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“You know, if there is something on the window and if I want to take it, I stretch my hand and it becomes, phou!... long, and I have the thing without even having to get up from my chair. You see how easy it becomes, like this – we could do so many things which seem strange. Physically, I can be at the same time here and there. I can be in many places. I can communicate simultaneously with many people. To have something in my hand, I have only to wish and I shall have the thing in my hand. With this transformed body, I shall be free from the fetters of ignorance, and the inconscience. I could do many things at the same time. The body transparent, luminous, light, elastic will not need material things to subsist on. It is an altogether new concept. When I need something, I only have to wish for it and immediately I will have the thing in my hand. If I want to be in some part of the world, in a place like... anywhere... I shall ask them to be taken there and I shall be there immediately.
         The body can even be stretched if one wants it to become big, or made small, in any circumstance. If one wants to pluck something from a tree, one stretches the arm and just the arm, becomes long like a phantom, to pluck it. It is so funny and so interesting; at that moment one would be frightened to see someone with a small body and such a long arm! There will be all kinds of changes and unlimited powers. And it will not be something funny; of course I am giving you somewhat childish examples to tease you and to show the difference.
         It will be a true being, perfect in proportions, very, very strong, light luminous, or else transparent; it will have a supple and malleable body capable of doing everything, a creation of the New Consciousness or else a transformed body which was never conceived. It will have nothing in common with the human being, I mean man with the mind, vital and all that. All that is human, encased, limited, egocentric, small, mean, obscure and ignorant will have no place in this new transformed body. All that surpasses man will be within his reach. He will be guided by the Truth alone and nothing less. It is this and much more than what has ever been conceived.
         You have never thought that all this could be done?”[1]

“Supramental plasticity is an attribute of finally transformed Matter. The supramental body which has to be brought into being here has four main attributes: lightness, adaptability, plasticity and luminosity. When the physical body is thoroughly divinised, it will feel as if it were always walking on air, there will be no heaviness or tamas or unconsciousness in it. There will also be no end to its power of adaptability: in whatever conditions it is placed it will immediately be equal to the demands made upon it because its full consciousness will drive out all that inertia and incapacity which usually make Matter a drag on the Spirit. Supramental plasticity will enable it to stand the attack of every hostile force which strives to pierce it: it will present no dull resistance to the attack but will be, on the contrary, so pliant as to nullify the force by giving way to it to pass off. Thus it will suffer no harmful consequences and the most deadly attacks will leave it unscathed. Lastly, it will be turned into the stuff of light, each cell will radiate the supramental glory. Not only those who are developed enough to have their subtle sight open but the ordinary man too will be able to perceive this luminosity. It will be an evident fact to each and all, a permanent proof of the transformation which will convince even the most sceptical.”[2]

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