Sort your waste: Eco-Service Recommendations

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Eco-Service collects the following items...
At regular rates:
Paper (office paper; juice/milk Tetra Pak – emptied and cleaned; paper packaging)
Plastic (biscuit wrapper; chip packet; paan wrappers; toothpaste tube; straws; toothbrush)
Glass/Plastic Bottles/Jars (plastic oil bottle; glass jam bottle – emptied and cleaned; soda bottle; shampoo bottle; plastic curd pots; broken plastic buckets and mugs; medicine syrups – emptied and cleaned)
Broken Glass (broken glass; bottles; mirrors; glass pane) 

At increased rates:
Hazardous (tube lights; e-waste: CDs, CD players, cameras, computer components)
Miscellaneous (metal; soda aluminum cans; tuna or sweet corn can; terracotta pots; chappals; rubber tubes and tires; mattresses and cushions; rags; suitcases and bags; styrofoam)
Sanitary (sanitary napkins; diapers; tampons; condoms; toilet paper; dental floss; ear buds)

Eco-Service does NOT collect the following items. Please take to the appropriate location.
Take to Pour Tous for recycling:
Hazardous (CFLs and light bulbs; batteries)

Take to Health Centre:
Medical (syringes and needles; medicine in any form, including pills and creams; razors; band-aids)

Keep at home for time being:
Hazardous (paints; chemicals, pesticides)

Kitchen (left-over vegetables and non-vegetarian items; unconsumed food and fruits; hair and used matches; bakery paper wrap and butter paper)

Garden (twigs; leaves; grass)

See also

Please remember to rinse/wash all your food containers and packets.

Garden waste (this includes twigs, leaves and grass) can be picked up by the Matrimandir Garden team. Note: no thorns or big branches. Please contact Selvam, mobile: 9943911149.