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“Jalaja the Gentle Fish”
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“The Smile of the Acacia”
“Mango Tree”

by Nathalie Nuber

This project was to create and publish “Mango Tree”, a children’s book writen and illustrated by Nathalie Nuber. The layout was done by Olivier Barot, and the book was printed by Auroville Press in 2018.


“Mango Tree” is a hardbound, illustrated children’s book which tells the story of two newly hatched owlets that venture from their home in a mango tree, and are in a hurry to discover the world that surrounds them. As they meet new friends along the way, they learn about some simple yet essential qualities that will help them through life – patience, love, detachment, collaboration, generosity, courage… – that eventually lead them back to where it all started: their nest. There, a ripened mango, that had been mistaken for an egg all along, awaits the very hungry owlets.

The mango was named by Mother: ‘Divine Knowledge’.

The book should be out this month (May 2018). A book release will follow when the schools in Auroville reopen in June, this summer, along with the mango season.


Much like the owlets in my story, I’m still learning about patience, love and letting go, collaboration, generosity, courage and so much more. Also much about technical difficulties and challenges encountered when working with water colours – a very difficult medium indeed. I am very critical about my own work and much aware of my shortcomings and I have to deal with the frustration of not reaching the quality I had hoped to achieve, mostly regarding the illustrations. My friends advised me to simply let go and having learned much from this experience to do better with my next book…


I am grateful to SAIIER for trusting me with this project and hope this book will bring joy and a smile to those who read this simple story.