Sri Aurobindo's life with Mother

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Sri Aurobindos armchair and Mothers chair.jpg

“What is known as Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga is the joint creation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; they are now completely identified”[1]

“Mother and I are one but in two bodies; there is no necessity for both the bodies to do the same thing always. On the contrary, as we are one it is quite sufficient for one to sign, just as it is quite sufficient for one to go down to receive Pranam or give meditation.”[2]

“Some secret wing of expectation beat,
A growing sense of something new and rare
And beautiful stole across the heart of Time.
Then a faint whisper of her touched the soil,
Breathed like a hidden need the soul divines;
The eye of the great world discovered her
And wonder lifted up its bardic voice.”[3]

“O Flame who art Time’s last boon of the sacrifice, offering-flower held by the finite’s gods to the Infinite,
O marvel bird with the burning wings of light and the unbarred lids that look beyond all space,
One strange leap of thy mystic stress breaking the barriers of mind and life, arrives at its luminous term thy flight;
Invading the secret clasp of the Silence and crimson Fire thou frontest eyes in a timeless Face.”[4]

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