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“The consciousness that has to be manifested is already in the earth atmosphere. It is now only a question of receptivity.”[1]


“But to reach the Supermind, the mind must SHUT up! And I always get the impression (laughing) of a child sitting on the mind’s head (gesture like a child kicking its feet), playing on the mind’s head! If I could still draw, it would make something really funny. The mind – that huge terrestrial mind (Mother puffs out her cheeks) – which thinks itself so important and indispensable, and then a child sitting on its head and playing! It’s so funny.
         Ah, mon petit, we don’t have faith! The moment one has faith....
         We say, “We want a divine life” – but we’re afraid of it! The second the fear disappears and we are sincere ... really, everything changes.”[2]

“The other day, when I saw that little child playing (I still see it), on top of a HUGE mental head, kicking it – it’s the supramental. But what are we going to call that being? ... We mustn’t call it “superman,” it isn’t the superman: it’s the supramental. Because, you see, the transition from animal to man is clear to us; the transition from man to supramental being is accomplished (or isn’t) through the superman – there may be a few supermen (there are) who will actually make that transition, but that’s not actually how it works. First, that supramental being has to be born.
         Now it’s becoming plainer and plainer. The other day, I saw that little being (symbolically a child) sitting on a big mental head: it was the supramental being sitting, to symbolize its “independence,” I could say, over the mind.
         Things are becoming clearer. But we are just in the transitional period, the most difficult time.
         Will some reach a similar state – at least similar or at any rate precursor to the supramental? Such seems to be the present attempt, what is taking place now. And so you are no longer on this side, not yet on the other – you are ... (gesture in suspense). Rather a precarious condition.
         Evidently, all those who are born now and are here now have asked to participate in this, they have prepared for it in previous lives. From the standpoint of global knowledge, it would be interesting to know what’s happening and how it’s happening. But from the individual standpoint, it’s not exactly pleasant (!), the period is difficult: you are no longer on this side, not yet on the other – just in between. There we stand.”[3]


“In what does the supermind take interest?

It takes interest in the transformation of the world — in the descent of forces in the material world and its transformation, in its preparation so that it may be able to receive the supramental forces. And it is conscious of the difference between the world as it is and the world as it ought to be. Every moment it sees the gulf between what is and what should be, between the truth and the falsehood that is expressed. And constantly it keeps this vision of the Truth which broods over the world, so that as soon as there is a little opening, it may descend and manifest itself. And what to the ordinary awareness seems quite natural is for it usually a play of obscure, ignorant, altogether unconscious forces. And it does not find that at all natural. It finds that a detestable accident and tries with all its strength to remedy it. It seeks, looks, and if there is any receptivity anywhere, it intensifies its action. It does not see men in their outward appearance but as vibrations more or less receptive and more or less dark or luminous, and wherever it sees a light it projects its force so that it may have its full effect. And instead of treating each being like a pawn on a chess-board, a small, well-defined person, it sees how forces enter, go out, stir, move and make all things move, how vibrations act. And it sees those vibrations which ascend and lead to progress and it sees those vibrations which cast you further and further into the darkness, which make you go down. And at times someone comes to you with ready-made words which he has learnt generally from books, but nevertheless, full of aspiration and goodwill, and he is answered by a strong rebuff and told that he should try to be sincere — he does not understand. This is because the Force sees that there is no sincerity — the Force does not see the words, does not hear the words, doesn’t even see the ideas in the head but only the state of consciousness, whether the state of consciousness is sincere or not. There are other instances of people who seem to be quite frivolous and stupid and busy with useless things, and suddenly one helps them, encourages them, treats them like friends and comrades, for one sees shining in the depth of all that a sincerity, an aspiration which may have a childish form outwardly but which is there and very pure at times. And so one does many things for them which people don’t understand, for they cannot see the reality behind the appearance. That is why I say that it is in an entirely different way that the supermind is interested, an entirely different way that it sees, an entirely different way that it knows.”[4]

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