Spiritual transformation

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“Mother, with all these qualities and the power of the psychic, we become almost divine.

(Mother:) Oh, my child, far, far, very far from it; the contact with the psychic being is only the beginning of our yoga, the first step in our flight towards the Infinite. When the psychic comes in front and dominates all, then begins the yoga. Next, you have to realise the Self which is one and the same for all. Its place is above the head, and at the same time everywhere. After that, you have to bring down the Force, the Light, the Ananda to transform or spiritualise the mind, the vital and the physical. Then comes the transformation of matter which is our aim. It is something completely different.”[1]

  1. Blessings of the Grace: Conversations with the Mother Recollected by Mona Sarkar and Some of Her Written Answers, p.163

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