SAIIER 2019:Let's Play with the Diversities

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SAIIER 2018-19
“Let’s Play with the Diversities”
A project of Accessible Auroville

The purpose of this project was to promote awareness about the lives of people with different disabilities and conditions, inspired by the simple fact that every individual has a right to participate in the cultural life. Our goal at Accessible Auroville is to create and sustain an inclusive society without any exclusion. We promote the idea that “If you plan with accessibility in the mind, you will create a welcoming environment and avoid creating new barriers”.

Description of project:

The event “Let's Play with the Diversities” happened on March 1st, 2019 from 9am to noon. Our intention was to involve all the residents, newcomers, volunteers, guests, especially the schools: children, parents, teachers.

The day began with a “Walk in wheelchairs” from the Solar Kitchen to Town Hall, which was a great success. Participants could experience the feeling of sitting in wheelchairs and moving with wheelchairs. They could notice for the first time the architectonic barriers which prevent those in wheelchairs from moving around like everybody else. We received very positive feedback from the participants, especially from parents.

Lets Play with the Diversities 2019 2.jpg

At 10:30am we gathered at Town Hall for the opening of a photography exhibition about accessibility and architectonic barriers in Auroville and Puducherry, inaugurated by the Puducherry Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi.

Lets Play with the Diversities 2019 4.jpg

At 11am in front of Le Morgan Café there was a play performed by the Yatra team and some Aurovillian actors. The setting was a restaurant run by differently-abled staff. The goal was to show the great skills that people with some ‘diversities’ develop in order to feel included in society like the others.

Lets Play with the Diversities 2019 6.jpg


The morning was very special and joyful indeed! The message of creating an inclusive society was sent very well by playing and laughing.

This event has created more awareness about Accessibility to All. It strengthened the understanding that “The City of Human Unity” has to include all kind of human diversities.


It was very relevant that Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi participated in the event. I (Susmita) had an interesting conversation with her about accessibility in general with a particular attention to Puducherry. That was our aim: to invite her to make the town more friendly and safe.