SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Aurolympics

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The Dehashakti Sports physical education program has developed over the years to offer students activities for all-round development of the body, mind and vital. One of these activities is the Aurolympics, a program of organised competitions for individuals and teams. The Aurolympics give each student the opportunity and motivation to strive for his or her best.

Description of project

The Dehashakti year-long program is divided into four phases and together this builds up the school year. The first two phases emphasize individual development, and competitions are in areas of athletics and fitness. The next two phases emphasize team sports and games.

Aurolympics competitions are held twice a year.


The Aurolympics are used as means to achieve several objectives:

  • Develop team spirit
  • Give every student equal opportunity to actively participate, regardless of capacity and skill
  • Help in the development of social conduct, group loyalty, feeling of self-worth, and sportsmanship
  • Let students experience winning, leading, and losing
  • Let students learn strategies, rules, and insights through participation at various levels of competition
  • Promote the attitude of doing one’s best
  • Motivate the average and weaker participants to improve their abilities
  • Challenge the more talented participants to strive to greater heights

Team sports and individual sports help sharpen various capacities beyond just the physical. At Dehashakti we have observed that physical education enhances the powers of mind, memory, and emotional health. Physical exercise improves the mood and makes students more alert and better able to succeed in academics.


The Aurolympics are interesting times at Dehashakti as they bring forward the best as well as the worst in children. We have a real task to be able to provide students the guidance and support to face victory as well as defeat with courage. To notice the changes in children as competitions get tougher, or when in a team there are differences in attitudes and self-confidence is low, are challenges for the teachers and learning experiences for all. With time we have developed various methods of dealing and encouraging students to overcome these obstacles. One way is to encourage, acknowledge and reward students who keep sincerely trying to do their best under all circumstances. Mentors for each team are another approach to help and support positive sportsmanship.


The aim of physical education is to “progress”, and competitions are a means to accelerate progress. Sports can also be one of the best means to bring about unity and mutual respect among youngsters, if organized correctly and held in the right essence.

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