SAIIER Annual Report 2010-2011

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Report PDFs: SAIIER Annual Report 2010-11 icon.jpg
Volume 1: Schools
SAIIER Annual Report 2010-11 icon.jpg
Volume 2: Units

Contents of Volume 1: Schools

Centre of Educational Research

Auroville Schools

  • Future School
  • Last School
  • Transition School
  • Deepanam School
  • Kindergarten
  • Nandanam Kindergarten
  • Auroville Pre-crèche
  • Lilaloka
  • The Learning Community

SAIIER Services

  • Kailash Residential Program
  • SAIIER Transport Service

Outreach Schools

  • Aikiyam School
  • Isaiambalam School
  • Arulvazhi Education Centre
  • Ilaignarkal Education Centre
  • Tamil Ulagam Evening School
  • Life Education Centre
  • New Creation Sports


  • The Look of Integral Education
  • Summer Camp
  • Scholarship and Educational Fund
  • Aikiyam School Micro Projects
  • Auroville Rainbow Child
  • White Peacock
  • Awareness Through the Body
  • Science Fair
  • Unending Education Portal (
  • Trends in Interactive Tools for Education
  • Development of teaching/learning material for free progress and personalized learning (Transition School)
  • Fresh Water Aquaculture (Life Science Lab)
  • Environmental Awareness Project at Transition School
  • Painting with Children

Contents of Volume 2: Units

Centre of Studies in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

  • Savitri Bhavan
  • Laboratory of Evolution


  • Translation into Bulgarian Language of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Centre of Research in Indian Culture

  • Centre for Indian Culture

Centre of East, West and Human Unity

  • Unity Pavilion
  • Auroville Archives
  • Auroville Library
  • Mitra Youth Hostel
  • Arka

Centre of Man, Nature and Environment

  • Auroville Botanical Gardens


  • Eco Exhibition (at Visitor's Center)
  • Aranya Forest & Sanctuary
  • Auroville Nature Camp

Centre of Arts, Crafts and Technology

  • Aurofilm
  • Hindustani Classical Music
  • Kalabhumi Music Studio
  • Kalabhumi Art Studio
  • Aurohamsadhwani
  • Mirra Women's Group


  • Odissi Dance
  • Savitri Dance Drama (Arulvazhi Education Centre)
  • Filmmaking Workshop (Aurofilm)
  • Auroville Film Festival
  • Nature Crafts (Deepanam School)
  • "Legends of Creation" theatre project

Centre of Physical Education and Perfection of the Body

  • Dehashakti School of Physical Education
  • Auroville Sports Resource Centre
  • Pitanga


  • Aurolympics