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SAIIER 2018-19
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Mandala Practice

by Rosalba

This project aimed to help students increase their awareness and rebalance and realign their whole being, following a system discovered by Carl G. Jung and his followers.

Description of project:

This year I offered the experience of drawing and coloring mandalas at Udavi School, Last School, TLC, Life Education Centre and as an open class at Baraka.

At Udavi School I held two courses, one for the kids of first grade and the other of the kids of fourth/fifth grade. In this case it only lasted for the first three months of the school year. I found the situation too difficult, because of the language and cultural barrier. The teacher told me that the kids were very happy to work with mandalas the way I was guiding them, but I felt I should stop.

At Last School I worked with mandalas and gave Bach flower courses. There it was very nice. The students were very receptive and they joined my classes with enthusiasm. At a certain moment I saw the number of students for mandala class increase, and some of them started participating also in the course that I run regularly in Baraka community, which is open to everyone.

I worked also at TLC, where in the same way as Last School the kids got involved with a lot of interest. So the facilitator asked me to continue next school year with more hours.

I offered a workshop on mandalas at Life Education Centre, and the women there enjoyed it so much that our class stretched almost one hour longer than planned.

I made an exhibition of my mandalas at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, from December to the end of January. This received a very good response, including several proposals to go out of Auroville to give seminars and workshops (but this I didn’t do yet). The regular course of Exploring Mandala became so full that I was not able to receive all the people booking because the physical space is not big enough.


An amazing collection of mandalas was created by many people. Participants say it feels like meditating when they are working with mandalas. The benefits are visible in many students: they are more aware, more focused, more centered, more mature… in a word they are much more grounded, aware, conscious. This is what Jung discovered about the mandala practice.


From my side I found it really enjoyable to see people young and old transforming into the better version of themselves, which for me is the real goal of the activity I am offering. It is great any time I see someone get a surprise by what appears on the paper – surprised by their own mandala. I know this is a way to integrate all those elements kept in our unconsciousness which are pushing to be brought into the conscious level.


I experimented with one workshop of three days at Last School, which got a really interesting response from students and teachers as well. I would like to offer this workshop again in different places, along with continuing my regular classes in the schools.