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Letters on Yoga - I
“The Subconscient and the Inconscient”

Letters on Yoga I - The Subconscient and the Inconscient.jpg
PDF (11 pages)
          Letters on Yoga - IV
“The Subconscient and the Integral Yoga”

Letters on Yoga IV - The Subconscient and the Integral Yoga.jpg
PDF (22 pages)

“[I]t is when the sadhana came down into the physical and subconscient that things became very difficult. I myself had to struggle for two years. For the subconscient is absolutely inert, like stone. Though my mind was quite awake above, it could not exert any influence down below. It is a Herculean labour. If I had been made to see it before, probably I would have been less enthusiastic about it. There is the virtue of blind faith! When one enters into the subconscient, it is like stepping on an unexplored continent. Previous Yogis came down to the vital level, they did not descend further, and they were quite sensible in not doing so! But if I too had left it there, the real work would have remained undone. Once the subconscient is conquered, things will become easy for those who come after. That is what is meant by the ‘realisation of one in all’.”[1]

Articles about the subconscientYear
The Finding of the Soul – Savitri's Yoga, Part 1 (Radio program)2018

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.5, 10 December 1938

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