SAIIER 2018:“An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming”

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Yoga awareness and demonstration in ten bioregion villages
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“Jalaja the Gentle Fish”
“An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming”

by Fabrice Dini

The aim of this project is to offer to teachers of Auroville and outreach schools and parents a practical guide to implement integral education. To offer insights on how to implement integral education in the light of Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the latest research all over the world.

Description of project:

This project involved translating into English (by Divya through Avitra) and printing (by Prisma) the book by Fabrice Dini, Une éducation intégrale pour grandir en s'épanouissant. The French edition of the book was published in 2016 by Faim de Siècle, and was very well received.

Chapters of the book include:

  1. Physical education
  2. The senses, aesthetic sense and discernment
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Fundamental qualities of being human and character strengths
  5. Mental faculties
  6. The subtle mind
  7. Ethics
  8. Turning one's gaze inward
  9. The role of the adult
  10. The future of education


An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, in February 2018. It is being distributed through SAIIER and Auroville channels, as well as through some Ashram-connected organizations in Pondicherry.

Teachers and parents in Auroville and anybody interested in Integral Education can now purchase the book. The children of Auroville will also benefit from it. Some educational projects have started following the reading of the book; I know of such a project in the Ashram School and in Auroville.


I think the fact that the translation was made in Auroville, by an Aurovilian was very nice. The printing process and organization has been challenging; I will do better next time with this part.


I feel very grateful towards SAIIER to encourage with its support the translation and printing of the book. Let’s see in the coming months the impact of the book and the interest it brings.

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