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SAIIER 2018-19
Oli School

Oli School is for children ages 2-6 from the local villages. This year we have completed 9 years of continuous work. We are giving continuity to Free Progress and the Montessori method, used as a tool to practice Integral Education. At the same time we try to integrate it into the Auroville context and local culture.

During the year 2018-19 we have been working in a renewed structure and educational view, as our children's parents are trusting us more and more and leaving the children for one more year with us.

The team composed of 13 teachers is able to follow up the school program and practice it with the kids on a daily basis. The kids who leave the school at the age of 6 years old are ready to start any type of education on an elementary level.

Our classrooms are set up to answer the needs of the kids and teachers. Sangeetha has taken the team lead since Ana left and Marie-Claire is there for psychological and pedagogical support in case of need. This year we had new volunteer, Marie (through Savi). She worked on arts and crafts with the children.

We have a new outdoor platform, which is used as a quiet separate space to work on psychomotor skills, Awareness Through the Body (ATB), English and Tamil language. From next year onwards we will also use it to welcome the crèche children in a quiet separate space in the morning.

During this year our teachers participated in:

Goals for next year:

  • To attend school trainings happening in Auroville.
  • Proper follow up of the school curriculum.
  • Have one or two voluntary teachers for arts and craft and music and dance, to enrich our programme and give the children more of an opportunity to speak English naturally.
  • Fund-raising plan: The school is mainly financially supported from a French NGO named Espoirs Et Vie, but with the help of Marie-Claire, we are slowly building an autonomy with small donors from France. It’s a long process. Fund raising from India is another option.
  • We would like to start again with the bigger children the Nirmiti project in the Botanical Gardens. It is based on the principles of land-art, which seeks to create with objects that are found in nature. It takes place in a calm and peaceful environment that helps to quiet the mind. The kids have an opportunity to make different creations, from simple drawings with a few leaves to an installation built over several days.
  • We are very happy to see that the Outreach Board is bringing us all together and we want to continue participating in the Outreach Board activities.