SAIIER 2019:Gentle Jalaja

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SAIIER 2018-19
“Gentle Jalaja”
A book by Jyoti Khare

Gentle Jalaja cover.jpg

The purpose of the project was to find ways to create (write and illustrate) beautiful books for children that inspire them to be strong and deep human beings.

What I researched was to find a way of making the illustrations speak directly to the children’s hearts, while the text speaks to their minds, so that their whole being feels elated and inspired by the book.

I have written and illustrated a story where a little fish, through her courage and compassion transforms the competitive and aggressive nature of all the creatures in the pond, and establishes a happy atmosphere of unity and solidarity amongst all.

The illustration work begun last year have been completed and in collaboration with the Auroville Press a story book has been published that will be enjoyed by the children of Auroville and the world at large.

The book was released in Nandanam Kindergarten in Auroville, where coloring activity and a puppet show of the story was organized for the children. Many people came and enjoyed the moment.


Every time I illustrate a story I attempt to do it in a style that will suit the mood of the story and will take me a step further in my own learning. As this story is set predominantly in a pond I had, for the first time to work on underwater scenes, keeping the fluidity, transparency and depth of the pond. This was the challenge and the learning for me.

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