SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Scholarship and Educational Fund

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Scholarship and Educational Fund


The Scholarship and Educational Fund (SEF) was founded in 2008. Till date it has been serving mainly the following of its statutory aims:

  • To fund-raise and operate as a fund for education of Auroville youth inside and outside of Auroville.
  • To help in creating equality of opportunities for Auroville youth.
  • To work towards finding optimal educational options in consideration of the needs and potential of the individual.

The team has not had the human resources to help in creating educational and training opportunities inside and outside of Auroville, although individual members are involved in educational institutions and activities in Auroville.

Activities of the year

Students applying for financial support from the SEF are asked to provide information on their educational background and their study plans, and on their personal and their parents’ financial background. In case of students depending on their parents’ financial support, both parents are expected to work within Auroville.

Financial support is given by way of a loan that is expected to be paid back from five years after completion of studies onwards. It is understood that, in case the student subsequently returns to Auroville and contributes to Auroville’s development, this will be regarded as repayment in kind.

Applications and all other subjects are discussed in team meetings. The SEF team consists of Auralice and Lucas as executives and of the following support group members: Chali, Davaselvy, Jean-Michel, Martina, Palani, and Suryagandhi. This year eight meetings were conducted. Decisions on financial support were made unanimously.

In October 2014, for the fifth time, Mrs. Pippa Mukherjee, an experienced career counselor, was hosted in Auroville to interact with students of Future School and students of NESS.

In 2014-15 donations from Aurovilians and Auroville units have helped the SEF in meeting the financial needs. Besides a major contribution from Auroville’s Budget Coordination Committee, the SEF received a substantial contribution from the Foundation for World Education.

Due to insufficient funds, in most instances financial support was provided only in amounts much below the requested sums, and applicants and their families were left to find their own means of additional support. All services extended by the team are done so free of costs to the SEF, while minor material expenses are covered through individual support or by the commercial units of the team.


This year 28 Auroville students received funds from the SEF for Diploma, Bachelor and Master degree studies; 3 students received support via student-specific donations; 2 Aurovilian adults received support towards further studies; 9 students of Future School were given support for undergoing British exams, exams which will allow them to go into higher studies.

The subjects of Diploma, Bachelor and Master degree studies included Hotel Management, Commerce, Modern & Medieval Languages, Arts, Education, Nursing, Audiology & Speech Therapy, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic Communication & Engineering, Computer Application, and Visual Communiation. The beneficiaries represented four nationalities: France, India, the Netherlands and the UK.

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