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SAIIER Transport Service, sometimes known as Auroville Transport Service, has the main task of transporting Auroville children to and from the schools. It also runs a free bus service to Pondicherry two times a week for Aurovilians and Guest Card holders, and delivers the school lunches. The Transport Service operates from the Services Area, opposite the Telephone Exchange adjacent to the tarmac road between Certitude corner and Edayanchavadi village.

The Transport Service is part of the Auroville Transportation Board, working together with ACT and many of the independent transportation providers within Auroville (such as the many taxi services), as well as Road Service, Cycle Paths and AV Security on a comprehensive strategy for transportation within Auroville.

“We also provide transport for school and sports trips outside Auroville, and for picking up individuals and groups from Madras who are coming here for workshops or to help with education. But our regular obligations always come first, and we don't do weddings or family outings!" No specific charge is made for use of vehicles for individual requests, but a realistic contribution is expected to meet costs.


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  • Location: Service Area
  • E-mail: saiiertransport (at)

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