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“In the higher life there are two types, two gradations, of meeting of man and woman. One is the psychic union, the other is the spiritual. [...]
Even when the union of the psychic takes place between the two, the other parts, the mental, the vital and the physical of one may clash with that of the other and the gain of the psychic being may be spoiled by this disharmony. But if the psychic being dominates in both then these difficulities may slowly clear up. The spiritual relation between man and woman is the most difficult to achieve. The man seeking the higher divine life, the seeker after divine Consciousness and the Truth, – who is Purusha, – if he meets the woman of the right type, the woman who is his Shakti, then his spiritual life, the life which he is to manifest, is enriched and becomes full. In this case also there is the psychic union between the two.
         In the case of those who have the psychic union of the proper kind to start with, the spiritual relation may gradually develop and manifest itself.
         In the spiritual union the woman who is the Shakti must be really a Power – that is to say, a powerful personality who can receive the help from the Purusha in the proper way. Each must be of real help to the other: this relation is the most difficult to attain. These difficulties come to the Sadhaka; to the Siddha, the perfected soul, there is no difficulty. He knows fully well what is to be manifested. If his Shakti is there he knows where she is and he will get her.”[1]

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  1. Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.124, 25 November 1924

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