SAIIER 2019:Auroville Tinkering School

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SAIIER 2018-19
Auroville Tinkering School
A project of Udavi School

by Sudhir

The Auroville Tinkering School was established three years ago on the Udavi School campus to provide an atmosphere of joy of doing and learning. The Tinkering School aims to bring new elements into the teaching of basic science and its principles and concepts, through different project kits. The Tinkering School provides a space where children use their own minds to create and problem-solve. We aim for an atmosphere of learning together without getting bored.

Description of project:

This year, the Tinkering School progressed in all parameters of teaching, learning and resources. Science project kits were used to introduce basic principles of hydraulic pressure and air pressure with experiments. The 6th graders made different working toys of their interest. Workshops enabled the children to improve their fine motor skills and thinking skills.

A few of the participants made gadgets like a rain alarm and energy efficient boat. Through hands-on experiment the children learned about air pressure, hydraulic pressure, friction, circuits, attraction and repulsion. They learned to hack things; they learned soldering.


It was a great joy to engage children in tinkering activities. We noticed that the children who come for tinkering activities have learned to decide for themselves and have become more quick at getting things done. They wish to stay for a longer period of time to explore more.


Overall this whole project has been very successful in terms of planning and execution. To make tinkering activities available for more children a full-time person should be available; this is something that has not yet been managed. Hopefully in near future myself or someone from the community at large will be available to offer this.