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SAIIER 2018-19
Dehashakti School of Physical Education

The aim of Dehashakti School of Physical Education (Dehashakti means “the full power and perfection of the body") is to provide an environment where children can develop, grow and enjoy themselves through various sporting activities individual and collective. To sculpt a strong base in the physical to be able to manifest the dream that is Auroville. Movement, mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and body skills are some of the materials we consider important to construct this base.

Team-games, individual games, athletics, gymnastics, fitness and swimming are the means used to develop the above mentioned qualities.

Importance is directed towards developing team spirit, fair-play, respect for teammates and opponents, the joyful attitude during competitions and games, and to encouraging all the children to actively participate irrespective of their skills and capacities.

Participation for all remains our priority rather than winning or losing.

Activities of the year:

At Dehashakti the aim is to introduce the students to a variety of disciplines since each brings an important element in the child's overall growth. The emphasis is to create an all-around sportsman/woman. The activities we offer our students include:

Athletics events for older students:

1) 100m race, 2) 400m race, 3) 800m race, 4) Long Jump, 5) Triple jump, 6) Shot put, 7) Tennis ball throw, 8) Relay race, 9) 30m race, 10) Standing triple jump

Games for older students:

1) Football, 2) Volleyball, 3) Basketball, 4) Softball, 5) Ultimate Frisbee, 6) Kho-kho, 7) Handball, 8) Cricket

Athletics events for younger-students:

1) Shuttle run, 2) Five-bounding strides, 3) 30m race, 4) Tennis ball throw, 5)Standing triple jump, 6) Relay race

Games for younger students:

1) King & Fortress, 2) Lungadi, 3) Circulation ball, 4) Flag-game, 5) Futsal, 6) Dodge-ball, 7) Kho-kho, 8) Handball, 9) Burn Softball, 10) Table-tennis, 11) Badminton, 12) Obstacle course

Other activities:

1) Swimming, 2) Fitness, 3) Gymnastics


This year we conducted the competitions (Aurolympics) in two phases: the Team-Aurolympics and then the Games. Three teams were made for each age group.

These competitions let the students to put into practice what they have learnt and compete with themselves and not others, push their own limits and demonstrate fair play, respect and the right attitude no matter what turn the situation may take.

For us teachers these moments offer a glimpse of each child's character, reactions, strengths and weaknesses. These little details and observations go a long way in helping us deal with and accompany the children in their progress.

Once again our team organized the 5km run for the Auroville Marathon in which kids and adults took part and ran for the joy of running.

This year many of our children participated in friendly matches of Futsal that took place in Lycee Français de Pondichery. It was a great experience as many were playing a friendly match with another team for the first time. We hope to have these matches more often in the future.

We conducted feedback sessions for some groups which were very informative and help us to better deign the program to fit the needs of our students.

Research highlights:

This year in the oldest age group, there was a mix of different ages ranging from 11 to 15. We thought it would be interesting to keep these kids together for the duration of the entire academic year, giving more responsibility to the oldest kids in the group when possible, so that they would progress together helping each other. The results were surprisingly positive, given the dynamics of the group which assembled kids from three different schools of Auroville and from very different backgrounds. Despite some moments of difficulty the kids had with each other, we managed to come to an understanding together with sessions of discussions during or after the classes.


As always we strive to improve our program, to find news ways and methods to help all progress and benefit as much as possible. We would really like to communicate more with the schools our students come from in order to acquire more elements that would help us teachers as well as the students progress.