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Astha: Reflections on Working with Small Children

I’ve been working for 25 years with young children in Auroville...
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Sanjeev: Reflections On My Work In The Schools Of Auroville

Sri Aurobindo and Mother did their work within an immense framework of knowledge...
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Aloka: Reflections on Awareness Through the Body

It has been 24 years since ATB (Awareness Through the Body) was born...
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Miriam: Reflections on My Work in Auroville as a Teacher

Having grown up and been educated in Auroville, I started working at the Kindergarten in the mid-eighties...
Link=Teachers: Davaselvy
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Davaselvy: Reflection on my work in Auroville as a Teacher

In 1990, when I started teaching, I thought that I would become a good teacher...
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Mary: Harmony between Individuals and the Collective

The students and teachers at Transition School come from many different countries...
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Jivatman: My Experience as a Teacher in Auroville

I came to Auroville more than 30 years ago (1984, to be precise)...
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Varadharajan: Reflections

In the Charter of Auroville it is stated that, among other things, Auroville will be a place of unending education...
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Joy: Teaching Sanskrit songs and writing plays for children

I used to teach singing in the Sanskrit language...
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Sudhir: My Experience as a Teacher

It was on April 24th, 2002 that I arrived at Udavi School...
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Odile: My experience at the Kindergarten

I came to the Kindergarten in 1987...
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Shraddhavan: Memories of Aspiration School

The Mother accepted me for Auroville on November 19, 1970...

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