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Timings and Location(s)

The Auroville Solar Service is in Abri.

Monday - Saturday 9am to 4.30pm
Phone 262-2263 e-mail

General Information and Background

Solar energy was first introduced in Auroville in the 1970s and is now widely used throughout the community, primarily for electricity generation and water heating, though it is also used for cooking and drying food. Almost 150 houses run entirely on electricity generated by solar PV panels. The power of the sun is used for home lighting, to run fans and refrigerators, as well as for water pumping. There are many more households which use solar PV as a back-up to electricity provided by the conventional grid. In September 1997 Auroville commissioned a solar PV power plant to provide electricity for the Matrimandir. This system is one of the largest of its kind in south India and serves as a demonstration model of decentralised power generation.

Members and Affiliations

Solar Service works together with Electrical Service in assessing the community's electrical power needs, and both participate in the Electricity Fund, a mechanism for providing each Aurovilian a part of their maintenance in-kind through free domestic electricity consumption.

Aims and Objectives

Another project which is a pioneering model in solar power technology is the “Solar Bowl” at Auroville’s Solar Kitchen. It is a solar concentrator using a fixed spherical bowl with a 15m diameter, generating steam which will eventually be used to prepare up to 2,000 meals per day.