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SAIIER 2018-19
Mira Cultural Group

The children are our future, gifted with a lot of skills and talents and full of future possibilities. Mira Cultural Group encourages women & children to learn extracurricular activities out of school studies. These activities are connected to the rich heritage of Bharatiya Samskritam.

This type of program offers unique opportunities to Auroville and village students who are not able to join such classes in the city. In the future elder students may teach new ones.

As a team, we also benefit, learn and grow as we love to create a place that encourages and promotes collective art and unity.

Mira Cultural Group 2019 - Dance performance.jpg

Description of project:

Children, youth and girls (different age groups) from Auroville and its surrounding villages participate with us.

Four teachers and two organizers are involved to provide:

  • Classical Carnatic music class,
  • Folk dance class,
  • Classical Bharata Natiyam dance class.

The teachers are professional and qualified music & art teachers. The classes take place during the weekends at the SAWCHU building in Bharat Nivas.

Mira Cultural Group 2019 - Bharatanatiyam class.JPG


We have more students attending and benefiting. The coming year we are planning to start the classes in one more place in Kottakarai.

The students gave a performance of Folk dance at Pondicherry Heritage cultural center.

Bharata Natiyam and Classical vocal music performances took place during the Diwali festival function in October 2018 in the Bharat Nivas auditorium, and on Tamil New Year, 14 April 2019 at SAWCHU.

Mira Cultural Group 2019 - Folk dance performance.JPG


We are working in the name of togetherness and interconnectedness. The participants' interest in collaborating in this way inspires us to keep working together.

The program has helped to foster the development of the women and children at the personal and the community level. On top of that we seek to provide occasions for contact between Auroville and the bioregion and aspire to open up that space, to build bridges of friendship and collaboration between the two.