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(Mother:) “But one must be brave and intrepid, have an unvarying faith to walk on this path. Not to hesitate, not to be half here and half there – that leads you nowhere. But to launch oneself with the conviction to conquer – whatever may happen. Then the recompense – it is the Supreme Beatitude. One thing I can assure you, that there is nothing equal to it, nothing more perfect, nothing more beautiful, more true and more vast. It is this... and it exists. And it is worth the trouble to lose all in order to gain all in Him.
         It is this that I am experiencing and feeling in such a real manner that my past conceptions, the ways of living, the attitude, the thoughts, all, all seem to vanish in irreality and that only the concrete experience of Matter is permanent.”[1]

“The inner planes uncovered their crystal doors;
Strange powers and influences touched his life.
A vision came of higher realms than ours,
A consciousness of brighter fields and skies,
Of beings less circumscribed than brief-lived men
And subtler bodies than these passing frames,
Objects too fine for our material grasp,
Acts vibrant with a superhuman light
And movements pushed by a superconscient force,
And joys that never flowed through mortal limbs,
And lovelier scenes than earth’s and happier lives.
A consciousness of beauty and of bliss,
A knowledge which became what it perceived,
Replaced the separated sense and heart
And drew all Nature into its embrace. (Savitri, p.26)

(Mother:) This is a very exact, complete and poetic description of what happens under the influence of the New Consciousness, the Consciousness that has the mission to bring down the Superman upon earth. All this was seen and felt by Sri Aurobindo and described in Savitri in a poetic form, long before this New Consciousness had touched the world. And now this Consciousness here is beginning to spread the new way of living, preparing the earth for the advent of the New Race.”[2]

“All that I say, all that I do, projects itself up there. It is like a well-prepared niche with all that is needed for the realisation in the world of being, in the world of becoming. Here, one does not see the result... But there, in the world that is preparing to manifest itself, it makes all the difference.
         Whatever I do, the least gesture, whatever I say or utter, has a stupendous effect in the other world. The vibrations that emanate from me become realised realities up there. Outwardly, you do no see anything here, any result of what I say. But up there, there is a whole world of difference... if you have the opportunity to visit that place, it is the next stage of your journey towards the Truth. Besides, it is after you have made an effort to overcome your ego that you will find yourself there. And you will be astonished to see the work I have accomplished for you all – for each one, his own path, clearly chalked out, well chiselled, all the obstacles, all the impediments removed, all that was blocking the way demolished, – so that you may walk freely towards the Truth in the full light of the New Consciousness. Once there, you have nothing to worry about, you can now walk straight ahead.
         But it was quite a work that had to be done in this virgin forest, where nothing existed, where nothing could be seen. But now it is all transformed, well built and ready-made. There was some work to be done, and that is what I was busy with.”[3]

“But as I told you two weeks ago, this material world as it actually, visibly is, is so powerful, so absolutely real for the ordinary consciousness, that it has engulfed, as it were, this supramental force and consciousness when it manifested, and a long preparation is necessary before its presence can be even glimpsed, felt, perceived in some way or other. And this is the work it is doing now.
         How long it will take is difficult to foresee. It will depend a great deal on the goodwill and the receptivity of a certain number of people, for the individual always advances faster than the collectivity, and by its very nature, humanity is destined to manifest the Supermind before the rest of creation.
         At the basis of this collaboration there is necessarily the will to change, no longer to be what one is, for things to be no longer what they are. There are several ways of reaching it, and all the methods are good when they succeed! One may be deeply disgusted with what exists and wish ardently to come out of all this and attain something else; one may — and this is a more positive way — one may feel within oneself the touch, the approach of something positively beautiful and true, and willingly drop all the rest so that nothing may burden the journey to this new beauty and truth.
         What is indispensable in every case is the ardent will for progress, the willing and joyful renunciation of all that hampers the advance: to throw far away from oneself all that prevents one from going forward, and to set out into the unknown with the ardent faith that this is the truth of tomorrow, inevitable, which must necessarily come, which nothing, nobody, no bad will, even that of Nature, can prevent from becoming a reality — perhaps of a not too distant future — a reality which is being worked out now and which those who know how to change, how not to be weighed down by old habits, will surely have the good fortune not only to see but to realise.
         People sleep, they forget, they take life easy — they forget, forget all the time.... But if we could remember... that we are at an exceptional hour, a unique time, that we have this immense good fortune, this invaluable privilege of being present at the birth of a new world, we could easily get rid of everything that impedes and hinders our progress.”[4]

“After all, the ancient initiatory systems were good in a way, in the sense that they revealed the Knowledge only to those who had reached a stage where they could receive it directly without the help of words. And I’m afraid it may come to the same thing now — perhaps even one who has this supramental knowledge will never be able to make himself understood by people, unless they themselves become capable of entering into this knowledge. And so the logical result is that people will say, as I have heard it said: “Oh! It is just as in ordinary life.” Precisely because all that is not of the ordinary life completely escapes our perception, it cannot be transmitted by words.
         Take a place like this, which is surcharged with certain forces, certain vibrations; these vibrations do not show themselves in visible and tangible things — they can produce changes, but as these changes occur according to a method (as all physical things do), you pass almost logically from one state to another and this logic prevents you from perceiving that there is something here which does not belong to normal life. Well, those who have no other perception than that of the ordinary mind, who see things working out as they habitually do or seem to do in ordinary life, will tell you, “Oh that, that is quite natural.” If they have no other perception than the purely physical perception, if they are not capable of feeling the quality of a vibration (some feel it vaguely, but those who are not even capable of feeling that, who have nothing in them corresponding to that or, if they have something, it is not awakened), they will look at the life here and tell you, “It is like the physical life — you have perhaps some ideas of your own, but there are many who have their own ideas; perhaps you do things in a special way, but there are lots of people who also do things in a special way. After all, it is a life like the one I live.” ... And so, it may very well happen that at a given moment the supramental Force manifests, that it is conscious here, that it acts on Matter, but those who do not consciously participate in its vibration are incapable of perceiving it. People say, “When the supramental force manifests, we shall know it quite well. It will be seen” — not necessarily. They will not feel it any more than those people of little sensitivity who may pass through this place, even live here, without feeling that the atmosphere is different from elsewhere — who among you feels it in such a precise way as to be able to affirm it?... You may feel in your heart, in your thought that it is not the same, but it is rather vague, isn’t it?”[5]

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