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SAIIER 2018-19
Music classes at Udavi School

Katerina worked in our school as a Piano Teacher from August/September 2018 and continues. She has added a new element of western music and enriched the music offering to the children. Here is her report:

I arrived at Udavi School in August 20th of 2018. It took me about 3-4 weeks to schedule music classes with the students, with a lot of help from the principal Davaselvi. I could use an old keyboard from the library to teach children piano. So I started my classes in September, for two days a week (Tuesday, Friday) with students Siva Shakti, Lara, Anisha, Janani, Agalia, Avantika, Vishal, and Barani.

In October the school got a new piano, and we decided to keep it in separate locked room. From that time I scheduled children's piano classes and piano practice separately. On Saturday my day was filled with students of the new building: Bama, Bumika, Meethul, Yuvasree, Keethi, Gautam, Logeshwari. With time interest in piano classes grew and more students came to learn piano: Monisha, Ashvini, Pavita, Abi, Sasidharan, Shaktikanan, Hindupriya, Permasanjay.

Music classes at Udavi School 2019.jpg

During October and November I also worked with kids grades 2 & 3 of kindergarten. I made group and individual classes with children I chose. For the 2 & 3 grade group classes, the school bought 14 flutes. At the end of the year 2018 we used them for a Christmas performance in kindergarten.

With all the music students we prepared a program for the Udavi Christmas celebration. Hedia and I conducted the program: 7 various Christmas songs. During the performance four students accompanied the choir on piano and drum, and two students sang solo. Dakshini, a previous year student, accompanied me on piano and Miriam played the flute. Before the Christmas performance we made with the kids shakers from recycled plastic bottles and seeds.

Also during Christmas time we visited New Creation boarding school with 5 of my students from 8th grade, to sing and play with them. Some students of 7th grade participated in a small flashmob at the Visitors' Center where we sang Christmas carols.

From the beginning of 2019 I started rennovation in the room given to me for piano classes. Money was donated by one of my piano student from Auroville. About 6-7 volunteers helped me to do all the process of preparing and painting the walls, and a friend of mine printed music posters for the walls.

In 2019 I continued singing classes once a week with the older students. Also we collaborated with Katrin, an artist from Italy. Together with students of 7th and 9th grade we listened, sang and visualized songs by drawing them. We noticed a lot of music learning influences; even kids who didn’t come for piano classes used a lot of music signs in their pictures.

At the end of the school year a musician donated to Udavi School a good guitar. In April I prepared the kids for a performance. Also there are kids who applied for summer time classes. Overall, interest in music has been established at Udavi and we continue to grow and play together.