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SAIIER 2018-19
“Crabs on a Chappal”

by Sara Sponza

The purpose of the project was to publish a children's story (age 6 to 11); a story about an adventure where the protagonists meet different characters along their journey, each one of them representing an emotion with specific teaching.

Description of project:

Crabs on a Chappal cover.jpg

The project was carried out by me, Sara Sponza (writing and drawings), with the help of Marie Demont as a graphic designer and Mariana Cortina as editor; Auroville Press for the printing. The grant for the publication of the book was given by SAIIER in November 2018.


The outcome was the printing of the book that is being distributed to the Auroville schools, the library and sold in book shops. It is a softcover book will full-page color illustrations.

As the printing was finalized only in mid-April, by which time the Auroville schools were about to close, I am planning hold the book launch in September. It will take place at Auroville Botanical Gardens, with some activities and games. Surely the benefit to the community will be greater after the launching as more people, teachers and children will be exposed to the story.

Together with Marie I am in contact with Transition School teachers, to perhaps organize a few activities for children related to the book, one or two afternoons in September or October 2019.


The most meaningful thing about the project was for me the experience of being part of the community and feeling supported for a creative work that has received appreciation from all people and friends who have read the story and seen the drawings. I am grateful for the active support of Marie, Mariana, SAIIER and my friends.

The challenging part was initially to ask for the funds. What I learned was that is if you believe in something and persevere, the results will come.

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