SAIIER 2019:Outreach Art Activities

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SAIIER 2018-19
Outreach Art Activities

by Sathya

The purpose of the project was to support CREEVA's art activities: outreach art programs, open studio, art workshops and art classes, and to paint landscapes for SAIIER to display in Mitra youth hostel.

Activities and outcomes:

I continue facilitating in CREEVA's open studio, giving a weekly class about exploring different medium of paints, and conducting monthly watercolor workshops. We put on a student and artist’s exhibition called “Pot pourri” at Kalakendra art gallery in Bharat Nivas.

We had one painting session with kids in Isai Ambalam School, and enjoyed the interaction with the students. I also participated in mural educational awareness events at Chidambaram and Pondicherry schools. By doing this outside Auroville I am establishing contacts for CREEVA and our artists.

I created three large paintings for display at Mitra youth hostel that show Auroville landscapes, and now am working on my fourth painting.

Pitanga hosted an exhibition of my paintings called “Visual hike”. My paintings were also displayed at a festival in Solitude Farm, and I have an ongoing semi-permanent exhibition at Joy Guest House.


I am very happy to have participated in this year’s project; I learned a lot from CREEVA's activities as well as painting for Mitra. This project has given me the opportunity to paint more, share my experiences with others and enlarge my perceptions. I felt that I had my time and space to explore my painting process. I feel more confident in the future as an artist.

Being active in CREEVA introduces me to points of view I would have never been exposed to. My English improves and my ability to communicate with others increases. I have the freedom to explore different experiences, which has helped me to add to our programs in CREEVA and will certainly help in the future.

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