SAIIER 2019:'Link to heART' at New Colors

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SAIIER 2018-19
'Link to heART' at New Colors

The purpose of the project was to provide art and creative knowledge for children, and let them in their work express themselves with a wide range of possibilities. Their creative work was turned into a personal and unique letter that connected them with other children outside of New Colors.

Description of project:

The activity “Link to heART” was provided for children who come and study at New Colors, a progressive educational and social support center for underprivileged and disadvantaged children in Edayanchavady village. The project was led by art teachers Renana and Eve.

The general activity hours of New Colors are Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. “Link to heART” was an activity starting in July 2018 and running through February 2019 (8 months). At the beginning it was for one day a week, mainly on Tuesdays, but sometimes also on Thursdays and Fridays. On rainy days it was not offered because of no convenient conditions to work. Also during periods of high humidity the artwork took a long time to dry.

Nevertheless, we took the time to prepare for this project and created 5 types of works from all the ideas we thought to create this year. Some of the works took several weeks and some less. We would begin with an abstract drawing with pencil on white paper on various subjects that are close to the child, such as the house, customs and symbols. From these we chose and created stencils which were a major component in the following works. We worked with a wide variety of colors with different compositions, including different types of paperwork, and even on canvas (which was actually a recycling of fabric pasted on cardboard). We created slides with an old projector, and took photographs playing with the light and darkness of the slides. Some children created art nonstop and some learned for the first time to touch the different materials.

Link to heART at New Colors 2019 1.jpg


Through this project, the children were able to express themselves and to connect with others through art. All the artwork was compiled and sent to other children living abroad by postal.

Each and every child's artwork was unique, as the children had freedom to express themselves and their environment. Beyond the artistic side, we were able to connect on the emotional and spiritual aspects. At present, the schools abroad are very positive and excited to receive such letters. They are in process of creating their own artworks in turn and once they are ready they will connect with us.

Link to heART at New Colors 2019 3.jpg

The most important thing in this project was to see how the children were ‘thirsty’ for knowledge about art and creativity. All activities were fun and full of joy, with the artistic freedom that they were allowed to create, the main border being only the borders of the page.


We had hoped to receive more funds for this project and it was a challenge to make do with what we had. We taught the children how to use the materials correctly and economically.

We discovered that for a large number of children there was a lack of experience with free drawing without copying a book or a friend. We worked with them on this and encouraged them.


We discovered how important it was to the child's development to gain knowledge of art and creativity. How much it contributes to the child and their environment and curiosity to know more and more.

In addition to preparing the letters, there was a demand for more schools and groups of children to receive letters of this kind. We could not meet the demand and sent only to a limited number of schools and children.

We hope in the coming year, we will be able to report on the progress of this project.

We are very interested in continuing this project for another year, allowing a more complete range of art activities for the children to discover.

Link to heART at New Colors 2019 2.jpg