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“I have often a feeling these days that it is You who made me a musician.”


(Sunil to a friend:)
“[F]rom my childhood I knew what I really was and yet always I tried to reach for what I could become. I have always felt the One whom I call Divine very close to me. He had come to me in my dreams both waking and in my sleep. He is my friend and my love and I have unshakable trust in Him. He is much more real to me than you are… However, I am miles away from the experience of the One as Absolute or Infinite. … When I was just a young boy I was on the verge of an experience of an infinite calm and... just when it mattered most I felt within me an unreasonable fear of self-destruction. … This helped me discover my limitations.”[2]

“My greatest joy in this life has been my success in discovering Her, who is my true Mother, as well as my attempts to express in my music my deepest feelings for Her.”[3]

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