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Construction of the Savitri Bhavan Sangam Hall
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Savitri Bhavan Research Activities
Savitri Bhavan Publications


Savitri Bhavan publishes two journals of Study Notes on Savitri. Prarthana, in Tamil, targets individuals and centres around the State who are eager to learn and understand more about Sri Aurobindo’s mantric epic. Invocation, in English, has a faithful and growing world-wide readership. In addition this year we were again able to publish a hard-cover book, the second part of the ‘English of Savitri’ series, following up on the first volume published in 2014-15.

Description of project

This year as usual two issues of Prarthana appeared: no. 24 in August 2015 and no. 25 in February 2016. Each contained 56 pages, with both original and translated articles relating to Savitri as well as some news and photos of the activities of Savitri Bhavan, and was edited by Dhanalakshmi.

Two issues of Invocation appeared in April and November 2015. Consisting of 64 pages, these were edited by Shraddhavan. 1000 copies of each were printed for distribution to addresses in 45 countries, as well as all over India.

Both journals were also made available in soft copy, both as e-mail attachments on request, and on the Savitri Bhavan website.

The English of Savitri 2 – Book Three, The Book of the Divine Mother came out in February 2016. Based on transcripts of the regular ‘English of Savitri’ classes held weekly at Savitri Bhavan from December 2012 to June 2013, the book provides a sentence by sentence examination of the four cantos of Book Three of Sri Aurobindo’s poem for the assistance of students and lovers of the epic. It was made available both as a hard-bound book of 276 pages, and as an e-publication.

While publication of the journal issues was supported by GOI grants, the book was financed by the sales proceeds of the earlier volume in the series.


It is planned to continue regular publication of the journal issues for the foreseeable future, and to prepare a further volume of the English of Savitri series for publication in early 2017.