SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Kalabhumi Music Studio

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Kailash Youth Residency
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Kalabhumi Open Art Studio
Kalabhumi Music Studio


Kalabhumi Music Studio has been open now for the last 15 years, and has functioned as an important space for the practice of music in Auroville. A focal point for rehearsal, teaching, and performing, the space is open and used all year round by bands, students and teachers to further both collective and individual skills.

Activities of the year

The studio is open 7 days a week, and is used by large numbers of groups and individuals. The building supports mainly amplified music, but is also used by other groups such as choirs, vocal workshops and other similar activities. This year in particular there were several big events in which the music studio operated as the centre for activities, including:

  • Auroville Singing Festival (October – with more than 60 participants)
  • Kalabhumi Festival (February – 8 bands performed)
  • Vocal Colours (April – a showcase for 10 singers from the community for an event in Bharat Nivas)
  • Amando and Dhani (February – visiting artists from America collaborated with Auroville musicians to perform at the Visitor’s Centre)
  • AV Sisters (January – a concert led by Shakti featuring numerous Auroville vocalists and artists)

Many Auroville music teachers use the space on a regular basis for their classes with children. A large variety of instruments are taught at the studio including piano, guitar, drums, tabla, saxophone, and singing. This year classes were also held in sound engineering and recording, led by Ruben.

The studio has also been a space to support up-and-coming artists. In April of this year, with help from established musicians, emerging singer Victoria conducted a video shoot of her recent work for use in her further studies.

The Kalabhumi studio team is fully involved with other music projects elsewhere (including showcases outside of Auroville), through performances, organisation, coordination of visiting artists, and setup of concerts at other venues.


In general Kalabhumi Music Studio continues to support many areas of music and performance in Auroville.

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Kailash Youth Residency
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Kalabhumi Open Art Studio