SAIIER 2020:Stewardship for New Emergence continuation programs

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SAIIER Annual Report 2019-20.jpg
SAIIER 2019-20

Stewardship for New Emergence 2019
continuation programs with Dr. Monica Sharma

The purpose of the project was to deepen the practice and implementation of Radical Transformation Leadership tools in Auroville by inviting Dr. Monica Sharma, again, who is former director of leadership and capacity development of the United Nations and winner of Nautilus Book Award 2018 for her book “Radical Transformational Leadership”.

Monica has been inspired by the charter of Auroville as seen from the extensive coverage she gives to Auroville in her book. Her annual visits bring a global perspective and support the application of strategic tools for projects and organizations in Auroville.

This year Monica led an open community session (2 half-day sessions) and mentored coaches, facilitators and projects being carried out by alumni of the Stewardship of New Emergence program.

Description of project:

Monica was in Auroville from August 12th till August 16th, 2019.

During these five days she was fully engaged, from early morning until evening in leading sessions and mentoring groups and individuals. 303 people engaged directly with Monica in the sessions and meetings including:

  • Two half-day open session for the Auroville community on the topic of “embracing and breaking through polarity for progress, unity and full potential”.
  • One-and-a-half day Stage 2 program for alumni to deepen the practice and introduce new tools, specifically those which focus on creating a thriving, inclusive future rather than responding to problems only.
  • Assessment /Evaluation of core team and practitioner coaching sessions, preparatory sessions and envisioning for the future.
  • Monica also worked intensively with the organization team to prepare and debrief all sessions. She created a platform of support by inviting Stewardship for New Emergence enthusiasts to envision future potential of this work for Auroville community.
  • 2.5-hour focused sessions each with the teams of:
  1. Auroville Consulting, whose work is focused on ecological and socially responsible development and building a conscious system that supports all life on the planet.
  2. Thamarai, who focus on fostering values of fullest potential and well-being for thriving communities by offering educational supports to the villages surrounding Auroville.
  3. Upasana Design Studio, who focus on ethical fashion that uses design for change, environmental awareness and empowerment of people through textile work.
  4. Yatra Media Foundation, who creates media for social change through film, street theatre and cultural events.
  5. STEM Land & Support team, who are working on the transformation of the educational system through learning and resource centers for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.


The program was transformative both at individual and collective level, leading participants into a deep self-inquiry and acting as a catalyst for each participant to create a value-based project that contributes towards well-being and equity and aligns with the Auroville ideal of human unity.

There were 5 days of direct interaction with Dr. Monica Sharma who is actively involved at a global level as a change maker and in mentoring other change makers. Participants were energized by this engagement and could see the resonance field that is being mutually created by applying the tools of Stewardship for New Emergence, connecting Auroville to this wider network.

Approximately 300 people were enriched with deep insights and fortified for their practice.

The commitment of 5 organizations and other groups and individual towards sustainable development and equity has deepened through interaction with Monica Sharma. These 5 organizations are practicing in-house regularly.

Skill was developed in the core team of resource people (3) and facilitation and organization team (15) for more precise delivery of Stage 1 program (9 days, Sept/Oct/Nov 2019) .

The Stage 1 program was further strengthened to the extent that some of the STEM Land youth became resource people with visiting faculty for the Stewardship program in Tamil, fondly called the Amma & Appa program.  


The program builds agency in Auroville both in terms of creating sustainable projects and building capacity in the community, and reaches the bio-region through the subsequent programs.

The challenge was in the limited time available and the extent of requests for coaching and advisory sessions with Monica. What was learned was that there is no limit in growing and learning and when in a field of inspiration how it brings the best out of people, creating a flow of effortless action, building resilience and renewal of commitment to the uniqueness of the Auroville experiment igniting our will to actively contribute.