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Sopanam - Parts of Being
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Swadharma semester programme
Stewardship for New Emergence


Stewardship for New Emergence is a leadership workshop designed to empower individuals and transform organizations through a holistic methodology and integrated design principles. It offers opportunities to all Aurovilians and paid employees working in commercial or service units to build alliances and create paradigmatic shifts.

Solutions to Auroville's and the world's problems lie in our capacity to design and implement projects that have lasting impact and are grounded in our values. Stewardship for New Emergence is an innovative leadership program that has been proven all the world to generate needed paradigmatic shifts. This is a unique results-oriented, learning-in-action program that sources our wisdom and existing expertise, enables us to hold multiple perspectives, and guides us in designing for system-level changes. The program consists of a series of 3 workshops, spaced apart by 1-2 months each. New capacities are introduced in workshops and in interim weekly sessions, we practice these capacities in action. All participants must commit to participating in all the three workshops. (i.e. missing even one will not allowed).


Stage 1 Program: The objective was to build integral stewardship capacities in Aurovilians and associates. This workshop series provided tools to the participants that will better enable them to design and implement project that will have a sustainable impact in Auroville and in the world at large. It offered the opportunity for established and/or budding leaders to explore issues that can transform organizations.

Stage 2 Program | Manifesting Transformational Results: To deepen understanding of stewardship principles for participants that completed a full Stage 1 program. The focus is applying the tools leaned to concrete projects in order to better deliver results by looking at gaps and limitations enhance ability to handle triggers, get clarity about accountability and responsibility, explore trust and practice being assertive to progress in projects and community involvement. Planning and designing of the project and its implementation has to be anchored in the greatest impact that needs to be inclusive and work for all.

Practitioner Coach Program: To train practitioner coaches that in future can facilitate training programs.


The table below lists the number of participants for each of the program outputs of Stewardship for New Emergence.

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Project Unit/People Comment/Description Results
Selection Process for Working Groups Jaya and Helena with support of extended team Integrating tools into the working group proposal and facilitation of the selection process. ½ day assessment session for AVC, WC organization and facilitation of the selection process in Dec. 2015.
Value Work Jaya, Helena & Uma Organizing events and starting initiatives to shift culture based on 12 values as given by The Mother and agreements for ideals that underline Auroville's existence. 1-day forgiveness workshop with African youth. Start up of Sourcing our Oneness initiative that works on building relationships between all organizations working for Sri Aurobindo’s vision. 3 big events organized so far. And many more events and sessions.
Stem Land Aura Auro Design
Aurostat Statistical Office Initiative (Vikram, Martin, Manoj) Development of holistic progress indicators for Auroville. Frame for indicators developed.
3H Summer School Auroville Green Practices A 3-week residential program for students of architecture and design. This has been designed and implemented using Stewardship for New Emergence tools. 3 programs completed, one in planning. ~50 students trained, 3 temporary structures donated to Auroville (Sacred Groves, Visitors Centre, African Pavilion groups), post-program mentoring of students ongoing.
Camp Auroville Auroville Green Practices 2-week residential program for high school students on urban farming and ecological stewardship using Stewardship for New Emergence tools. 1 program completed, 1 program in planning, 14 students trained. 2 urban farms designed and implemented (Citadines and Pitanga).
Program for Responsible Energy Management Auroville Green Practices 2-week program for on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In partnership with Charleton University, USA. Program design using Stewardship for New Emergence tools. 1 program confirmed for December 2016 - 20 students expected. 1 kw Solar PV system to be donated to Tibetan Pavilion. Energy Efficiency intervention sponsored for Tibetan Pavilion.
Consulting for Sustainable Development Course at IIM Indore Auroville Consulting 10-credit course on Sustainable Development at IIM Indore for Postgraduate students. 1 program successfully completed. Future program in planning.
Residents Assembly Service Slava and Inge
Cell for Stewardship for New Emergence Helena and Bridget To consolidate results achieved so far, support participants and foster capacity development.
All-natural well-being and cleaning products with probiotics MGEcoduties / Margarita & Guidelma Stewardship for New Emergence tools have greatly impacted the way we do environmental rehabilitation into the waste water streams, within Auroville, Puducherry and slowly within India. So far, out of 1600 members of PTDC, more than 75% have tried our products. It so far represents more than 15% of the Auroville population. Next steps will be Puducherry via Ashram consumers. Near future and with AVAG (Paalam), the program will be extended to the Auroville surrounding villages.
Changing farmers’ chemical inputs to ecological inputs within India MGEcoduties / Margarita & Guidelma, in partnership with SCD Probiotics Technology in USA and TATA Rallis India MGEcoduties become the exclusive partner of SCD Probiotics Technology in India for TATA Rallis projects, not only by guiding and monitoring the trials with TATA Rallis scientists and farmers involved on probiotics trials, but also producing the ecological farmers’ inputs. Once the proof of knowledge of Probiotics Technology with TATA Rallis scientists and farmers evaluators is established, the program will be disseminated to all farmers associated with the TATA Rallis program, changing chemical inputs to ecological inputs. We are currently monitoring 2 states: Maharastra and Andra Pradesh.

Way Forward

In order to consolidate our efforts and to ensure results a service under SAIIER named 'Cell for Stewardship for New Emergence' has been formed. The purpose of this cell is to coordinate future Stewardship for New Emergence program in Auroville, the bioregion, India and elsewhere in the world and to support ongoing initiatives. The cell will ensure quality of future Practitioner Coaches and will coordinate future translation efforts and will start documenting projects and results of these projects.


Overall many of the participants express that they feel charge to take on daunting tasks ahead and that they feel more comfortable to face project related tasks.

2016 Stewardship for New Emergence - did you integrate the tools.jpg

How did you integrate Stewardship for New Emergence tools in your projects?

  • By practicing, being an example, sharing of insights...
  • I learnt to stand in my value, inspire others to stand in their value
  • Stand: help for self confidence in the group
  • By applying the tools as and when needed
  • Listening deeply, going back to principals, values, fostering conscious leadership in others, breakdown to breakthrough. + much more
  • Understanding the importance of proper communication, assertion, standing for your values. Splitting the project into systems, understanding the various factors involved in the success of a project, understanding the importance of a committed request for action. Understanding that I as a person can drive change instead of just going along with what was already being done by my team.
  • I integrated tools into the learning in action programme designed for community beach monitoring and restoration
  • Still very poorly
  • I learnt many tools, which directly impacted my project over all and more.
  • We want to introduce the tools as such to our entire team and community
  • I included LIAPs in my training to corporate managers/consultants. In turn enrolled them to take up breakthrough projects in their own workspaces - goal being rehumanising workplaces.
  • Starting from the CFS sheet to planning meetings. Any tool and many tools are integrated in any single level.
  • 1) I presented my project in school using tools from the workshop. 2) I started work on my blog using these tools
  • I integrated it in every day of my life. My stand became my foundation in my personal and professional life. The quality of my relationships has hugely improved. I got lots of clarity and at the moment using mostly psychology part of tools since I am on holidays from work...
  • By remembering the tools, by keeping in view my stand and inner values.
  • We developed the consciousness that no one knows everything about anything - each of us see the world from our limited perspectives - and when we share what we know we become capable of seeing the big picture and interdependently creating solutions to challenges
  • Practicing Deep listening, converting breakdowns to breakthroughs, being in my stand and using the transformational meetings tools and using the Conscious Full Spectrum Worksheet.
  • Everyone at Aura Auro underwent the stewardship tools. We use it at workspace in day-to-day basis utilizing working from wisdom vs. business as usual. Constantly refining systems and patterns we create and are part of. Using the breakdown to breakthrough methodology and constantly progressing. We have also been integrating these tools into STEM Land and engaging with the children with these tools.
  • Deep listening, commitment in action, understanding my triggers and courage
  • Principles and some specific tools
  • I am able think more systematically. Helps me organize my thoughts and create a plan of action.
  • By standing in my power and giving others the space to stand in theirs. To recognize my fear as it is in the dealings with people and not let it rule my conversations. By using the full spectrum worksheet to keep a strong link between my capacities, vision, system shifts and striving to find gaps. *To stretch my focus on impacts rather than my previous habit of focusing on outcomes.
  • Stayed on my value, and realized the other values, make a commitment request, have patient to listen and feedback. Once got outcome, take a break, to do it again and again.
  • In many ways
  • Staying focused on value based projects
  • I did not. The few times I was ASKED to come for I did not sign up for this it seemed to me that most people had their own agenda and just pronounced that any time they had an opening.
  • Standing on my values, embracing my profiles, Deep listening, Integrity lens, understanding the constellations that I am part of, have helped me on the personal front to engage in my projects. CFS, synergistic operational strategies and wild ideas have helped me in the execution of my projects. e.g. Exploring cultures - Italian culture. Wild idea - create Venice in school and also the carnival. Music, Food, art and craft were explored through the senses and CFS and operational strategies helped me to see the overall picture and also helped me to work on what was missing.
  • In communication these tools help in getting in relationship with persons around
  • Working from stand, being in integrity, CFSR approach, BDBT
  • Some of the tools such as deep listening, back ground conversations and distinguishing outrage from destructive anger were tool that I've practiced prior to the workshop however this workshop gave a deeper understanding and through practice and triad brought it to the conscious forefront. This is now integrated into all training and teachings that I do in the first session. This has laid the foundation for the entire course. I've never understood systems and now I'm slowly beginning to understand the 4 operational strategies and the result chain. Working from impact has taken ego and my agenda out of the equation and made it more for humanity.
  • Who am I? What I care for is beyond my social, Economical and professional profile. It is about my inner wisdom, which I can integrate in my project and in my field of work.
  • The tools were integrated into the meetings held for conceptualizing, planning and execution of the plans.
  • Reflecting on how I work from my values; daily reflection sheets; conscious full spectrum sheet; stages of leadership, reflecting my current healthy/unhealthy stage; listening and speaking from the 3 domains, especially: find the gap (see what is missing)
  • Catching up the data and updating it along with day-to-day work. Maintaining harmony, deep listening, group discussion & collective decision making
  • Valuing what others are saying even when I'm triggered, make committed requests, seeing at each step of a project the values and their manifestation, bringing more awareness in my contribution and impact in my environment and to the world

What were you able to do after the workshop that you could not do before?

  • Be more detached, more capable to handle complex situations without getting stressed
  • Every time I could identify what is not working with the tools learnt and to work on the same with the tools learnt
  • Personally spot what was more important for me and stick to it
  • Design my projects differently. Able to see alignment, and talk in terms of outcome rather than output
  • Much better deal with conflict.
  • Deep listening, believing that I am "Unmessable with", observing myself through the integrity lens.
  • I am able to integrate the tools and weave them into the technical aspects of my learning in action programme for sustained action inculcating principled stewardship in communities
  • Stand on my value, feel the impulse from it
  • I am able to hold and celebrate multiple perceptive instead of being stuck in my opinion before. I am able to listen deeply than to boss things down. Now I Act from my wisdom space than trying to be good. Accepted myself not beating myself down for being strong. I am no more victim of my fears. I have much less stress and I am more efficient.
  • I have started all meetings Self-introduction with stands I have faced all with less tension. I have noticed me carefully and respond Distinguishing every thing. Constructive way of Feed back
  • Be grounded in my stand; speak openly of my stand; source my inner power to shift conversations.
  • Manage my fear to communicate what is blocking me in my project
  • 1. To become clear about my projects 2. To create my blog 3. To present my project in school 4. To become conscious about my thoughts and behavior (whether I'm acting from my stand or not)
  • Know how to be assertive. Take responsibility for self-regulation instead of peoples moods and feelings. Hold successful meetings. See beyond complain. Use universal values most effectively. Live to my highest potential, and inspire others to do the same. Connect to others on heart level much better.
  • Have become much more empathetic as a person
  • I had the courage to initiate (April/May 2015) an innovative ESL (English as a Second Language) Method I had begun developing in 2011 - focusing on 1) evolving human communication to higher Unity consciousness 2) developing listening and speaking using the same 26 letters of the English alphabet used for reading and writing for phonetic spelling and using Capital letters to phonetically spell 'voiced' sounds and lower-case letters for 'non-voiced' sounds (9 letters of the English alphabet signify non-voiced sounds - c, f, h, k, p, q, s t x).
  • Earlier I would go for confrontation and my communication would be loquacious, but, now I am brief, and am able to listen carefully differentiating the facts from the stories. More over I now feel light as I stand in in my stand of Honesty, Integrity & Courage in myself and in others.
  • Create Aura Auro Design - be able to synthesize disparate parts of my life to one.
  • I have forged relationships with key people that seemed impossible before. I am able to act a lot more than before
  • Greater freedom and confidence in what I am doing, more precise in action.
  • Calm myself down when things do not go my way.
  • I am now able to look at my faults as challenges to be met rather than what I need to be ashamed or guilty about. I have less of victim mentality, more of proactive attitude. Similarly in my work I see gaps as challenges rather than shortcomings and thus am able to attempt to deal with them proactively.
  • Make a committee request for hard and open questions.
  • Be clear in my stand. Being a 4/5 stage leader.
  • None
  • Not go to these big group meetings where those who have an agenda dominate the process. Yes, I could try to stop that but know that is just confrontational and would not help the process.
  • Keep my center
  • I had more clarity on myself and on others' reactions
  • Work from Stand, hear commitments, forgive w/o condoning, and find breakdowns, conversations for generating actions.
  • Design a curriculum differently. To have the courage and distinguish between my emotional reaction and courageous heart response and intelligence to speak and act from the true meaning of clown (deep heart connection).
  • To communicate well with people so that I understood their view as well. The respect was given on both sides. I was able to listen well. Concentrate better at work.
  • A clarity in being able to see the gap between intention, action and the results, and to proceed in arriving at the results in a systematic way
  • Realize the importance of being grounded in my stand, of always staying connected to my values in whatever I do; realize every day's creativity
  • Trying to uphold my views without letting it down during strong discussion.
  • Bring an awareness and measuring the manifestation of my inspiration in a concrete way, being more grounded in the unfolding of my project

What are the results of your project?

  • Shift in attitude
  • My project is moving, flowing
  • Harmony, results in matter.
  • The project is still in progress. And it is gaining interest from a lot of people.
  • Restoration and regeneration of coastal ecosystems creating a cadre of community first responders to disasters
  • Tested SW tool
  • Design to serve, conscious fashion, I am shifting the space of Economy being a power space to service space.
  • So positive
  • Breakthrough initiatives of my trainees in their respective workplaces.
  • One is very fast development, the second is very promising with lots of challenges and the last in slow motion due to AV working groups speed. From Activity to Unit due to last year financial performance. Recommended by Trustee to ABC and FAMC.
  • They are in development
  • Yet to come at work, but at home less expectations and more harmony and love
  • Quality of my listening to the kids is improved and am embodying values in stead of talking about them
  • Weekly classes followed two initial back-to-back Saturday workshops and some people who attended the weekly classes began talking from heart resonance created by our focus on Unity Consciousness. One participant said she was consistently practicing deep listening daily and it changing her life for the better.
  • Results are that I am able to generate innovative thinking in process and problem solving in one of the companies where I am a consultant.
  • A stage 3-4 Likert Emberling organization.
  • We have initiated a number of projects since the workshop. They are slowly blossoming
  • Yet to be seen, the project is in the early stage of implementation
  • It is on hold.
  • a. Housing for teachers in immediate project, b. an increase of capacity of my office as a larger project. c. Well being and harmony in my family as a necessary result.
  • Not sure yet
  • Synergy, co-creation, partnership in AV governance is emerging
  • None as yet
  • Now I know that we artists are on our own so I can and do develop the parameters of art projects on my own or with other artists.
  • The Nandanam team has found Exploring cultures a very good way to give children the experience and knowledge of different cultures and we have sought funding to continue the project. It helps us all to accept and see the oneness in the diversity of different cultures from our heart space.
  • In organization, I was part of the Working Committee, but it was almost impossible to apply the tools, too much resistance and prejudice
  • Oneness
  • I’m growing wider and deeper in consciousness; I can design and deliver programs that can have a sustained impact. Critical to this is to have is to have triads and intersession practice.
  • Complete the work at the time, which is fixed for that. Be clear in which need to be said to whom. No dropouts in the higher grades at school. 100% excellency in students.
  • The result intended through the projects is a change of consciousness in people and it is happening gradually in a deeper and wider manner
  • Through my project, a film-fest taking place in September 2016, Aurovilians will be aware of restorative justice, that and how it can make a difference; we will know best practices and be inspired to engage in conflict transformation in our community.
  • The project still needs some changes.
  • Collective growth through conscious practices during our meeting which therefore would increase the quality of decisions and actions emerging from them. Shift from separation to oneness consciousness

List a few outputs of your project

  • Increased trust, contentment, working atmosphere joyful and supportive
  • Personally spot what was more important for me and stick to it
  • More income this year, consolidation/ harmonization of work team
  • Showing examples of architecture in Tropical countries that has worked well in terms of thermal comfort as well as energy efficiency. Gathering legal frameworks from these countries to understand what policies encourage or deter the construction of climate responsive buildings.
  • 1) Learning in action programme for beach monitoring, restoration and community first responders to disasters, 2) Monthly beach monitoring at 10 control points and setting up 3 restoration sites for ecological restoration of coasts, 3) Community as a cadre of first responders to monitor beaches, restore coastal ecology and respond to disasters based on principled stewardship
  • Acceptance from different Units in AV that provide learning opportunities and collection of feedback for better adapting the Sw tool to their specific needs. Visibility of learning opportunities offered in AV Students matching with AV units for learning and sharing knowledge
  • Organizational language in my company (Upasana) has shifted. 99% staff has gone though the stewardship for new emergence workshop. As a team we are more confident and focus. All of project under Upasana is running is with less stress and more efficiency. Second level of leadership has emerged delivering multiple assignments. I am the output and so are my team and every thing else has shifted. I am able to participate in community at large much more while doing my usual work at Upasana. Wrote social company structure for varanasi weavers. Synergy and collaboration has begin with other units.
  • Meetings ending with happiness and fulfillment Some bright faces. Positive changes among my colleagues and me.
  • Project reports, LIAP sessions
  • TATA trials starting and will be completed before December 2016. Well being project reaching natural shops in Kansas City - USA before December 2016
  • Learning processes are well organized; Friendly learning atmosphere is established; Teachers are trained in integral education
  • Planning to offer childbirth education workshops, classes with new tools and deeper awareness how to empower new parents. Better interpersonal skills
  • Unification of efforts in AV in the development of a common learning framework and the visibility within and also outside AV of the full potential that exists for learning.
  • 1. No Out of specification results. 2. People are now starting to own up to any process mistakes. 3. People are willing to take up cross-functional activities, 4. Openness
  • Software’s and hardware’s created by the team in the last 1-1/2 yrs. A learning center like STEM Land existing. Projects created by children over the last few years to demonstrate their learning.
  • Training on waste for Tamil Nadu Government; prototype for water vending machine; permission to start low cost food place, further learning programme in Auroville
  • A new curriculum for self directed education, expecting to train 20 students by November 2016, a reliable team in place.
  • It is on hold.
  • a. Design refinement, taking inputs from people with confidence, drawings and 3d model. b. Assignment of more interns in my office and c. sharing of work at home.
  • More time on communication with people, improving language skills ,form the structure of the questions about my project.
  • TDC Subgroup workshop, new decision making process, new entry policy
  • My outputs are workshops, making materials and space open to those who want to do some drawing or painting or maybe, clay work, stimulating the thinking of the people who come to The Cooperative studio about their own expression on the page or canvas.
  • Children produced gondolas, masks, mosaic work, frescos, clay statues. They made pesto, hand-crushing basil and cashew nuts with olive oil in mortar and pestels. They made pasta kneading the dough and extruding it through the pasta machine. They grated cheese and placed their pizzas in the oven with the help of adults. Children listened to different types of Italian music including the piano. Children helped in the creation of Venice and the Italian ambiance in school.
  • Competent children
  • Regular reports to the concerned groups.
  • Work report complete. Students document, observation records of teachers and students.
  • 1) An Human Resource committee has been formed to study and help the staff of my organization to be more aligned with its vision. I am part of this team. 2) A Youth Working Group has been formed -- I am part of this team --, and it will conduct its 4th Train the Trainer programme for youth activists during June 2016. The objective of this work is to realize the vision of Sri Aurobindo for the youth of India
  • 2/3 of all the movies to be shown on the film-fest are chosen; contacts and arrangements are made with external partners; the structure is planned and many ideas for the program have been produced; a budget and the application for funding is written
  • Regular reports to the concerned groups.
  • Proposing reflective topics to the group, reaching out to strengthening the bounding of the team with trainings, agreeing on some principles during our meeting, which inspire the group.

Any other insight/reflection or suggestion

  • This is just the beginning of journey
  • These tools changed my clogged view to clear vision. They are not about success they are about being truly present and be happy about being. The more I change myself the more changes I want to see happen. These tools help me to do this naturally without drama
  • I realize it is only due to me not practicing (difficulty to commit from all members in my pair group, leave to France and break of rhythm before settling it)
  • Some more thought could be put into "wake up/active" breaks (after lunch etc.) to vary what can be offered (to replace the playing of over-loud music). There are MANY options, which are potentially as much fun or as effective. Also one or two additional very short (1-3 minute) active breaks could be introduced, spontaneously, when/if group energy becomes noticeably lower.
  • More than helping me for my project I think the workshop helped me for situations in my daily life. Each day at the workshop was an emotional experience in terms of realizing many things about myself as well as hearing out things that have deeply touched other people's lives. It highlighted how no matter what your age or position or cultural background is, in the end we are all people. We are the same. Each one with our own strengths, weaknesses and fears. Each one with the wish to create change in something that truly touches them.
  • I learnt that using the Conscious full spectrum sheet helps clarify my idea and observe congruence in action based on universal values
  • I see the potential of the tools but still have not applied them fully. My project is at a phase of more individual work. I also feel I need more coaching, the experience of the trials was not very satisfactory. It is the beginning of a new path.
  • Leverages I have put only in 1 to 4 I have noticed. Try put to work on 5 to 7
  • Look forward to continued engagement and learning!
  • It was one of the best workshops I have ever done! So empowering and reviling!!! My life has really changed for better! So much of love and gratitude to Monica and team!
  • I need to apply more tools in order to improve my project. I realize also that some tools like deep listening are becoming part of my system and changing the way I perceive things. There are not any paradigm shifts that have taken place. The workshop has helped me take a small step of wanting to Be the Change. I thank Monica Sharma and the whole team for such a deep experience.
  • I was only able to develop my project for 4 1/2 months in Auroville because I had to come to the US last October to apply for an Entry Visa for Auroville - and have been waiting for it since 11-2-15. An insight/reflection/suggestion is that I sure could use some support in getting the visa to return to Auroville and continue developing the project. In addition to workshops and classes a distance-ed website needs to be created.
  • It has been valuable to discover my main value and seat myself in this value as a basis of my understanding and action. I have also found a new comfort with my body and connection of body image-emotion due to the dance/free movement breaks in the workshops, which is rather delightful! Thanks....!!
  • The work of stewardship 4 new emergence is manifesting the inner to the outer and is in alignment with our work in Auroville.
  • It is indeed a slow process, until at least 80% of Auroville residents get connected with it.
  • It is difficult to measure the outcomes of several inputs at the moment. Seeking support from those with the knowledge MS & VD. Coming together in small groups to fill out the forms, deepen understanding of tools.
  • Since I have been attending this stewardship I have learnt to be within myself. Also I have learnt to reflect now and then on my work and other things on daily basis. Thanks for this opportunity. I am grateful to this program. thanks again.
  • My insight: All the tools introduced through the Workshop will be helpful only by a) bringing out my inner wisdom and allowing it to choose the right tool for the occasion & people at hand b) by training my mind, my emotions and my body to obey this inner wisdom in executing these tools freely without being bound by them. In other words, I have found that accessing my inner wisdom and self-development of my mind-heart-body under this wisdom and not my ego, is what is making the tools learned during the workshop most effective and a concrete help in the work.
  • Conducting stewardship program separately for major linguistic group.