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“The Divine’s love is that which comes from above poured down from the Divine Oneness and its Ananda on the being — psychic love is a form taken by divine love in the human being according to the needs and possibilities of the human consciousness.”[1]

“Divine love is of two kinds — the Divine love for the creation and the souls that are part of itself and the love of the seeker and love for the Divine Beloved; it has both a personal and impersonal element, but the personal is free here from all lower elements or bondage to the vital and physical instincts.”[2]

“Today is the birthday of Jyotin, the gardener. He brought me this, look! ... (Mother gives a double pink lotus) It's beautiful.

The day man will be like this ...

There, exactly! Exactly what I was thinking. When you see this, you feel your infirmity. (Mother looks at the flower again) It's wonderful, isn't it?
         Man really isn't an improvement! ... He is full of miseries and ugly things, while this is so simple, so spontaneous.
         Yes, a few days ago the consciousness was under attack. All that is petty, sordid, ugly, oh ... poor, helpless, all that – it was such an avalanche! ... This poor body, it cried over its incapacity to express anything superior. And then, the answer was very simple – it was very clear, very strong – and the experience came: the only solution – the only way out of the difficulty is to BECOME divine Love. And the experience was there at the same time for a few moments (it lasted long enough, maybe more than half an hour). Then you understand that everything you have to go through, all these ordeals, all this suffering, all these miseries, is nothing in comparison with the experience of what will be (and what is). But we are still incapable, meaning that the cells haven't the strength yet. They are beginning to have the capacity to be, but not the strength to keep That – “That” cannot stay yet.
         And That has such an extraordinary power to transform what is! All our notions (and this had become visible), our notions of miracle, of marvelous change, all the stories of miracles that have been told, all of it becomes a child's prattle – it's nothing! Nothing. All that we try to have, all that we aspire to have, all that ... is childishness.
         Only, it was clear that this isn't ready yet.
         And it was so extraordinary that the cells felt they couldn't live on without ... without That. That was the impression: That, or else dissolution. And when That had gone away ... It didn't go by accident but deliberately, and with the clear notion: “Now no fuss, you must prepare yourself for That to stay.” And it was so categorical (gesture like a Command from above), that there was no arguing. When That had left, there was a sort of suffocation. Then the Command came, with the rigidity of a wall: “No fuss, you must prepare yourself.”
         Then you return to your senses, and it all seems so ... oh!
         There is the certitude – the certitude based on experience – that when That is here, it will be ... Or rather, while That is here (since It was here for a while), all the splendors you experience by rising, going out, leaving the body, are nothing. It's nothing, it doesn't have that concrete reality. When you have the experiences up above, you live up above and everything appears lackluster and useless in comparison, but even that appears vague in comparison with HERE. This is truly why the world was created: it's to add to that essential Consciousness something so concrete and so solid, so real, and with such tremendous power!
         Only, to the body consciousness it seems long. Up above, of course, there is a smile, but for the body ... And strangely enough, there isn't in the body that joy of the memory of the experience. You have the joy of the memory of the experiences up above, but here, it's not like that! It's not that. The body might say, “It's no use for me to remember: I want to have the thing.” Because wherever the mind comes in, the memory is charming, but here, it's not like that. It's not like that: on the contrary, it intensifies the need to be, the aspiration, the need. And life looks like something so stupid, false, artificial, meaningless, without ... “What's all this nonsense we constantly live in!” And yet, when That was there, nothing was destroyed, everything remained, but it was something else altogether.”[3]

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