SAIIER 2018:“The Smile of the Acacia”

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“Mango Tree”
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Translation of “Petit cahier d'exercices...”
“The Smile of the Acacia”

by Marie Demont

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The purpose of the project was to make a beautiful book with drawings and text of quality for the children to discover the trees of Auroville, especially the “work tree”, Acacia auriculiformis, which is a pioneer tree used by the first foresters in Auroville to re-create a green landscape in Auroville. Through the story, you discover the hidden symbol of Mother’s name for this tree: Work.

Text and illustrations were made by myself, Marie Demont. Several people were involved in the corrections and feedback. It is a book of A4 size, with 24 pages in color – 2 languages French and English – with a hard cover in color and laminated.

The books are printed and ready for distribution. Out of 400 copies, I was planning to give 50 copies to Auroville Press for distribution on their bookshop, 30 copies in the schools of Auroville, another 40 copies in the different places of education in Auroville, and sell the rest of the books. But first, the book launch has to happen after the heavy summer in July 2018.


It was very interesting to be able to share some knowledge through story and drawings, and learn always more about the trees which are surrounding us. Never think that the beautiful forest we have around is an established fact: it is a gift which we have to take good care. The good care comes very often by the education.

I would love to see SAIIER founding as a real help and push for more Aurovilian children's books. In order to support the writers, the team who decides and follows needs to be more present, listening and encouraging. It can become a real publisher's unit and help the distribution in the schools, create events in the Ashram, make a children's book fair and promote the books through India…

As a conclusion, I would like to thank all of you for the manifestation of this book: “The Smile of the Acacia”.