SAIIER 2019:Stewardship for New Emergence

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SAIIER 2018-19
Stewardship for New Emergence
Continuation programs with Dr. Monica Sharma

The purpose of the project was to invite Dr. Monica Sharma, who is former director of leadership and capacity development of the United Nations and winner of Nautilus Book Award 2018 for her book “Radical Transformational Leadership”, to engage and continue supporting the Auroville community in our work of value based strategic actions for the manifestation of the Auroville Dream.

Monica is committed to mentor facilitators and projects being carried out by alumni of the Stewardship of New Emergence program, and has offered new tools to enhance participants' progress. This year programs not only strengthened the framework of existing practitioners but also offered two intensive half-day session open for all Auroville educators.

Stewardship for New Emergence 2018-19 2.jpg

Description of project:

Monica was in Auroville from August 29th till September 11th 2018. During this time she was fully engaged in giving sessions and mentoring groups and individuals:

  • Half day focused sessions with the teams of STEM Land, Auroville Consulting, the Thamarai core team & village youth.
  • Review and envisioning meetings with unit executives of Upasana, Earth & Us, Unity Pavilion and other individuals.
  • Alumni session over 3 days with 33 participants to refresh the Stewardship tools and their application.
  • Stage 2 workshops deepened the capacity of alumni with Stage 2 tools over 3 days with 32 participants.
  • Two half days on an Education intensive, with 161 registered participants.

Monica also worked intensively with the organization team to prepare and debrief all sessions. She created a platform of support by inviting Stewardship for New Emergence enthusiasts to envision future potential of this work for the Auroville community.


More than 260 people profited through the interaction with Dr. Monica Sharma by gaining insights and learning tools to apply in the workplace. Some teams and individuals attended multiple sessions.

Evident was a deeper commitment and courage to take up challenges for transformational leadership in Auroville. Key issues that emerged in 2018 such as discrimination got addressed through the examination of ‘isms’ such as group-ism, class-ism, idealism etc. with the realization that they are embedded in cultural/social norms and need to be noticed, named and transformed. Many people expressed the value of this.

161 educators came together for the sessions on education; this created a field of shared learning, common language and it further created a cohesive network of people willing to work together. Looking at day-to-day issues of education in Auroville through the lens of Stewardship tools, all were able to envision future possibilities through value based project design. A further outcome of the session was alignment across schools and projects for resource sharing and partnerships.

The Stage 1 resource people (4) and facilitation and organization team (15) were further strengthened with direct coaching and encouragement, to the extent that some of the STEM Land youth became resource people with visiting faculty for the Amma Appa stewardship program for Auroville workers in April 2019.

Stewardship for New Emergence 2018-19 1.jpg


Some participants shared that the program has given them a value-based design tool that helps them identify patterns that create and sustain problems. Being able to see this makes it easier to manifest projects with sustainable results.

Another participant reported the value of distinguishing assertiveness from aggression and submission, which is very helpful in Auroville’s multicultural society.

Many agreed that discovering and embodying the stand of ‘Inner Wisdom’ is of great importance, as it is the space of unity and inner power. They agreed on the importance of using the tools to shift conversations that are divisive, transforming cultures of blame to possibility.


We feel this work is of immense value to Auroville and as long Dr. Monica Sharma is offering her services, we feel a need to take advantage from it and to support it.

In 2019, in addition to the team sessions and alumni sessions, we envision to have a open community session with the focus on Organization.