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SAIIER 2018-19
Auroville Rainbow Child

by Gala

The aim of the Rainbow Child program is to help Auroville children learn to be more focused and concentrated, to accomplish life goals with success and acquire new skills additional to a formal school education.

Description of project:

Regular classes of Yoga, Energetic games, and Arts & Crafts for children were held in Pitanga on Saturdays. Around 25 children from different schools, kindergartens and especially kids that are considered as ‘no school’ kids participate regularly aged from 5 to 15. The classes where held by Gala.

This year the Yoga classes were over-full, even sometimes there were more kids than could fit in the yoga room in Pitanga hall.

Rainbow Child 2019 1.JPG

In Energetic Games we mostly focused on development of memory, with various games such as memory games with cards, crystals and “Spy Game” (when a child needs to describe all details he/she has remembered within few seconds of seeing a person. Things such as hair style, clothes, colors and other aspects as well).

We have combined games to mix dynamic and static memorizing of various things. Children played games that have mathematic elements at the level of 1st grade and have discovered interesting facts. I have discovered that children have a problem more with subtraction than with adding. The dynamics and action of the game were slower when the aim was to subtract numbers in the mind rather than adding numbers. When we repeated several classes such games' speed and dynamic progress have improved.

This year we decided to continue to work deeper on the aspect of emotions especially impatience, anger and infuriation as I felt these feelings were important to work on to manage in life. I implemented new games and activities connected with the emotional being. For example working with different feelings such as sadness, happiness, anger and other feelings to be able to know ourselves better and understand and control our feelings which are needed in life.


The result of these activities was that children of different ages and from different schools (including home school), and with different health specifics (such as asthmatic and hearing and speech difficulty), improved their ability to integrate in this life and to be able to communicate and socialize with other people. The mathematical games exercised their minds, and the activities related the emotional being helped them to know themselves and their emotions.


In working with memory games and activities the best way from my point of view is to make them dynamic instead of the usual static memorizing. This was done this year by combining activities, and we found that this way helps activate long term permanent memory. Activating long term permanent memory helps children in learning their school knowledge, and will help them throughout their whole life.

When we worked with anger and frustration and analyzed where the source of this feeling came from, girls where more easily switching and changing their emotions to calm and understanding compared to boys. For boys we had to add more mental and life examples for them to switch and understand how to be more calm and understanding.

As we work with emotions, we see that if children understand how to direct their emotion into the right path, then they are able to take it under control and communicate more easily with people.


This year was successful especially with working with emotions. I was glad that children were still interested in arts and crafts. I thought that the children would get bored with such activities but together with them we have created new activities and work together successfully.

In the beginning of the next school year, July 2019, we will together with the children decide on which emotions and aspects to work on throughout the new school year.

Next year we will also be working with new materials we have bought with help of the SAIIER grant, such as the Spirograph tool for the smaller kids to develop their mental ability and improve imagination. For the older ones we got pyrography tools for wood, which help them develop concentration and coordination. We will still continue to play with different energetic games from our collection, and see how the program goes in the coming years.