SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Aranya

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Aikiyam School
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Aranya is a reforestation site and wilderness preserve that today includes more than 80 acres of indigenous forest. The forest is a living gene bank of threatened and endangered species of plants and trees, many of which are valuable for their medicinal properties. Birds, mammals and butterflies have taken up residence in the forest, forming a complete and rich ecosystem.

Activities of the year

This year Aranya continued conducting awareness programs for school students, Self-Help Groups and panchayats, with a focus on learning about the landscapes of seashores and forests. Visiting students and teachers participated in preparing lists of the plants and trees they know of that are found in the two habitats.

A special project this year was research into the 5 Sangam Tamil landscapes. We prepared a list of the original plants and trees that were found these landscapes, and created materials used to spread awareness about the Sangam landscapes among students, teachers and self help groups.

We continued growing the plant nursery for propagating rare species, and continued with the reforestation work, planting suitable species along the bunds, foreshore, terrain and slopes.


Over 2500 children visited Aranya and participated in our programs this year.

Date Name of school No. of Students
04.04.14 Transition School, 4th grade students 21
15.04.14 Udavi School, Auroville 55
06.04.14 Agalan Foundation, Villianur, Pondicherry 25
12.05.14 CPD Forest, Bangalore 26
19.05.14 Arulvazhi Education Centre, Promesse 32
20.05.14 NABARN, Pondicherry 39
08.06.14 Yoganjali Natyalaam, Puducherry 28
15.06.14 Mohanam Cultural Centre School, Sanjeevinagar, Puduvai 55
26.07.14 Name? 110
27.07.14 Kannagi Govt. Higher Sec School, Villanur 73
13.08.14 Sri Raghavendra Middle School, Cinnamudaliarchavadi 55
23.08.14 Pondicherry University, M.Tech Environmental Eng students 29
31.08.14 Puduvi Nadagkalazar 40
14.09.14 Semppadugai Nanneeragam NGO, Pondicherry 106
26.09.14 Govt. Middle School, Thiruchitrambalam Kootroad 78
29.09.14 G H S S, Sedarapet, Puducherry 63
03.10.14 Ilongo Adigal Govt. H S S, Muthirapalayam 58
05.10.14 Maruthi H S School Nss students, Lawspet 62
08.11.14 Puduvi Govt Nss coordinator 69
20.11.14 Ahash Animation College, Pondicherry 46
20.11.14 TLC, 3 days Auroville Nature Camp 23
02.12.14 Pudukotai District Govt. Agri Training Centre, Pudukotai 50
03.12.14 Govt. Sec School, Gadhinagar, Puduvai 76
05.12.14 Govt boys H S S, Valavanur, Villupuram 78
07.12.14 Govt Saw & Wct School students, Puduvai 27
10.12.14 Transition School, 4th grade students ("Unicorns") 23
14.12.14 Oulgarai Puduvai Consumer Forum 110
21.12.14 Puducherry Kalvikalzgam 89
26.12.14 The Mathera International School, New Delhi 60
01.01.15 The Mathera International School, New Delhi 55
03.01.15 Science Forum, Pondicherry 34
17.01.15 Yoganjali Natyalaam, Puducherry 26
22.01.15 Transition School, 3th grade students ("Unicorns") 23
23.01.15 TLC, 3 days Camp Auroville 50
28.01.15 to 30.01.15 National Nature Camp, Govt. of Puducherry schools 60
02.02.15 New Era Secondary School 35
03.02.15 to 05.02.15 National Nature Camp, Govt. of Puducherry schools 65
03.02.15 Govt HS School, Poornakuppam, Puducherry 78
14.02.15 New Era Secondary School 35
28.02.15 Vallalar G G H S School, Lauspet, Puducherry 40
06.03.15 Govt High School, Reddiarpalaym, Puducherry 76
08.03.15 Indira Gandhi College of Arts & Sciences Kathirkaramam, Puducherry 54
20.03.15 Saravana Paramedical Institute, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry 40
20.03.15 Dr. Radhakrishna Teacher & Nursing Institute, Kandamagalam, Villupuram 28
20.03.15 Modern Technical Training Institute, Cuddalore 36
23.03.15 Christ College of Engr and Technology, Pitchaiveeranpat, Pondicherry 68
27.03.15 Mohanam Cultural Centre School, Sanjeevinagar, Puduvai 56
28.03.15 Govt Middie School, Poothurai 82

The posters and booklets we created about the 5 Sangam Tamil landscapes which can be used as resources in future programs.


There is a constant demand for multimedia material such as DVD and posters from teachers, NGOs, elected Panchayat leaders, and government staff.


Aranya continues to offer a unique experience for children to learn from nature, and to visit firsthand a recovering, growing forest.

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Aikiyam School
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