SAIIER Annual Report 2015-2016

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SAIIER Annual Report 2015-16 icon.jpg
PDF (186 pages)

★ = Project supported with funds through SAIIER in 2015-16

SAIIER office

SAIIER office

Auroville schools

Aha Kindergarten
Deepanam School
Building a Tree House
Life Science Lab
Dehashakti School of Physical Education
Physical Education Teacher Training
Future School
Drama at the Kindergarten
Play of Painting at the Kindergarten
Last School
Nandanam Kindergarten
Play of Painting at Nandanam Kindergarten
Teachers' Center (★)
Supportive Learning Teacher Training
The Learning Community
Baking English
Transition School
Learning from Our Environment
Learning to Learn Independently and the Importance of Children's Choice
Scholarship and Educational Fund

Outreach schools

Aikiyam School - Classroom Micro Projects (★)
Aranya (★)
Green Playground Spaces
Arulvazhi Education Centre
Well-being of adolescent girls through inner and outer means
Auroville Botanical Gardens - Environmental Education (★)
Auroville Sports Resource Centre (★)
Aurohamsadhwani Arts Centre (★)
Ilaignarkal Education Centre
Isai Ambalam School
Kuilapalayam Cultural Centre (★)
Life Education Centre (★)
Sustainable Palate
Oli School

Other sub-units

Auroville Archives
Attending Goa International Film Festival of India
Panorama of Contemporary Indian Cinema
Auroville Library
Auroville Nature Camp (★)
Auroville Theatre Group
The Glass Menagerie
Centre for Research in the Performing Arts
Eluciole Circus
Evergreen Horses - Natural Horsemanship Program (★)
Kalabhumi Music Studio
Kalabhumi Open Art Studio (★)
Laboratory of Evolution
Mitra Youth Hostel
Pitanga Cultural Centre
Savitri Bhavan
Construction of the Savitri Bhavan Sangam Hall
Savitri Bhavan Publications
Savitri Bhavan Research Activities
Unity Pavilion

Independent projects

Audio-visuals on Auroville & Website for Newcomers
Auroville Film Festival 2015
Auroville Rainbow Child
Auroville Singing Festival
Child Protection Service
English as a Second Language (ESL) welcome group for Newcomer children
Lilith Fashion School 2016 Graduating Show
Measuring Wholesome Progress
Mira Cultural Group
Orientation to Auroville workshop
Research in Education for Sustainable Waste Management
Scenes from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
Snakes of Auroville & Pondicherry
Sopanam - Parts of being
Stewardship for New Emergence
Swadharma semester programme
Tetra Pak workshops
The Treasure of the Flame Island
The Voyage of the Caterpillar
Udavi School vegetable garden project
Under a magic silver sky
White Peacock