SAIIER 2016:Mitra Youth Hostel

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Laboratory of Evolution
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Pitanga Cultural Centre
Mitra Youth Hostel

Mitra Youth Hostel was created in 2006 to provide accommodation facilities for students who wish to stay in Auroville to fulfill their educational needs. It is a two storey building located centrally in Auroville, behind Town Hall. It offers single rooms, double rooms, common spaces and a kitchen that provides breakfast and dinner. It is an ideal accommodation for students or volunteers visiting Auroville for the first time as the mixed crowd of young people helps visitors get acquainted with the town of Auroville.

This year Mitra hosted guests from:

India (136 guests), the United States (23), France (3), Sweden (3), Germany (2), Taiwan (2), Austria (2), Denmark (1), Colombia (1), Russia (1), Portugal (1), South Africa (1) and Turkey (1).

Guests included those participating as interns, trainees and volunteers with:

Anupama Architecture, Auroville Architects Association Service Trust, Auroville Consulting, Auroville Dental Centre, Auroville Design Consultants, Auroville Earth Institute, Auroville Papers, Auroville Radio, Auroville Village Action Group, Bamboo Centre, Center for Scientific Research, Dustudio, Earth & Us, EcoFemme, Eco Pro, Future School, Ganesh Bala Architecture, Gundolf Architecture, Imago, Isai Ambalam School, Jaap, Kenji (carpentry), L’Avenir d’Auroville, Light Fish, Metamorphosis, Mia, Minvayu, Path, Savi, Sacred Groves, Shama Dalvi Architecture, Sustainable Livelihood Institute, Svaram, Tejeswini Architecture, The Colors of Nature, Upasana, Urban, Unlimited Tamil Nadu, Wellpaper and White Ant Studio.

This year at the hostel 2 plate racks and 1 water cooler were installed in the dining area.