrimandir when I first came was nothing but a big, huge, hole in the ground. There was this hole in the earth with these steps carved into the earth. And these guys in loincloths carrying the earth on their heads, in these chettis. And that's all it was. But the consciousness was exactly the same. The experience I had of this presence of Matrimandir was not any different today than it was then. So either it's always been there, and it's going to manifest, or Mother and Sri Aurobindo put it there; there's a lot more that comes out of the Matrimandir now. There's a lot of work that they do using the Matrimandir – there's no question about that.

There was a time when I worked in the Matrimandir, when the Matrimandir was open one hour a day to guests; and people who came would come in a line, up the ramp. The whole construction wasn't done, but the chamber was done. And you could feel the chamber revving up, like warming up an engine, before people came. You could feel force gathering. And it wasn't always the same thing. There was – Mother and Sri Aurobindo were doing some kind of work. There was simply no question about that.

So all that's going on.

So the more one is here, the more one gets.

Are the children born today of a special kind?

I wonder if it is possible to answer... Mother is really pointing out in one of her answers... in connection to the date '4–5–6–7' (4th May 1967), it was said that 4th May... ___ will be entering planes of realization.

Will be entering where?

Planes of realization. It was said that something would be happening on that day. And then Mother replied, explained in one of the answers... especially since last few days, recent times, children born... are a different kind.

Well, I'll tell you – everyone sees it in these newborn babies. I mean there's no question about that. Parents who don't know anything about any of this – they can see that their children are extra-smart, or extra-capable, or very, very exceptional.

And in Savitri there's a wonderful, wonderful quotation:

I saw the Omnipotent’s flaming pioneers
Over the heavenly verge which turns towards life
Come crowding down the amber stairs of birth [23]

(“Omnipotent's flaming pioneers”!)

Their tread one day shall change the suffering earth
And justify the light on Nature’s face. [24]

So it's a new age. It's a new time. New beings are here, are being born.

Experiencing Auroville

What was your experience at that time when you came to Ashram and Auroville, when it was just beginning, compared to now. How can you express it – can you say something about it?

It has to be very personal. Because... everybody lives in a different Auroville (!). And everybody lives in a different Ashram. And one thing that I've noticed – when people first come here, the psychic opens. The soul opens. Suddenly, they're in a bliss, and their soul comes forward, and the soul is always in contact with the Divine, and you're living in this white light... and you can see it when people first come. You can see it on their faces, you can see it in the things they do. You can see it in the things they say.

And so I was like that. I'd come home; I was floating in white light. Everything was fabulous. Everything – everything was a dream. Everything was fabulous.

And then from that – and this is now almost 45 years later (longer: more than 45 years later) – I'm far more conscious in my material reality. And so the way I see it now – especially after all the kind of work I do, the research work I do – is that there's this incredible, living, magical, powerful but living thing going on... I don't know how to explain it. But it's all happening.

From time to time I meet a person here, who's lived here, and we have a conversation. And they're so developed! They're so into it; they're so right-on. And sometimes I meet several of them – a few days going on, one after the other. Or something happens and... so no, it's not like this dream. (Which is very important to have that, to live in that. And if we can have that at the same time as everything else, that would be fabulous.) But that beatitude doesn't always come. But there's this – and in a way more solid and more important – these sudden moments of saying, 'God, it's really happening! There's one of them.' Mother's work is successful; it's happening.

And that in itself is like a totality of experience that you have.

Is Auroville the soul of the world?

Can you say that Auroville or the Matrimandir is the soul of the world – that Matrimandir is the soul of Auroville and that Auroville is manifesting the soul of the world?

Well, first of all, the first part of your question I can give a very simple answer – because Mother said that the Matrimandir was the soul of Auroville. And she said that the sooner we get it built, the better – for Auroville, and for the world. So that's true.

And then I could tell you what Sri Aurobindo says about the 'world-soul'. But he's not talking about a physical place: he's talking about the center of the creation. And in his wonderful poem Savitri, there's a canto called “The World-Soul”. And the great king (the great yogi king that I spoke of before), as he's on his journey – he's the traveller of the worlds, and he's searching for the Divine Mother – he first finds her at the center of the world-soul. And Sri Aurobindo describes it so beautifully. And the call that comes from the heart of the world, the world-soul – like a sweet memory, something that's calling and calling you back. It's very beautiful.

Savitri, Book Two, Canto XIV:
“The World-Soul”

Savitri Book 2 Canto XIV icon.jpg
PDF (8 pages)

So, occultly speaking, mystically speaking, the world-soul is at the center of creation.

Now to say that Auroville is the soul of the planet – I mean you have to be saying the physical soul, of the physical planet... because the Divine, our individual soul, is a tiny portion of the soul – the soul of everything. And that tiny portion is always connected to the soul of everything. And so if you say that this place, Auroville, is more connected to the soul of everything than anyplace else on earth – you could say that. Yeah. Well, that's logical.

But it'd have to be a realization. If it is a realization for you – if you realize it, if you're in that consciousness and you know it – that's ok; I can't say I've had that realization. So I don't want to say it. But somehow, everything really could be.

What is the relation between the supramental light and the psychic being?

The new light from the supramental – is it growing within the psychic being, in the body? What is the relation between this light and the psychic being?

The new light of the supramental is growing everywhere, in all things that allow it to happen. So our soul is actually the part of us – our psychic being – that does all the good things. That's the part that longs for beauty, that longs for goodness, that wants everything [to be good], that knows the Divine Mother.

As we evolve from a very unconscious and covered-over, dense being into a more conscious and transparent being, it is that that helps us do it. So it is that that wants the supramental. And it is that in its essence and its origin [which] is connected to the supramental. So in every way, our soul is bringing us the new consciousness. It's bringing it to us because it's helping us to make the choices: how to change, how to get it, how to surrender to it. It's bringing it to us because it has something in itself that we open to, that is the new consciousness.

And so – remember, our soul is evolving into the [supramental] being. So in a sense, that one statement kind of gives an answer to your question.

And when Mother spoke about it, she said, 'I never thought of trying to look at what the psychic being looked like!' Which is absolutely incredible, because the first major step in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is to realize your psychic being and to have it forward. And neither Mother nor Sri Aurobindo ever really tried to find out what it looked like. And then, 'here it comes! Here it is! This is it – the supramental being.

So if our psychic being is going to evolve into the new supramental being, then of course it's getting more of the supramental force. Because it's the supramental force that does the work. So there it is.

And how lucky that is for us. I mean you stop and think about it – there's nothing to worry about! Nothing is coming from outside, except the supramental force. It's us who are just becoming it. We don't have to do anything except get out of the way, and let it happen.

Was Auroville created to prevent a third world war?

I heard Mother say in the Agenda that she created Auroville for one specific reason – or one reason among many – but she reports this, that Auroville will prevent a third world war from happening. And I'm just wondering if you could add some of your own light to this.


As I remember it, from time to time some new thing would come along, and Mother would say, 'oh, that's why I created Auroville'. So that is not the only time she said that; but that was very, very much in the forefront of her consciousness – this everyday consciousness (I mean her everyday consciousness) – because she spoke about it. She said that man had evolved all these toys – was playing games with all these dangerous toys. (And she didn't use those words, of course – that's a very American way of saying it.) But she said, 'they've got this bomb and they're playing games with it like it's a toy'. And she said that we have to do something about that.

And then, I don't remember if she said it something told her, or she knew – 'That's why you've created Auroville'.[25]

And she said that things that happen in Auroville would save things from happening in India. She had it in that context. Because India was the place where there's all the harsh things that had to prove themselves out. And that Auroville was for assisting in that, for India. And then also, for the rest of the world.

So the things that we do in Auroville are apparently so close to the source – that kind of speaks to your question. What happens here, the energies that happen, and the fact that we have newer beings here that are consciously, consciously calling for help and open to Mother and Sri Aurobindo – when something happens, either it doesn't happen outside, or it mitigates it out there. Things somehow are not so bad, because they're in Auroville.

And I remember – I wasn't here, I was most miraculously saved from anything to do with this time – when all the Aurovilians like turned on each other. That was such a difficult, difficult, tragic, painful time. Maybe (and that's something that's in my mind, I've certainly never heard anyone else say it), maybe that horrible time kind of bled out the forces that would have finally resulted in a third world war. That's possible.

Perhaps every victory which takes place here – for unity, inwardly and outwardly – also helps the world, in every sense. It's probably very important symbolically.

Of course, exactly! Every breath we take. Because we're all one consciousness. And it's our consciousness that's here.

At some point along in my life (it was quite awhile ago, I can't remember), I had this thought: “I'm inflicted on this world. This world is stuck with me. Whatever I am, however I do it, whoever I am, whatever way I behave – that's what the world's getting! They're stuck with it!” It was a big realization for me. I thought, 'oh geez, what am I giving them?' And that's true about every, every, every, every one of us, every, every, every, every minute.

So if (and then we can jump with her theory), if Auroville is the soul of the world in some way that actually has a physical effect – if that's true, it's at the source. Everything at the source has a wider effect. It comes out more, and it comes out to the periphery. So in taking that theory, then everything that we do...

Doubt and negativity in Auroville

There's lots of wonderful things happening in Auroville. Wonderful gatherings... and yet there are some people who have so much doubt about, 'why, if Mother had been here she would say differently about her vision of Auroville, her Master Plan she had thought about, the Galaxy of Auroville'. What is your feeling about that – why do people still having doubt when Mother has said so much about Auroville, what it means to all of us, and in the world?

Ok, I think... one of the things that I've noticed here, is that somebody comes – they haven't been here before. And they want to fix things. So they don't really... they want to re-invent the wheel. And they come in with all their baggage. So, with all their goodwill, with all their love, with all their care, with all their concern – there's all of their negativities, and they bring their doubts, and they bring their resistance. And it's their own fight. It's their own fight. And we all do it.

There's also something about – how to say – universal vital forces manifesting, and they manifest in all of us sometimes. And you have a bunch of feelings about something, and they haven't anything to do with you (!) – they've just come in from the outside. And so there's forces moving here. And people who have come in with 'uncleaned baggage', that are opened to the 'uncleaned forces' – then it manifests in them, and they do all that.

The best way to deal with that is to call Them. Is to have your own faith. Because they're inflicting themselves on the universe; and you're inflicting yourself on the universe! You are, just as much as they are. And the more you are the Supreme, the more you are the Love, the stronger than them that you are. So it just works.

And I love this thing that was in the Agenda when Auroville first started, and Satprem is filled with worries. He comes to Mother and he says, 'Mother,' (he sees all the Aurovilians and everybody is making mistakes and doing everything that he thinks is wrong), 'Mother, who's going to get the food for Auroville?' And Mother says, 'oh, the supreme Divine'. And he says, 'Mother, how are they going to build those houses – who's going to built those houses out there?' And Mother says, 'Well, the divine Lord's going to do it'. And he says, 'But Mother, who's going to govern these people – they're doing this, and they're doing that...'. Mother says, 'Well, the divine Lord'. And he goes through this whole list, and he finally says, 'But Mother, I don't see how we're going to build Auroville. Who's going to build Auroville?'

And Mother says, 'The supreme Lord, thank God'.[26]


So, you know, the more help we can give – there's something in The Mother where he talks about surrender, and he says, “A glad, calm and helpful surrender”.[27] And maybe even a joyous surrender.


I'd just like to share something.


I've been coming here on and off, and even though we know the foundation about Auroville, Ashram and everything, I'm hearing and seeing things at times where others would have question, 'Is everything going in the right direction? Is this ok?'. Now, listening to you, and feeling and seeing everything again, kind of gives me confidence that the Lord is going to do everything.

Good! Good. Great.

Ok everyone – see you!

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