SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Kailash Youth Residency

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Kailash Youth Residency


The purpose of this educational residence is to host youth from the age of 16 to 21, who are either in a school or work or in an apprenticeship program. The objective is for these youth to learn how to live independently from their parents’ home in a community life, learning how to take responsibility for themselves in all sectors of life. Kailash has 14 rooms that can host up to 16 people. There are adult caregivers who do not live in the building itself, so as to allow space for peer support, collaboration, self-responsibility and internal regulation. All common decisions and topics related to community life are discussed and brought to a weekly meeting.

Activities of the year

Since September 2001, Kailash has been hosting youth for time periods ranging from 1 to 7 years. It is a space to learn life, a space to grow, learn from the consequences of our own acts, a space that allows peer support and peer learning. The population addressed is primarily Auroville youth, with a provision to host non-Auroville youth who are here with a specific project within the Auroville set up. Typically the youth have chosen to attend an Auroville school independently, without their parents, who are then happy to find this structured space that can host their child.

This educational residency offers a space for young people as a transition to learn independence before flying out of the family home into further studies. It can also offer a space for those who have a difficult family situation.

There is a set of compulsory rules to be followed that structure the collective life within the building. These rules are not negotiable, but the community life and daily organization changes according to the group dynamic and elements within the group.

Within the building, on the ground floor, with an independent entrance, we also have a room that we have kept for start-up projects. The idea was for these projects to be educational and youth oriented, hosted for a year renewable once. We have been hosting what has come to be called Kailash Clinic for 6 years now. An exception was made for this project due to its importance for the community, serving the Aurovilians and their guests for health related matters. The clinic has grown substantially, and will soon be moving into the new Integral Health Center further up on the Crown Road.


This residency allows youngsters to make a choice to come and live in Auroville independently from a family move. They are allowed to stay provided they have a legal guardian in Auroville, and they fulfill the criteria to join Kailash. This year we had many more requests than available rooms; we have a waiting list and people come in after a protocol of admission. We normally have two places available for non-Auroville youth. Due to the fact that Future School is open to youngsters from outside, and their program is seen as a success to people outside, we have had more requests than usual.


The need for other similar places to host various age groups within a growing Auroville population is quite obvious. There would need to be several different types of options to host different age groups depending on their needs linked to their age concerns.


Kailash is an ongoing activity and space that changes according to the group’s dynamics, yet provides a stable home for young people. It reflects and reveals the issues within Auroville at a given moment. Kailash has settled into the Auroville daily life, and integrated the collective psyche.

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Isai Ambalam School
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