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(Medhananda:) “The sun is aware of itself, and at the same time of the whole solar system, not as distinct from it but as itself, and of the entire galaxy which carries it in its field. So it has around it the presence of the galaxy, and then of the megagalaxies. These are all consciousnesses that are more and more vast and more and more high. It is the same voice, one and multiple, repeating itself and singing on all the octaves of manifestation. Even the planets which to us seem dead have an extremely intense life that our body would be quite incapable of experiencing. The fire of the stars, the suns, is a state of extreme excitation of matter. Our tiny human orgasms last only a few seconds or minutes; but the orgasm of a star lasts millions of years.
         I am not speaking of the supramental world, but about the world of celestial bodies.”[1]

(Medhananda:) “A star never gets tired. It turns around itself and around a sister-star and both of them turn with their galaxy. They live in an intensity of delight that no embodied consciousness can conceive of, and it goes on for thousands of years. We are beginning to return to that state, to that possibility. This entire universe is just a summum, a paroxysm of delight and pleasure. Only man gets tired so quickly.”[2]

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