Songs from the Soul (book)

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Anilbaran Roy
Songs from the Soul

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PDF (123 pages)

“Nirodbaran: Adhar Das has reviewed A's “Songs from the Soul” in the Calcutta Review and compared it with Saint Augustine's “Confessions”.

Sri Aurobindo: It is not a very great compliment.

Nirodbaran: About the poetry, Das writes that it is too much burdened with mysticism and philosophy.

Objection to philosophy I can understand but how can one object to mysticism in poetry?

Purani: There are many mystic poets.
Nirodbaran: Das objects to too much of it.

But the question is whether the writing is poetic or not. Maybe the book is overburdened with mysticism but if the mysticism is expressed poetically, I don't see how there can be any objection.”[1]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo (Vol. 2), p.570, 22 March 1940

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