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SAIIER 2018-19
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Eluciole Circus School

by Kalou

This last year we had circus classes every morning and afternoon. More and more children are interested to come and participate. With the new high roof, the students could really increase their level! We still have a big leaking problem with the roof, which means that every monsoon I have to close the school which makes me sad. It is important that the children can have continuity in their practice.

A few circus people came and helped me with some classes during the year. This was really helpful, and also it is interesting for the children to have different people with different energies conduct them.

At the end of the school year, the different groups from Kindergarten, Nandanam and TLC who had been working throughout the year gave their performances for their families and friends. Everything went very well.

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Trip to see Cirque du Soleil

Something amazing happened to us: a friend accepted to finance our trip to go to see “Cirque du Soleil” which was in India for the first time! We went with my advanced students to Mumbai to see Cirque du Soleil perform in December 2018. It was an amazing experience for all of us, and very special for my students. It was really inspiring and motivated all my students. They realized that if they like to continue and develop this art, they can work professionally with some circus art companies and go around the world.

After that experience, the homework I give them was to create their own show by themselves, and they did very well (you can see them on YouTube).

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Vertical dance

We made a special new creation for the first Auroville Art Camp & Festival, which had the theme “a new world is possible”. It was a very strong and interesting work to bring us deep inside ourselves. We did a vertical dance – a completely new physical discipline in Auroville that I would like to develop – on the wall of CRIPA on the 22nd of March for the closing of the artists week. It was a big success, people really enjoyed and we are planning to do it again in September.

We finally have the authorization to bring and install the metal sphere created for the 2018 SEAS (“Soul Encounters for the Auroville Soul”) performance to CRIPA. In August we will start the work, repetition and creation of a new performance with the students for February 2020.


This year we learned patience – the students were waiting to start to work again with the sphere for one year and a half! They are really eager to start again after waiting so long!

The leaking problem at the circus was also a challenge for my students because they cannot practice during that time, and it slows down their progress. We learn acceptance, surrender.


It is magical to see how the children, month after month, progress and are able to do what they could not do a few months ago. I love that. I always tell them that everything is possible if we really believe it. Another quality that I share with them is to believe in themselves.