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SAIIER 2018-19
Auroville Digital Archives

Auroville Digital Archives aims to organize Auroville’s immense amount of information into a useable format.

We set up our office in March 2018, soon after the Auroville Archives building was inaugurated on 28 February. We learned how to use the file server system and created the first four catalogs for 33,000 photos, 358 videos, a catalog for the Matrimandir from beginning till present, and 348 issues of Auroville Today.

The Digital Archives opened officially on Auroville's birthday week, 2019 as we had originally planned. Now Aurovilians and guests can explore these catalogs comfortably on a dedicated computer in the Archives main office. We give help, information and support when needed.

Description of project:

The main work was the planning of the catalogs, creating categories and subcategories fitting the activities of Auroville’s life. Sifting through the large quantity of photos is a tedious work that requires discipline.

We finished the tagging of Auroville Today just last week and we share the joy about the wealth of information that this catalog has to offer; research about certain topics will be much easier. So we are encouraged to focus on the News & Notes in the next weeks.

We established close working contact with AurovilleRadioTV, and store their complete video material in our backup system. They will create a catalog in the next month with our help. The same is planned with Auroville Earth Institute, as soon as possible. Both units are connected with the same local network, so if needed we can connect them to our server (a work in progress).

We can now offer our Auroville International (AVI) centres the standalone catalogs for their offices, as these are in themselves a complete SQLite database.

We shared our video collection with the World Café group which meets on Wednesdays, with the Auroville Video Library and with the Aspiration Program team. We provided selected videos for the “Journey of Auroville” team.

We supply numerous old and new video footage to OutreachMedia, aiding them with their video creations. We delivered the footage for videos on the planned Highway, and are working on short videos of 3, 5 and 10 minutes about Auroville for future VIP's visits.


After one year we have created a strong foundation and we are supplying Auroville, Aurovilians and AVI centres with photos, videos and historical information. For the next year we will create more catalogs for different Auroville units in order that they may functions with greater information and ease of retrieval of that information.


Auroville, according to our Charter, is a site of material and spiritual researches. And for research we need reliable, accessible archives.

As more units understand their need to catalogue their information and centralized it, the model we have used can be repeated. We will be able to assist.