SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Laboratory of Evolution

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Laboratory of Evolution


The Laboratory of Evolution (LOE) is a Documentation Centre about Evolution, which also conducts researches on Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother's Integral Yoga and the practical aspects of its application. It runs a large specialized library open to the Auroville community and to its visitors from all over India and the world. The LOE team creates tools for sharing and teaching to groups and individuals. Our objective is to spread Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother's work in a very simple way to people practicing any form of yoga, or even no conscious yoga at all, but becoming interested in a truer way of life.

Activities of the year


The LOE Specialized Library, run by Kalyani and Olivier, is very much appreciated by researchers in many fields, including human sciences such as Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy and scientific discoveries in modern Biology, New Physics, and Healing. Our aim is to share with visitors the emerging correspondence between what is being discovered nowadays and what was foreseen by the great pioneers of Evolution, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. For this, we keep all their works in all available languages and new books, CDs and DVDs related to Evolution in various fields. The library has a fair amount of books and reviews on subjects related to the evolutionary Yoga, including:

  • Consciousness in plants and animals
  • The oneness of all beings in the Quantum Field
  • Healing through consciousness
  • Yogic knowledge of the Chakras, centers of cosmic consciousness
  • The Koshas, subtle bodies and subtle worlds

The LOE Library has also a great range of books on past achievements of Humankind, in various countries at various times. Members of the library team are currently making compilations on some of these subjects and offering them as photocopied files.


Namah conducted research on effects of deep relaxation on our development, and created a CD of recordings for Deep Relaxation. This will be a set of 3 CDs, one of which was completed this year. Her academic research continued, which is based on Sri Aurobindo's work, interviews with Aurovilians, and analysis of the way we are developing ourselves in Auroville at the individual level. The collective dimension of Auroville appears during this research as well as the general situation in the world, and other research emerging from other places about the ways the world is changing and the transitional time for humanity. She completed ten interviews on Aurovilians’ lives and individual evolution, and two about the researches made on Mother’s Agenda and Sri Aurobindo's Records on Yoga.

Bhaga and Namah together continued to meet weekly for their research on the current evolution of humanity, looked at contemporary documents, films, and made regular analysis of particularly meaningful aspects of their own inner development. Namah has also been continuing her participation in the research group CIRHU-Lila as representative of LOE.

Bhaga continued to share on her international blog, 'Lab of Evolution' (link below), the various results of her ongoing research about how the new evolutive step is manifesting itself – both within Auroville and the Aurovilians, including herself, and in many other places on the planet. At a few of these other places attempts are being made at conscious collective evolution in ways that very interestingly complement what is being done in Auroville.


We conducted regular workshops on Yoga and Integral Yoga, Namah’s including practices of asanas, physical exercises, breathing techniques, concentration, active and passive meditation, and Bhaga focusing more on cell awareness – all linked with the different planes of our being. These workshops included developing awareness of the movements of the ego, and gaining an understanding of the progress and meaning of our life according to Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother's vision. Put into practice, the activities of the workshops have an impact on one’s daily life, behaviour, habits and ways of thinking. Reflection, analysis and study are too part of our work in these workshops and retreats. People participating in them do so with different aims:

  • To have a healthy and relaxing time for the body, mind and emotional system.
  • To search deeper within oneself for how to change.
  • To have an introduction to Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Integral Yoga.
  • To learn to teach yoga and another way of living.
  • To get support, both during the retreat or workshop, and online.

In April, Bhaga gave a two-hour introduction about her research work on Cellular Consciousness to an existing Auroville group. By the end of that introduction everyone in the group wanted to try the workshop itself, so on the following meeting days Bhaga conducted the workshop, with an excellent response from the dozen participants, and remarkable results for most of them. The introduction and first workshop session were filmed, which will allow us for the first time to make a DVD about this research work on Cellular Consciousness.

The LOE through Namah's work periodically welcomed French groups (3 to 20 people) coming to Auroville, offering them presentations about Auroville and Integral Yoga.


Through Namah, this year we strengthened contact with researchers of France University. We made contact with people from all around the world who have had the opportunity to discover Auroville and Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga through our workshops, especially yoga teachers. We connected too with some of Sri Aurobindo’s Indian devotees who were discovering Auroville.

Through Bhaga's workshops on Cellular Consciousness, the level of collective acceptance seen this year in Auroville has marked the beginning of a wider societal acceptance of this topic of research. Some French visitors who had attended a previous such workshop by Bhaga are now envisaging an invitation for her to participate in an event in France that they are planning for later this year.


Our librarians note that nowadays more and more people are keen to know about Near Death Experiences and to consider the approach of Death in a more conscious way. In that field we can see that an increasing number of people are having experiences of after-worlds and experimenting with the real causes of death.

For the topic of Cellular Consciousness Research to gain credibility in more scientific circles, it is essential to earn the respect, approval and permanent interest of people who during Bhaga's workshops undergo experiences of the cellular work being done. These people can testify to the validity of the work and the efficacy of the teaching methods used. Individual testimonies are a good start, but the impact on society at large becomes stronger when a whole group as an existing entity expresses its support.

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